Panasonic washing machine and Porsche design to see how international big brands integrate technology and design

On the afternoon of August 8th, the Panasonic ALPHA Alfa New Product Launch Conference with the theme of 'Creation of the World's Unbounded' was held at the Hangzhou International Expo Center. The combination of Panasonic and Porsche designed the Chinese and Japanese three-party elite design team for 28 months. The Panasonic ALPHA Alfa new product has finally been unveiled.

At the meeting, Panasonic and Porsche design teams, home appliance industry leaders and hundreds of channel providers including Suning, Gome, more than 100 media representatives witnessed the cross-border product glory debut. Conference site, China Liu Ting, Dean of Home Appliances Research Institute, Wang Lei, Vice Chairman of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, architect Qingshan Zhou Ping, fashion emotional expert Su Shi, popular science writer Xu Lai and others as special guests, jointly interpreted the quality life under the upgrade of consumption. ' .

Liu Jianguo, general manager of Hangzhou Matsushita Household Appliances Co., Ltd. said that Panasonic has always been guided by user needs and is actively committed to the development and application of new products, new technologies, new designs and new processes. This time Panasonic worked with Porsche Design to jointly develop New products, I believe that we will be able to bring new experiences and enjoyment to consumers, and also inject new aesthetic genes into the innovation and development of the home appliance industry.

High-end home appliances are getting better and better, washing machines are welcoming the new era

Since the 19th National Congress, 'consumption upgrade' has become a frequently mentioned high-frequency word. The 2017 China Residents Consumption Development Report released by the National Development and Reform Commission shows that the Engel coefficient of our residents in 2017 was 29.3%, which has entered the UN division. 20%-30% rich interval. With the continuous expansion and upgrading of China's residents' consumption, the consumer market has shown a rise from the satisfaction of the weight of the product to the pursuit of quality, from the tangible material products to more service consumption, from the imitation type of wave-type consumption to A series of changes such as personalized and diversified consumption. Under this trend, high-end home appliances have also ushered in an unprecedented development.

At the press conference, Zhang Junxi, director of commodity planning department of Hangzhou Matsushita Household Appliances Co., Ltd. said, 'After market research, modern washing machine users are no longer satisfied with simple washing and drying functions, with the accumulation of material wealth and aesthetics. With the improvement of taste, they pay special attention to the performance of products in health care, intelligent operation, etc. At the same time, they pay more attention to product design, process materials, etc., which requires us to take care of the washing machine in the process of developing washing machine. Functionality, but also to give users a higher level of spiritual satisfaction, even the 'leap-level' experience, that is, beyond the quality and value of the same category.

Based on this, Panasonic and Porsche design lasted for 28 months, and finally successfully launched the new cross-border product of Panasonic ALPHA Alpha. Compared with the high-end series that Panasonic washing machine has introduced in the past, Panasonic ALPHA Alpha new products not only inherit Panasonic. A hundred years of quality and human-computer interaction design, high-end manufacturing and other excellent bloodlines, and innovative integration of the 'noble' gene designed by Porsche, completely broke the design of traditional washing machines, once again lead the high-end life aesthetics.

At the press conference, architect Qingshan Zhou Ping gave a very high evaluation to Panasonic ALPHA Alpha New Products. He believes: In this era of consumption upgrade, whether it is architecture, home, or home appliances, it can be impressed by the beauty of design. In the past, people rarely pay attention to the coordination and matching of the design and the home environment. What Panasonic washing machine and Porsche designed to do is to broaden the boundaries of the design and make the appliance no longer a cold machine, and become a user aesthetic taste. An embodiment of values.

The fusion of Porsche design classics is only for high-end life aesthetics

70 years ago, in 1948, the legendary Porsche 356 (predecessor of the Porsche 911) made its debut; 70 years later, in 2018, Porsche designed the design of the Porsche RS Spyder Design wheel shape and the classic five-barrel dashboard, the first time Used on the mains electricity, it has created a new Panasonic ALPHA Alpha product that is integrated into the Porsche 'Noble' lineage.

When you abandon the exaggerated aesthetic of the upstart style and remove a lot of unnecessary design cut lines, you will be attracted by its Bauhaus-style to Jane aesthetics at first glance, simple, neat appearance, with the inside The high-grade metal body outside not only breaks through the limits of many industries, but also reaches a new height in the manufacturing process and material selection.

