Do not feel reluctantly and can continue to choose the appropriate exercise to have the ideal weight. Learn these simple and long lasting exercise methods of weight loss

For weight loss, a lot of MM is really love and hate, reluctantly to lose weight method can not be lasting, reluctantly lose weight after success also have the possibility of fat.

So the first thing to lose weight is to start from the things without stress!

The following small series for you to introduce the immediate realization of simple and can be lasting 6 sports methods, easy to have the ideal weight!

6 Ultra simple movements that can be implemented immediately

(1) The way to the detour

When you go to school, company or supermarket, try to take the long way.

(2) Bicycle commuting (Tong school) What about commuting to use a bicycle? But, as the seasons change, if it's too hot to get heatstroke or a cold snap, don't be too reluctant.

In addition, switching to bicycles can also save commuting costs (through tuition) and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which is really a lot of benefits.

(3) Use staircase Up and down stairs is also a very effective forging chain. Late at night, not on the gym is OK, as long as the use of the stairs of the apartment can be easily done. The exercise time maintains in 20 minute or so, as far as possible keeps the regularity the speed up and down.

While the exercise side of the calm and irritable mood, can be cheerful mood.

(4) Play games Like the recent Wii fit and so on, it takes a lot of games to move to the body.

Fun and can release the pressure, and friends to move the body, can also become a very good simple exercise.

(5) While watching the program on the side of the active body

Watching TV is not only lazy in there, while pulling the body can be easily sustained.

(6) Dancing Dancing can also eliminate stress.

Because indoors can also be done simply, why not try to see it?

Precautions for aerobic exercise Walking or riding a bicycle, oxygen inhalation in the body's "aerobic exercise", the most suitable for weight loss.

Slowly appreciate the surrounding scenery, happy and will not feel reluctant to maintain the situation, I hope you can try to see. However, aerobic exercise also has to pay attention to the matter. Because it takes time to burn fat, it's best to "do not eat sugar" within 30 minutes of exercise.

After exercise to add water should also pay attention to drink less sports drinks and other sugary drinks, preferably water.

Of course, before exercise and exercise also need to add moisture, pay attention not to cause dehydration symptoms. Even if you can't do it all, there are a lot of simple things to start with.