Millet 45W, 65W USB-C power adapter disassembly comparison

Previously, the charging head network disassembled and compared two millet 65W power adapters. The size and power of these two products are the same, but the materials and performance are very different. Today, one of them is a 65W charger. Compared with the disassembly of Xiaomi's own 45W, it is interesting that although they have a large difference in power, the size is exactly the same.

Millet 45W power adapter (CDQ02ZM) white appearance, the body and wire are separated, the plug can be folded.

Millet 65W power adapter (CDQ07ZM) The appearance is also white, the body is separated from the wire, and the plug can be folded.

You can see the shape of both, the size is exactly the same.

First, millet 45W USB-C power adapter (CDQ02ZM) disassembly

The box, always simple style, the pattern on the box knows what is inside.

The back of the box is complete, and it is produced by purple rice.

There is only one MI logo on the side.

Open the box, inside is a white line, a plastic bag of power.

All packaged items, power supply, wire, manual.

Standard 1.5 m double-head type-c line.

It looks like a square power supply with only one type-c interface.

National standard shell folding pin, easy to carry out.

The side of the pin is printed with parameters, Xiaomi USB-C power adapter.

Type-c output port.

Width 57mm.

The other side has a width of 60mm.

Thickness 27.88mm.

Several pd power supply volume comparison, left from LeTV, Huawei, Apple 29W, Xiaomi 45W, Apple 87W.

Disassembly, ultrasonic welding, can be opened without damage.

Remove the cover and see the 400V filter capacitor, fuse, NTC, X capacitor inside.

Pull out, see a large heat sink, and common mode inductance.

The output is a solid capacitor, standard for high quality chargers.

Remove the primary switch tube screw and remove the heat sink.

Coated with silicone grease.

Two 680uf, 25v pressure-resistant solid capacitors, enough, the C-seat is completely shielded.

Look at it from a few angles.

Input filter capacitor, 3 22uf+1 15uf, to meet 45W output power.

Fully shielded C-seat.

Plastic switch tube.

It seems that the MOS tube with two packages is left in the design, and then look down.


Toshiba's pipe.

Input filter capacitor.

Y capacitor.

C-seat close-up, metal shield of the outer casing.

Purple rice foundry.

Frontal highlights, PD identification chip, on the left side of the output carrier, the right side of the output box is TPCC8104 here as a load switch, useful on the purple rice QB820. SOT23-6 between the two capacitors should be a synchronous rectification driver.

Chip close-up.

TPCC8104 is here as a load switch.

Wei WT6632F, supports PD and QC3.0.

Fairchild's FAN6240v1.0a.

Let's take a look at the high-tech on the back.

Voltage feedback is still dependent on optocoupler, independent and reliable.

Q3 is a synchronous rectifier, also from Toshiba, a new product.

Fairchild FAN602 primary quasi-resonant PWM controller is also useful on JDB chargers.

Disassemble all parts.

Second, millet 65W USB-C power adapter (CDQ07ZM) disassembly

Inside the white box is a card holder that protects a power supply and a charging cable.

White power supply, the same as the previous millet 45W power supply style, standard with a 2 m UBS-C charging cable.

On a USB-C output, without USB-A.

The other side of the power supply.

Folding foot design, convenient collection.

Parameter printing, belonging to Xiaomi brand, Jiangsu Ziimi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Production.

On the right is the Xiaomi 45W PD power supply. The outer casing does not see any difference, and the volume is the same.

Like the 45W power supply, the same as Jiangsu Ziimi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. production.

The same USB-C output port.

It happens to have a 65W power supply (Tian Mi OEM) as standard on a millet notebook. The three look like the outer casing. The volume is the same as the millet 65W, the rice meter is 65W, and the millet is 45W.

Millet notebook standard 65W power supply (Tian Mi) net weight 141g.

Millet 65W net weight 114g.

Millet 45W net weight 100g.

Millet 65W measurements, width of about 60mm.

The other one is 57mm wide.

Thickness 28mm.

Tested with ChargerLab power-z FL001SUPER, supporting both QC2.0 and QC3.0 modes.

ChargerLab power-z FL001SUPER tester test, PD PDO broadcast has 5 kinds of voltage: 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A, 20V3.25A. The maximum power is 20V 3.25A, power 65W.

ChargerLab power-z FL001SUPER test the line of the machine, found that there is an emark chip, the maximum support power is 20V5A 100W, the system is passive line, the line manufacturer is: 0x24CE. As we all know, no EMAKE wire supports up to 3A current, then Even if 20V is 60W, this 65W power supply with emark chip wire can reach 65W power.

The disassembly and the 45W PD power supply are the same, the crowbar opens the cover.

The entire front heat sink.

There are also heat sinks on the back.

Remove the heat sink and the heat sink on the front heats the transformer.

2. The reverse side of the board is covered with the thermal paste.

This package has not been seen in previous disassembly.

Infineon's IPL60R180P6, Cool Mos? P6.

Ultra-low Qg and conduction resistance, and the package size is much smaller than our common TO220, and it is convenient for heat dissipation design. The reverse via and front insulation tape are ideal for compact high power density power supplies. Use, save space and improve efficiency.

The primary adopts ON Semiconductor's offline quasi-resonant controller FAN604H.

Xiaomi 65W is a high-precision low-temperature floating resistance in the key part of the power tube current detection to ensure the stability of high-power output.

Millet 65W PD power output uses synchronous rectification scheme, Ansonmei FAN6240 controller + Toshiba TPH4R10ANL synchronous rectifier combination. FAN6240 is widely used through disassembly.

Toshiba's synchronous rectifier, with a withstand voltage of 100V and a conduction resistance of only 3.3 milliohms, is ideal for synchronous rectification and reduces heat generation.

There is also a TI regulator, TPS70950DBV, which has an enable input, a maximum input withstand voltage of 30V, an output current of 150mA, and an ultra-low quiescent current.

Let's look at the front side. The high-voltage filter capacitor comes from Zhongyuan Electronics, 400V120μF. The output is connected by two 25V680μF solid capacitors in parallel.

Input fuse, X capacitor, common mode inductor.

A small capacitor that powers the controller.

Wei Quan WT6632F USB PD controller. All-inclusive carrier.

Rectifier bridge 6A 1000V.

Y capacitor.

WT6632F and TPCC8104, commonly used switch tubes for purple rice, are also used on the 45W power supply.

Large capacitors and circuit boards have soft pad cushioning.

Family portrait. Third, the summary of the charging head network

1, the appearance, the size of the two are exactly the same, are the line body separation and the foldable design of the plug, the weight is also almost the same, respectively 100g and 114g, so without looking at the specifications, it can be said that they are completely invisible The difference, this may be related to the manufacturer from the same purple rice. 2, performance, the power difference between the two is 20W, support the same 5 voltage positions, but the current part is different. Thanks to the same use of the two The Weltrend WT6632F protocol chip, the two products support the same fast charging protocol: USB PD 2.0, QC2.0, QC3.0. 3, in terms of materials, they have the same parts, such as protocol chip, synchronous rectification The tubes are identical, and the primary and primary switches are completely different. The primary capacitors in the capacitors are of the same brand, but the specifications are slightly different.

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