As a culmination of technology and art, Panasonic ALPHA Alpha's new product is inspired by the ingenuity of the art, and the Porsche classic inner design is also presented. Porsche wheeled inner tube, inspired by Porsche RS Spyder Design wheel shape, match 1600RPM industry's ultra-high speed, excellent washing performance; five barrels of instrument panel UI design, inspired by the Porsche classic five barrel instrument panel, simple and stylish, classic style.

On this basis, Panasonic ALPHA Alpha new products also fully draw on the design elements of high-end sports cars: automatic pop-up 'breathing' door, pioneering the use of advanced car sunroof principle in the washing machine, the attitude of the machine is graceful and elegant, more helpful to keep the barrel The inside is dry, fully ensuring stability and durability; the five-point suspension suspension system, borrowing from the advanced sports car suspension suspension system, with the CBB ball centrifugal balance wheel, metal balance block, can effectively filter the vibration even when the drum 1600RPM is running at high speed. Keeping it smooth and quiet; special high-grade aluminum integrated knob, adhering to the control logic of the luxury car central control system, using high-grade audio knob infinitely damped design, to achieve an excellent experience, showing extraordinary taste.

While maximizing the artistic beauty, Panasonic ALPHA Alpha New Products is the leading technology in the industry: Panasonic's professional nanoeX nano-water ion technology, for the first time on the washing machine products, can penetrate deep into the depth of clothing fibers, in addition to The bacteria rate is over 99%, and at the same time eliminates the smell of smoke on the clothes, the odor of hot pot and other stubborn odors; Panasonic AG+ photo-activated silver sterilization technology, to achieve efficient sterilization under normal temperature washing conditions; industry professional bipolar mites removal technology, in addition to The rate of up to 98.56%; Jet jet self-cleaning system, all-round removal of dirt attached to the inner and outer barrel sandwiches, keeping the barrel clean and reducing secondary pollution. In addition, APP remote intelligent control system, detergent intelligent dispensing system, ECONAVI energy-saving navigation The application of intelligent technology brings humanized human-computer interaction experience.

The convergence of technology and art to create a new trend of cross-border cooperation

Since the first news of the cooperation between Panasonic and Porsche Design to develop new washing machines last year, the outside world has paid great attention to the cooperation between the two parties. The former is a well-known century-old brand, while the latter represents the world's top industrial design, the same dedication. With the same rigor, the same excellence, the two coincide with many ideas. Porsche Design CEO Roland Heiler believes that there are many things in common between Panasonic and Porsche design, including the sensitivity to quality, to perfectionism The pursuit, and this time jointly launched a washing machine that incorporates Porsche design elements, is destined to be a cutting-edge attempt.

In fact, under the general trend of consumption upgrading, the 'popular' demand for washing machines has long been a thing of the past, and the consumer's 'renewal' demand is followed. The traditional marketing model like price war is difficult to Following, the future users will pursue more sensuous values ​​such as 'design sense', 'material sense', 'no pressure to use', 'pleasure of use', etc., which will become the basic function, after technological innovation The washing machine enterprise has shaken the core competitiveness of the high-end market. The cross-border cooperation between Panasonic washing machine and Porsche design is the inevitable result of this trend.

Liu Ting, dean of China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, said that in the context of consumption upgrading, the washing machine industry is facing not only rapid iteration of products, continuous upgrading of technology, but also the maturity of consumers' aesthetics. Presenting the challenge of higher requirements and renewal. The advent of Panasonic ALPHA Alpha is a bold attempt. It truly combines aesthetic design with superior performance, which not only opens up new forms of washing machine product innovation, but also new directions. It provides valuable experience for the development of cross-border cooperation in the home appliance industry.

Wang Lei, vice chairman of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, also said that the real consumption upgrade is a change from functionality to identity. In the past, household appliances as durable goods were only satisfied with basic use functions, so the service life, cost performance, etc. were consumers. The main considerations. With the improvement of living standards, consumers' demand for the use of home appliances has also changed. They not only want to use the functional satisfaction, but also further produce the taste and aesthetic needs, the future of high-end home appliances and industrial design. Integration will be an inevitable trend in the development of the industry.