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On the evening of August 8th, Olin's 'Don't be afraid of oil hood' new product launch was held at the headquarters of Ou Lin Group. The new hood product released this time will integrate Ou Lin's unique and easy-to-clean technology – “Clean Water” technology. The hood, pioneered a new mode of hood cleaning. On-site industry experts, partners, media, users, etc., witnessed this moment.

Hot event scene, cool lights with rhythmic music

Wonderful music, amazing 'Monroe'

The guests were eager to sign in on the wall

Rhythmic music, delicious refreshments, amazing 'Monroe', changing lights, awesome dance, a passionate feast from Olin is approaching, making this hot summer a different one! The guests are I liked the sign on the wall, and the stars filled the entire Olin Park.

Along with a cool light show, 'Technology to understand your life' is not afraid of oil hood new product launch conference officially kicked off. Chen Gang, deputy secretary general of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, deputy secretary general of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce Lu Renbo, Europe Xu Jianguang, Chairman of the Group, Xie Zhongding, Vice President of Olin Group, Shen Hongwei, General Manager of Olin Life Health Technology Co., Ltd., Xu Huafeng, General Manager of Olin Life Health Technology Intelligent Kitchen Appliance, attended the new product launch.

'Technology Ideas, Know Your Life' Not afraid of oil hoods are hot to open

The event was packed

Starlight sprinkled with Ou Lin new product release site

The cleaning of traditional hoods has always been a difficult problem and pain point for kitchen cleaning. The new iteration, high suction rate and other hood technology update iterations, can not prevent the cooking process from rising to the oil net, oil cup and fuselage On the outer casing. The cleaning of the hood is still the pain point and problem of cleaning the entire kitchen. From the hood fuselage casing to the oil net, the oil cup, every part of the cleaning, it takes a lot of time and effort, every time cleaning It's like 'snoring'. Despite this, a lot of stubborn oil can't be removed effectively, and the greasy cleaning work makes many people afraid of the kitchen.

Speech by Chen Gang, Deputy Secretary General of China Household Electrical Appliances Association

Speech by Lu Jianbo, Deputy Secretary General of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce

New product 'Don't be afraid of oil hood'

Xu Huafeng, General Manager of Intelligent Kitchen Technology, Ou Lin Life Health Technology Co., Ltd.

Ou Lin's unique and easy-to-clean technology - 'Clean Water Oil' technology, starting from the user's daily cleaning pain point, the water can be removed, the stainless steel body shell, the oil net, the oil on the oil cup, the kitchen can be easily torn off Greasy label. It is reported that 'Clean Water Net Oil' technology can make the surface of the hood steel plate super-hydrophilic, water can easily penetrate between the oil and the surface of the steel plate, so that the oil can float, so the water can be gone without rubbing The heavy hood cleaning, immediately became as easy as 'cleansing'.

In the era of consumption upgrade, what is the standard for measuring the quality of a range hood? At the 'clean life' forum at the press conference, the media reached the mother, and Ou Lin’s old user, Ms. Yan, etc. I complained about the hoods used by my family. I thought that each time the fume cleaning was not only energy-intensive, but also not effective. After seeing the Ou Lin new range hood cleaning demonstration, they thought that every family needs an Olin's not afraid of oil. The hood's, everyone is not afraid of cooking, but is afraid to clean up the kitchen and the fumes. If you put on the new Ou Lin range hood, you can let the housewives re-love the kitchen. Chen Gang, deputy secretary general of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, believes that cleaning the fumes Machine is one of the biggest pain points for consumers. Olin can solve this problem, which is a major contribution to the Chinese kitchen appliance industry.

'Clean life' forum, guests talk about the use of the hood

In addition to the core function of 'not afraid of oil, easy to clean', Ou Lin's new range hood also has '3' big product highlights, large suction, deep smoke, smart design. When users use the range hood, listen to music, watch movies The dishes that you can't do can also look at the menu at any time, and enjoy the kitchen life at your fingertips.

Smart design, enjoy the kitchen life at your fingertips

Large suction, equipped with a large suction system, with a powerful 'heart', can provide a steady stream of strong power. At the same time, the large double wheel design, effectively increase the air volume per unit time, the smoke efficiency is significantly increased, the resulting smoke quickly Was sucked away, achieving the effect of smoothing and absorbing.

Deep smoke, 138mm super deep smoke chamber, has a deeper design than the previous size. The oversized smoke chamber firmly locks the fumes, the fumes do not overflow, and the smoke is more efficient.

Smart design, 'more understand you' HD color screen, make your cooking world promising, video, recipe, music configuration, let you show cooking in the world of entertainment.

At the press conference, there was not only support from consumers, but also the signing ceremony of the Ou Lin smart kitchen electric agent, which marked more and more home appliance agents to join hands with Ou Lin, to be smart, healthy, safe and comfortable. Life experience brings more consumers.

'I am endorsing Ou Lin' awarding ceremony, many old users endorsed Ou Lin

Event site, Ou Lin smart kitchen electric agent signing ceremony

At the same time, with Ou Lin's 'not afraid of oil hoods' in the market, Ou Lin's new product marketing plan is also fully launched, Ou Lin's stores across the country, Tmall Olin kitchen appliances flagship store, Beijing Eastern Europe flagship store, will Online and offline simultaneous sale of 'not afraid of oil hood'.

Ou Lin has undergone a 24-year change in the cloud, and the constant is the Olin vision of becoming a high-end healthy lifestyle implementer. Since the introduction of the European-style range hood for the first time in 1997, Ou Lin has been constantly learning about the real needs of Chinese households for range hoods, 2000 Introduced European experts in batches to guide the development of Ou Lin range hoods. In 2002, the concept of 'European type, China core' was put forward in the field of range hoods. Ou Lin range hood has won more than ten design awards such as red dot award and iF award. To this day, Ou Lin released the 'not afraid of oil' range hood, Ou Lin has always insisted on health, innovation and intelligence as an important development direction of the product.

Ou Lin is not only on the road of technology and innovation, but also rushing to the future.

Tiny details, great care. Ou Lin's craftsmanship is hidden in every detail that deserves to be magnified and appreciated. The paranoia is here. Innovation comes from intention. Olin has no need to create a worry for the consumer. Don't bother, very comfortable, very comfortable kitchen cooking small world, let consumers cook a delicious food in a relaxed and happy environment, create a simple and simple life for consumers. In the days to come, Ou Lin will realize with health technology More perfect integration, high hopes, and the next breakthrough point.

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