In order to test the load-bearing capacity of the floor, arranged 60KG colleagues on the vacant floor, found no obvious deformation, there is no signs of rupture. The floor should also be non-toxic en

The type of floor is numerous, in the floor decoration aspect more and more user chooses the wooden floor, the wooden floor is not easy to skid, the construction is simpler, the maintenance cost is low may the monolithic replacement, breaks through the geothermal system the limitation, has the certain sound absorption to reduce the noise function and so on.

Users tend to pay much attention to the practicality of the floor and ignore the environmental protection, in order to allow users to have a more comprehensive wood flooring more in-depth understanding of the evaluation Center selected water-based Oak Wood laminate flooring for evaluation, the following to see how the performance of it.

Product appearance

Lyle Oak Laminate Flooring color is typical of the lower saturation of the neutral color, do not jump not abrupt, with the knowledge of the elegant fashion hundred-lap temperament, has long been the continued popularity of simple wind characteristics, in line with the current people's pursuit of naturalism.

1, Texture

Lyle Oak Laminate flooring kept synchronized to the flowers, it uses special technical means to paste the wood grain pressure on the floor surface, forming a concave-convex relief effect, cleverly restore the solid wood appearance, and can clearly see the ring left Guincon and plaque, reproduced the natural nature of wood, the simple color of the quiet to highlight the artistic conception of the distant.

2, floor thickness

Lyle Oak Laminate Flooring specifications are 1215*195*12mm, through vernier caliper measuring floor thickness of about 12.20mm, and product identification is basically consistent.

3, Back code marking Lyle Oak Laminate Flooring has a code marking on the back, clearly identifies the product's brand, batch number, production time and other related information.

Water-based days each piece of flooring has such a code mark on the back so that the quality of traceability.

Environmental testing It is well known that wood flooring in the production process will be used to adhesive, and ordinary adhesives will contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde is a respiratory disease, skin diseases and many other causes of disease, but also has a strong carcinogenic nature. Lyle Oak Laminate flooring with waterborne polyurethane adhesives instead of ordinary adhesives, water-based paint instead of oily paint, in the environmental safety performance outstanding.

The relevant national standards stipulate that the formaldehyde emission of wood-based panels should be less than 0.124 mg/m³ (E1 grade), the evaluation center of the Lyle Oak laminate flooring for formaldehyde testing, to see its performance.

In the sealed acrylic case with 0.5*0.5*0.5m size, the value of formaldehyde in the initial half hour has been stable in 0.01mg/m³, indicating that there is no formaldehyde release source. After 12 hours, the value of formaldehyde was 0.02mg/m³, and after 24 hours, the value was 0.04mg/m³, and the value was not changed significantly thereafter.

By contrast, we know that Lyle Oak laminate flooring formaldehyde emissions far lower than the national E1 level standards, does not pose a threat to human health.

Lock Buckle Stitching

Lyle Oak Reinforced flooring using international patented technology of the lock buckle buckle type, suspension installation, simple and convenient, clicked, no need to use glue, to avoid two pollution of the glue, can be arbitrarily disassembled, paving without keel, save expenses.

In order to detect the firmness of the lock, pick up a good two pieces of the floor, keep shaking, the floor is closely connected firmly, no loose drop.

Moisture resistance and adhesion test The climate difference between north and south of China is obvious, the north more laying warm system, wood flooring in dry environment is prone to shrinkage phenomenon. The southern climate is much damp, the wooden floor is apt to appear to rise the skin phenomenon.

For this evaluation center selected a piece of the same material floor as a competition, the use of room temperature blisters, to show the contrast of Lyle Oak laminate flooring in the humid environment of the increase in the degree and the adhesive is cracking phenomenon.

After soaking for 24 hours, remove two floors, the inspection did not find the obvious open phenomenon, but measured thickness found that the two floors are significantly different. Lyle Oak Laminate Flooring thickness changes 12.20mm→12.40mm, the expansion rate is only 1.6%, and we choose the competition products floor thickness change 11.50mm→12.40mm, expansion rate of 8.7%, Lyle Oak reinforced floor water absorption low moisture ability outstanding,

After soaking no open to explain the strong adhesion, excellent moisture-proof, adhesion performance to make the floor life longer.

Anti-fouling test The cleanliness of wood flooring is also important, outstanding anti-fouling ability for the floor of the daily cleaning work save a lot of trouble.

In order to simulate common floor stains, we use water-based pens, soy sauce, tomato sauce on the Lyle oak laminate floor smear, 10 minutes after the static wipe each.

1, water-based Pen test

Daily life in a variety of pen stains is more stubborn difficult to clear, but the test we use paper towels dipped in water gently wipe will be able to wipe the handwriting.

2, soy sauce test

It can be seen that the soy sauce was wiped at a one-time, and the floor did not leave traces of immersion.

3, tomato sauce test

Ketchup stains are also easy to erase, it can be seen that Lyle Oak laminate flooring is very good resistance to pollution.

Wear test The abrasion resistance of wood flooring is also an important aspect to be inspected. In daily life, moving furniture will often form a scratch on the floor, children in play when the toy is also very easy to wear on the floor mark, very affect beautiful.

In order to test the abrasion resistance of Lyle Oak laminate flooring, we chose the steel wire cleaning ball to rub repeatedly on the floor to see if it was ' squeamish '.

There are no scratches on the floor, and a wear-resistant paper Lyle Oak reinforced floor wear-resistant performance worthy of the real.

Load test Furniture, electrical appliances and so on for a long time on the wood floor, it is inevitable that indentation or even deformation effect beautiful.