ESP that can save lives, sometimes it is better to shut down?

Hello, my friends, I am the leader of Xiao Mingyanzu, and I am here to give you a BB knife.

In this issue, let's talk about a security configuration. This security has always been closely related to our life. When driving in daily life, it is essential to have a security configuration. Who is it? ? ESP?

What is ESP?

Some buddies may have to ask the team leader, what is ESP?

Come and come, the team leader started the class. First, ESP is the English abbreviation of ElectronicStabilityProgram. The Chinese name is the body electronic stability system. It belongs to the active safety configuration of the vehicle and is also the patented technology of Bosch.

Of course, it is because it is Bosch's patented technology, so not all body electronic stability systems are called ESP, such as Toyota's VSC, Honda's VSA, BMW's DSC, etc., but they are just different, the working principle is actually Still very similar.

The team leader also reminds the old buddies that when you buy a car, don't make a joke like ESP don't want VSC. So we don't have to entangle the name, just need to know that they are used to improve the vehicle while driving. Stability is fine.

How does ESP maintain body stability?

So the question is, how does ESP keep the stability of the vehicle in motion?

The working principle of this ESP, in fact, is relatively cumbersome to estimate that you do not like to listen, I also said that the team leader is tired.

In this way, the team leader gives you an example. For example, one day, Xiaoming’s classmate is driving a love song in a small car. Hey, this time, his right front wheel suddenly slips, and Xiao Pan’s P, this His vehicle will be out of control to the left, just in this critical moment that can no longer be critical.

If his car does not have the ESP safety device, it is basically a rotating jump and close your eyes. If its car has an ESP safety device, then at the moment when the right front wheel suddenly slips, the sensor connecting the right front wheel will In the first time, the signal is sent to the ECU, and the braking force is applied to the slipping wheel by the ECU through the information processing to correct the body posture. The risk of driving is reduced.

Under what circumstances can ESP be turned off?

From this point you can see the importance of ESP for our daily driving. So do you think that the ESP that can save your life is important?

Of course, it is such a configuration that can improve our daily driving safety, but it has been set up as an option to open and close. Have you ever thought about this problem?

In fact, the ESP body electronic stability system, in some cases, can be better than the opening!

In general, it can be roughly divided into two situations, one is ice and snow, and the other is to play a car.

We also take Xiao Ming as an example:

It was a snowy morning, Xiao Ming was preparing to drive a back drive BMW to sing old-school love songs to go to work, hehe!

At the beginning, I said that I didn't get up. Xiao Pan was a P. In fact, like a BMW rear-wheel drive, when the vehicle starts to be difficult on snow and ice, the first step is to close the ESP system and try.

However, as long as the vehicle is successfully taken out of the normal situation, in order to ensure the stability of the car, it is necessary to remember to open the ESP again.

Of course, for the snow and ice road, there is another situation, but this situation is a little special. It is a noon at the snow, Xiao Ming, still driving a love song in a car, but he installed a snow chain on the tire, just opened How long does it take? I feel like the car is okay, and the ESP is still flashing.

A small panic of a P, this time a large part of the reason is because the addition of snow chains, interference with the data of some sensors in the ESP system, resulting in signal misalignment, ESP will continue to intervene, this is actually a kind of security Hidden danger, so since the snow chain is installed, the team leader suggested that ESP should be closed directly.

There is another situation. It is a sunset in the evening. Xiao Ming is thinking about the hot pot in the big car. He is driving in the desert. Looking at the uphill slope, he is going to break through the inertia. , Hey! It’s trapped, a little panic.

In fact, the resistance of the sand to the wheels in the desert is very large. The vehicle goes along the strength of the sand. It is inevitable that there will be a slight slippery tail. At this time, if the ESP is involved, it will limit the speed of the wheel. The slope failed, so this time, ESP will be turned off early.

This is not over yet, there is still a situation, it is a night of no one, Xiao Ming classmates sing a love song in a small car, for a moment, I remembered the "Initial D" during the day, as if it was a sea body, The foot throttle, the direction to the throttle and then the counter direction to fix the throttle, this set of operations is clean and crisp, but no one, but it is not floating.

A small panic of a P, in fact, this is the car when the car sharp turn ESP has restricted the slip of the vehicle. Then how do you operate, but also can not float, so I want to drift ESP but to close.

Ok, the above is all about the "ESP that can save lives, and sometimes it is better to shut down."