Analysis of industry insiders, for users of high-end quality life needs, Haier frost-free vertical freezer cabinet to freeze the pattern of frozen, to create a professional frozen preservation program

August 6, Haier an original technology to create natural beauty of the video, causing concern. Science and technology to bring us convenience of life at the same time, but also to create a beautiful visual enjoyment.

Among them, Haier freezer freeze salmon color video, the lens focus on the micro-level of fish, frozen salmon color is still orange, texture clear, meat tight and delicate, with no difference before freezing, intuitive display Haier freezer chilled fresh strength. In the microscopic view of the salmon, each detail is magnified, people can clearly see the fresh orange fish surface of the point of white sand, as the sunset in the light of the sand beach, full of natural beauty.

In daily life, after the ordinary freezer frozen salmon is prone to discoloration, loss of water, loss of nutrients and so on, and in the Haier freezer after the salmon has not changed color, freshness is still the same as ever. Through the salmon as a ' white wave to the beach ' appearance, reflects the Haier refrigerator behind the original cell-level frozen preservation of scientific and technological strength, through the deep frozen food cells, short time to achieve the best salmon needs of the optimal freezing temperature, fully ensure the cell activity, so that protein invariance, fat does not oxidize,

Each cell of the food is locked in its original position without swelling and splitting. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, such as salmon, abalone, truffles and other high-end food also gradually into the consumer's daily life. However, in the process of food storage, the ordinary refrigerator due to the serious frost, the weak freezing force directly affect the quality of fresh food, resulting in lower flavor, strong smell and so on.

In addition, frosting will make ice crystals inside the ingredients, the volume becomes larger, puncture the cell wall after the loss of nutrients, so that the meat after freezing, fat, greatly reduce the storage effect.

For the user pain point, Haier freezer innovation frost-free technology, the real realization of the 0 frost frozen, separated from the traditional freezer defrosting difficult, easy to Chuanwei, easy to cause bacterial cross-infection and other long-term problems, bring cell-level frozen preservation solutions. In order to further upgrade the user experience, Haier freezer launched air-cooled frost-free horizontal freezer cabinet, vertical freezer, to meet the needs of users of a wide range of frozen fresh demand.

Take the Haier frost-free vertical freezer For example, through the drawer-type design, division of vegetables, meat, seafood and other areas, to achieve various types of food storage, to avoid food chuanwei, vertical design form also greatly released the living space, do not bend, do not have to rummage to find the ingredients, for high-end food storage provides a professional customization program. Science and technology from life, and the development of science and technology to promote the further improvement of the quality of life.

Haier freezer in the ' single in one ' mode of guidance, relying on the world's top ten research and development centers, to the innovative results of ingenuity technology, interpretation of cell-level frozen fresh strength.