Qualcomm will launch a new chip next month, designed for smart watches

According to foreign media reports, Qualcomm will hold a new product launch conference in San Francisco on September 10th. The theme of the conference is 'It's Time'.

From the Slogan of this conference, it is a bit of a pun. It is literally translated, 'It's time', indicating that Qualcomm is just getting the right time to release a new chip. In addition, 'time' implies that the event is related to 'watch'.

Many insiders believe that Qualcomm will take this opportunity to update the smartwatch-specific chip (or will name Snapdragon Wear 3100).

At present, most smart watches on the market still use the previous generation Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100/Wear 2500 chip. This chip uses a 4-core Cortex A7 architecture, clocked at 1.2GHz, integrated Adreno 304 GPU and X5 LTE baseband (downstream 1Gbps) ), the screen resolution is up to 640x480 (60FPS), also supports NFC, GPS, etc.

If Qualcomm will bring the new smart watch chip at this conference, it will undoubtedly be greatly updated in architecture and technology to provide better endurance and performance.

Finally, there have been recent rumors that Google will launch the Pixel Watch smart wearable device for its Pixel brand. If the rumor is established, the new Wear chip will also be expected to support the Android 9 Pie system.