The wheel is shaking, and the abnormal sound is still off. Should we do the dynamic balance or the four-wheel positioning?

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When going to the 4S shop for maintenance, we often hear the words dynamic balance and four-wheel alignment. They are all important means to ensure the stability and safety of the car. But what is the difference between the two? Do a balancing act, when should I do four-wheel positioning? In this issue, I know that the car school will come to you to answer them one by one.

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Dynamic balance is a regular tire maintenance project. Four-wheel positioning is like repairing a tire. In fact, it has nothing to do with the tire.

The car usually stops there, it looks very stable, but because Wheel structure or manufacturing process, the quality of the various parts of the wheel can not be completely evenly distributed.

When the wheels turn up at high speed, there is no way to achieve balance. Causes wheel shake, steering wheel vibration, tire noise, etc.

Dynamic balance is to correct the balance of the various parts of the wheel by adding weights.

Just more 4. To change and repair the tire system, it is necessary to balance.

4. The four wheel alignment adjusts the geometric angle between the parts on the chassis.

The wheel, suspension, steering mechanism and front and rear axles of a car have standard relative positions, resulting in many angles and data.

If the car is seriously off, it is very likely King pin back rake angle and kingpin camber Something went wrong.

Adjusting the undercarriage by four-wheel alignment allows the angles of these parts to return to their normal range.

4. It is relatively simple to do the balancing, holding the tires and turning around, like Xue Xifusi.

To do four-wheel positioning, you need to move several parts. The equipment used is of course higher end. It can be based on the wheels. Fixtures and sensors , detecting the values ​​of various angles. The maintenance master will adjust in a certain order.

After the adjustment is completed, the equipment needs to be reviewed again. If the data meets the requirements, it will be OK. People will usually give you a test report, you can see Angle comparison before and after adjustment.

simply put, The dynamic balance is the tire, and the four-wheel positioning is the chassis..

Dynamic balance is a maintenance item that must be done after tire repair and tire change. Four wheel alignment is maintenance.

Under the premise of ensuring dynamic balance, There are deviations in steering, poor steering accuracy, incorrect steering wheel, abortion, etc., or maintenance of suspension, steering and other systems, only need to do four wheel alignment.