'Car owners must read' the car has these six signs, there are huge security risks, please check immediately!

Nowadays, although there are more and more people driving,

But there are very few people who care about and understand the car.

Many car owners are most worried about the daily use of the car

It should be that my car suddenly has a problem.

I can't solve it myself.

Cars, like people, will have an 'uncomfortable' performance before they get sick. If you find the signs before the accident, we can prevent them from happening.

So what are the signs of the car before it fails?

1 sudden noise

Car noise is the 'alarm' of car breakdown, but for those who have no basis for car maintenance, it is difficult to judge what is wrong with the car, what is not normal, but most people can feel the sudden sound When there are some unusual noises, it indicates that the car has changed or is damaged. It should be repaired early.

2 fuel consumption suddenly rises

If a car is running under good conditions, the fuel consumption is generally stable and there will be no major fluctuations.

However, if the fuel consumption suddenly rises over a period of time, it is necessary to consider whether the car is faulty.

First of all, it is necessary to eliminate the short-term fuel consumption caused by driving factors and road factors. If the driving and road conditions have not changed, it is likely to be a problem of the car itself.

Either the engine control system is not working properly, or the component failure in the driving system increases the driving resistance, resulting in an increase in fuel consumption.

3 vehicle oil spill

If the vehicle has been parked for a period of time and there is oil on the ground, then the vehicle must be problematic. If it is just normal water, it will be fine. It should be the condensate of the air conditioner compressor, which is not a vehicle fault.

If it is found to be oily, first determine what oil is based on the specific part of the leak. Usually the gasoline leaks in the second half of the car, while the first half is oil, but it may also be a leak in the pipeline. repair.

And, for the problem of oil leakage, you can also check the engine regularly. If there is obvious oil stain on the surface, it means that the engine also has oil leakage. The sooner it is found, the later it is solved, the less damage to the engine.

4 exhaust color is abnormal

If we are not driving a vehicle that is about to be scrapped, but the exhaust pipe emits blue smoke, black smoke or white smoke, etc., it means that the engine is abnormal. It may be that the oil quality of the last addition is problematic because when the combustion is not complete. The exhaust gas is black. When the fuel is mixed with water, the exhaust gas is white. When the engine is burning oil, the exhaust gas is blue.

5 engine overheating

The engine has a normal operating temperature, which is usually expressed by the engine coolant temperature, which is often referred to as the water temperature. After normal engine operation, the temperature can be maintained at about 90-105 degrees, not too much. Large fluctuations but maintain a relatively stable value.

If the water temperature is too high, there must be a problem. There is a water temperature gauge on the car, you can pay more attention. If there is no water temperature gauge, there will usually be a high temperature warning light.

6 abnormal appearance

The car is parked on a flat surface, check the appearance, if there is a phenomenon of horizontal or vertical skew, it is abnormal appearance.

The reasons are mostly the failure of the frame, the body, the suspension, the tires, etc., which will cause the direction of the road to be unstable, deviation, center of gravity shift and wheel tires.

When these symptoms appear, don't take it lightly and don't take it for granted. Check it out as soon as possible, safety is paramount.

Many people say that the car is bought and used, not for it. It is a bit too much to take care of it carefully.

In fact, the car is just like our body. When I am not sick, I feel how to eat and drink, but the disease is like a mountain. The car is also rude when I am not sick, but it is really troublesome.