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Yesterday, suddenly the circle of friends by a call living Window "new species" H5 brush the screen, try to point into the pit, decisively into the pits, H5 overall creativity, the picture shows very excellent, especially the emergence of new species to immerse people into it. If you want to use some elegant words to describe this H5, then I think: ' The initial living not stunning, because of courage and to the thousands, because of thinking and moving side has a new life.

' That is so. H5 first appeared load page is very Q Meng, netting a lot of small Gang Ju, small Baron's heart. After the main line trigger, appeared the picture of the cocoon into butterflies, when the blue-purple butterfly wings from the pupa on display, the United States like stealing the color of the sky. A clever transition, along with the main line continues, this time presents the butterfly's first angle of view, as if each viewer is using the butterfly's eye to see the different world. When we fly over the prairie with the butterflies, what is the inner OS when we see the elephant?

Would it be as amazing and curious as a butterfly, wanting to fall on its long nose to compare whose lashes are longer? This is produced by Tcl Xess H5, in addition to the butterfly's first and third view of the different switch to show the complete picture degree, there is a point is the creative itself.

After the whole story line will be based on your personal name to create a new species of your unique image, and on behalf of your tone of the exclusive noun oh ~

Of course, this is not a small make up to say the most brilliant creative, continue to look down. If the butterfly and the Black Swan still have some micro, negligible ' kinship ', then how can whales, penguins, elephants and butterflies produce a species fusion? Is the gene too powerful, no! It is the creativity and imagination of human beings that make the wild and unrestrained.

Just like the flying dream of the past, today's smart appliances, like a time when not only live in the fantasy world of things, but also precisely because of the infinite brain hole open, only now human exploration of other planets, artificial intelligence universal realization. In the same way, Tcl Xess also launched a video for Living window, which called for a ' little more courage, more creation ' slogan. The video to "Hello, breaking the bureau!" as the name, creative content some early Apple "1984" appearance, but more is the reality of the current society, numbness of the crowd, trapped in the cage of their own, no one is not a reflection of the phenomenon of life. I think this is a tribute and Transcendence to the 1984.

The courage to break the tradition in order to change the era, Living window is: Do not blindly conform to the times, but do change the world's people.

Perhaps, today the appearance of this H5 let most people have the next period of talk, sigh: ' beautiful ', but the seeds of the imagination once planted will take root and sprout, as long as someone started to imagine, then perhaps these magical new species will appear in reality. People are always afraid to explore because of fear of the unknown, so give up the imagination and innovation, but the history of mankind to change the world's feat is not because of bold imagination and the practice of Yong not to die to become a reality. So a little more courage, a little more thought, you can create more, a little more change.

Quantitative changes become qualitative change, when little by little to accumulate into a mountain, then the future will also be changed by these creations.

August 16, TCL's living Window ' new species ' may really be brave, like the brave to challenge the future, to the times to make a sound, to fulfill their own ' a little more courage, a little more creative ' creative thinking.

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* Users speak are not the position, the site is not recommended in the Comment column any shop, dealers, beware of being deceived! Meet New Species | Break the frame with courage and creativity