Stretching exercises can be done before and after exercise to help relieve muscle tension. Girls running to lose weight to avoid these

Why do you insist on running without any effect? Exercise to lose weight must master the right way, otherwise they are doing no work.

The following girls run to lose weight to avoid a few things, you must pay attention to.

1. Mobile phone in sports underwear A lot of mm running time have to listen to the habit of music, but wearing sportswear, mobile phone really have no place to do? So many girls are smart to put mobile phone in sports underwear, but this will not only cause damage to the chest, sweating will also stick on the phone.

Suggest or use a professional sports arm bag, purse.

2. Long clothes soaked in clothes The feeling of sweating while exercising is true, but if you don't take a shower after exercising, at least put on a set of dry clothes. Because sweat-filled sportswear is conducive to the breeding of bacteria, not conducive to health.

For girls, if the private place is infected, the trouble is big.

3. Do not wear sports underwear Running is also a high intensity of exercise, if in the course of running, do not wear professional sports underwear, the chest up and down disorderly shake can easily cause damage to the chest tissue.

Therefore, in the choice of sports underwear, must not give in.

4. Running without muscle strength training Being nervous when you hear the muscles, the right muscles will make your body curve look more perfect. And girls really aren't that good at muscle training.

If you are simply running, the effect may not be so good to burn fat!

5. Do not warm up Do not do warm-up before running, the body is in a tense state, sudden exercise training can easily cause muscle damage, and slimming effect is also poor.

Warm-up training before running can allow the body to enter the state faster, but also a good stretch ligament.

6. Ignore stretching after exercise Know why you insist on running hind legs getting thicker or not? After exercise does not pay attention to stretch words, the muscle is very easy again the calf accumulates.