Will the brake disc be damaged when it is exposed to water at high temperatures?

Cars must run fast, but also have to stop. One of the most important parts that can be stopped is our brake discs. Most of the brake systems of modern cars are caliper-type brake systems. Both the pressure inside the brake calipers Pushing the brake pads and the brake discs to friction, to achieve the purpose of deceleration braking. However, the improper use of many owners often causes the brake disc to deform, causing the brake to shake. Why then the brake disc will be deformed?

In most cases, the brake disc is not prone to deformation, but often some owners wash the vehicle after the brake system is under heavy load, so that the high temperature brake disc partially encounters cold water, resulting in uneven cooling and shrinkage of the brake disc. Deformation occurs. Therefore, after using the vehicle under high load, such as running high speed, driving downhill and other road conditions, the vehicle should not be cleaned in a short time, not only causing deformation of the brake disc, but also high pressure water gun when cleaning the vehicle. It will also have a certain impact on the components of other cars. Therefore, it is recommended that car owners should wash the car in the cold state to ensure the normal use of various parts of the car.

At this time, there will be a doubt. Then, when we drive in rainy weather, will the brake disc be deformed? The answer is no. The car is driving in the rain, the water of the brake disc is even and uninterrupted, this time the brakes The overall temperature of the disc is also relatively uniform, and it is not easy to produce deformation. Therefore, the owners can rest assured that the rain can cause damage to the brake disc, that is, the brake disc is rusted, and it is harmless.

Summary: There is no need to worry about the impact of the rainy day on the brake disc; the partial contact of the brake disc under high temperature conditions will cause the brake disc to deform and cause the brake to shake; It is recommended that the owner clean the vehicle in the cold state. I hope these little knowledge can help the owner. They solve doubts.