'Authoritative' natural home won the top ten brands of 2018 Chinese diatom mud

The top ten brands of diatom mud in China are well-known honors in the industry. They are sponsored by the professional media website of China, diatom mud net, and are selected once a year. Hundreds of diatom mud brands have been inspected by primaries, preliminary contests, preliminaries and fierce voting after nearly half a year. In 2018 (the 7th), the top ten brand selection events for diatom mud in China have finally come to a perfect end. Naturally, they are on the list!

The top ten brands of diatom mud in China adhere to the principle of 'fairness, openness and fairness'. Combining the selection methods of enterprise field visits, the brand establishment time, product quality, service quality, number of specialty stores, customer word of mouth, etc. are the basis for selection. The natural residence has won this award many times, and it must have its shining point better than its peers. With this moment worth celebrating, let us review the glorious road of natural residence.

Founded in 2010, Natural Home focuses on high-end eco-houses. After more than eight years of accumulation, it has become the first choice brand in this area. It has more than 1,000 direct-operated stores in the country, specialty stores, famous brands, and masses. Broad basis.

The product is the core of the enterprise. Naturally, it can achieve the current achievements. It is precisely because it attaches importance to product research and development, innovation, and constantly improves its artistic quality while ensuring quality. In addition, the natural residence also breaks the ordinary diatom mud enterprise and only makes wall decoration. The situation, expand the pattern, look at the whole house, form a relatively complete industrial chain, provide customers with more convenient and perfect one-stop service. This development direction makes the natural home a great success.

There are no rules and regulations, and all walks of life have corresponding regulations that need to be adhered to. Natural Home is the industry's high-end ecological whole house assembly leader, strictly implements the national quality system certification standards, and successfully passed the ISO1401:2004 international environmental management system, ISO9001:2008 The international quality system certification ten ring certification. Products in strict compliance with national environmental standards, is a well-known big brand that the people trust and love.

Innovation is the source of progress and a solid backing to ensure product quality. Naturally, in addition to its own R&D team, in 2016, it also established the first professional training base in Huazhong District, the “Natural Residential Business School”, in conjunction with institutions of higher learning and industry associations. Incubate the elite of the society for the society and business.

Brand promotion is an important task that can not be ignored by all enterprises at present. Naturally, there are quality products and caring services. With proper promotion, it has won the favor of many ordinary people. Naturally, it is the voice of China, Sina home and provincial TV. Advertising; also successfully signed a famous Chinese host, actor Hua Shao is the brand image spokesperson, since the promotion has gained high popularity, brand awareness and reputation has been high.

At present, the natural residence has won many honors and qualifications, such as “China Top Ten Brands of Diatom Mud”, “Recommended Products of Eco-friendly Wall Materials”, “Outstanding Enterprises of China Science and Technology Innovation”, “Top Ten Green Low-carbon Demonstration Units of National Building Materials Industry”, “Silicon The drafting and revision unit of algae industry standards, etc., and has a number of exclusive authoritative patents, which is highly recognized and endorsed by the country, the media, peers and ordinary people.

The natural corporate philosophy is to pursue quality, continuous innovation, and continuous transcendence. The future has unlimited possibilities, and natural residences will actively explore and bring more natural, healthy and fashionable residences to thousands of households.