Super run VS窈窕, how to choose this problem?

In the era of Internet+, consumers have greatly changed the way they accept large amounts of information. Bringing in, personalization and relevance have become a new way of information transmission between brands and users. Marketing change in the environment, continuous innovation and self-transcendence, use product language to achieve effective interaction with consumers.

On April 12 this year, Oaks Jingdong Super Brand Day and 618, Aux Air Conditioner repeatedly ignited the list and won a number of single product sales champions. On August 1st, Oaks launched the second wave of Jingdong Super Brand Day, Oaks Super The two new products of running air conditioners and hang-up machines are pre-sold at the same time. This is not only the biggest wave of annual discounts before the double 11 but also the combination of Jingdong and SCC to open the air-conditioning industry 'Gao Ding' era.

Internet genes are highlighted, new products are explosions

In May of this year, Oaks and the Ferrari Club collaborated on a cross-border cooperation and launched a custom-made air conditioner for Ferrari Club members. On July 28th, the Oaks Super Run Air Conditioner was launched. This Ferrari-integrated product uses a stylish and super-cannon red color scheme. With the dynamic and avant-garde design, the concept of high-end customization will be brought to the air-conditioning industry, so that the air-conditioning products are no longer the supporting role in the home design, the circle of powder has a 'high-fixing' plot and advocating 'speed and passion' High-end consumer groups.

Oaks Super Run Air Conditioner Debut

On August 1st, Oaks Super Run Air Conditioning was launched on the Oaks Jingdong Super Brand Day. The 8888 yuan reservation price also gave Ferrari watches and the whole machine lifetime free warranty card, which is worth the money. This super running air conditioner inherits the sports car. The kinetic energy, using TS fast cooling and heating technology, 30 seconds fast cooling; at the same time with built-in high temperature sterilization function, running quieter, to build a healthy and quiet home environment for users.

Joining the Oaks Super Run Air Conditioner to participate in the '8.1 Oaks Jingdong Super Brand Day' is also a hang-up machine. This first-class energy efficiency frequency conversion hang-up can save more than 100 yuan in advance from August 1st to August 12th. More favorable. 窈窕 hang up the appearance of the integrated water corrugated panel, exquisite and delicate, through the mobile phone exclusive APP 'Aux A + ' flexible control of air conditioning power, open environmental protection mode at any time, peak valley power saving mode.

Hanging machine

As the most Internet-based air-conditioning brand in the industry, the Jingdong Super Brand Day Oaks has pre-sold two new products. The speed of such high-speed new product updates is very rare in the industry. Starting from the Golden Man, Ming Yuexia, and the All-China Series, To the Oaks Super Run Air Conditioning and 窈窕 series, the launch of each new product of Oaks can become an explosion in the industry. Behind the continuous explosion mode is Oaks’ keen grasp of young consumer demand, and through strong R&D strength. The market will turn the consumption trend into product power, and then use the Internet thinking advantage to create new products into the industry. On the basis of the explosive products, the Oaks will also introduce the high-level mode to allow air conditioners to jump out of the scope of traditional home appliances. Get rid of the traditional channel restrictions, and provide a new breakthrough for the high-end consumption upgrade of the air-conditioning industry with a more flexible new retail model.

Play cross-border N-dimensional, brand image upgrade

From creating a number of micro-movies that match the young consumer group, to creating a small Olympics IP image, to signing fashion events such as Ouyang Nana, and recently collaborating with the Ferrari Club and the SCC Super Run Club, Oaks has a new way of cross-border N-dimensional Innumerable powder absorption, the youthfulness of the brand image, the fashion connotation gradually entered the harvest period. According to public data, among the purchasers of Oaks air conditioners, the proportion of consumers after 90s is close to 45%, accounting for about 80% after 80. Than 36%.

The eye-catching integrated marketing game has enabled Oaks to develop a fashionable and luxurious route in the air-conditioning industry, to get rid of the traditional home appliance industry, no longer advertise the product selling point, talk about the brand concept, but turn the corporate event into the focus of public opinion. Integrate the popular elements of high relevance into the brand connotation, and build the Oaks brand into a super-large IP with its own traffic through the integration of cross-border elements.

According to third-party authoritative data monitoring, the shipments of Oaks air-conditioner domestic sales increased by nearly 50% from January to June 2018, far higher than the average growth rate of 21%, ranking first in the industry. In addition, this is the third consecutive year of Oaks air conditioners. In the domestic market, the sales volume increased by 50% year-on-year. This cooperation with the SCC Super Run Club and the launch of the Oaks Super Run Air Conditioner started in Jingdong, which was carried out according to the brand upgrade 'Blue Plan' announced in May. New products, it is clear that in the future, Oaks will continue to use the speed of super-running at full speed regardless of product upgrade or brand image.