How does the P block of an electric car work? Is it related to the gearbox?

How long does it take to press the P file while driving an electric car? I think we should first understand three problems, one is the working core of the electric car gearbox, the other is the setting of the electric car gearbox at home and abroad, and the last one is the electric car universal. Gear position.

The core of the electric vehicle gearbox is a DC motor, which has the highest energy conversion efficiency. The motor consists of a stator and a rotor. The rotor coil is used to cut magnetic lines of force in the magnetic field generated by the stator. The greater the rotor magnetizing current, the greater the torque, and the higher the speed. Fast, up to 10,000 rpm, can fully meet the needs of the car, the motor through the stator and rotor to adjust the speed, simple and convenient, more affordable than the cost of the fuel transmission.

At present, there are many gearboxes at home and abroad without gearboxes. There are two reasons. One is that the gearbox is not suitable for high-speed motors. The other is that the transmission-related supply chain is not strong, and the integrated control capability of the vehicle is not enough. For example, Tesla The first model of the Roadster was originally designed with a 180KW motor and a 2-speed gearbox. Later, due to the quality of the transmission, the motor power was forced to be 240 kW, and the battery was 80 KWH to provide greater output power to complete the gearbox.

Now the common gears of electric vehicles have P gears, also called park gears, D gears are also called forward gears, R gears are also called reverse gears, and N gears are also called neutral gears. The conversion between gears is controlled by the car. The conversion signal of the device is realized. For example, the reverse gear is used to realize the motor reversal by the controller, and the car is retracted. When the car advances, the R gear does not respond, because the electric vehicle does not have any effect when the reverse gear is reversed. Wait until the car stops to start the reverse gear.

Of course, suddenly hanging the P file during driving is theoretically ineffective. Only the electric car controller can actually recognize the P gear to stop the car. Now there are many electric car brands, especially some low-end electric brands only have forward, backward and Neutral, you want to park the vacant handle to pull the handbrake, so there is no possibility of hanging the P file on the road.