Reading: GTR general experience! What is the Lenovo Saver Y7000P new product? GTR general experience! What is the Lenovo Saver Y7000P new product?

The savior Y7000, which was released not long ago, has won a lot of players' love with its excellent performance and gorgeous appearance. However, Lenovo has not stopped here. In this year's ChinaJoy, they released the new Lenovo savior. Y7000P, compared to the previous version, the new Lenovo Savior Y7000P is more wild in the design, the angular body and the bright color is also quite eye-catching - then, what is it? In CJ Let us take a look at the scene.

As a professional esports game created by Lenovo, the Lenovo Savior Y7000P changed the previous Y7000 red and black style. The whole machine is mainly cool white and gray. The A side is made of matte metal material, which has a hard style. The 'Y'-type savior logo, which can be lit up, is as eye-catching as ever - and according to official data, the Lenovo Savior Y7000P has a weight of 2.35Kg, a thickness of 26.9mm and a thickness of 361*267*26.9mm. The size is very portable.

As for the three-sided narrow bezel design of the B-side screen, the frame is compressed to a narrowest thickness of only 6.7mm, and the screen with up to 84% screen ratio not only brings a first-class visual experience, 72% NTSC high color gamut, The high refresh rate of 144Hz and the response speed of 7ms also effectively solve the problems of picture tearing and insufficient color. These are very important for the core players who are pursuing the ultimate experience.

In addition, the Lenovo Savior Y7000P also has a unique design on the keyboard and touchpad.

In addition to the integrated precision touchpad, printed with the Y-key LOGO's power button, its keyboard also uses a secondary backlight, independent numeric keypad, and standard size direction keys to effectively improve the player's input experience - the entire The atmosphere is designed to be practical, and it is very friendly to the players!

On the interface side, as in the past, the interface of the new Lenovo Savior Y7000P adopts a strategy focused on the back - on the left and right sides, it only carries a total of two USB 3.1 interfaces and a headphone microphone integrated interface.

On the back, it concentrates on one USB Type C interface, one USB 3.1 interface, one HDMI2.0 interface, one miniDP interface, and one network cable interface. Overall, this interface design is sufficient for this. Most of the expansion needs, and the centralized processing strategy solves the problem of the user's 'multiple lines, wire winding'.

In addition, in terms of sound effects, Lenovo Saver Y7000P also achieved Harman speakers, Dolby sound technical support, good sound field experience so that even if you leave the external speakers, it can also have a good gaming experience.

As for the consideration of heat dissipation, Lenovo Saver Y7000P not only designed a good ventilation environment, but also adopted TSI dual fan cooling system, in which GTX1060 is three 8mm, and 290 heat sinks are covered on the whole heat dissipation component; GTX1050Ti The version is a 8mm two 6mm, PCH covers 81 heat sinks, and the 'Fn+Q beast heat dissipation mode' and other techniques to ensure heat dissipation, very reliable.

In terms of hardware, in order to ensure the gaming performance of the esports game, the new Lenovo Savior Y7000P can be equipped with Intel's eight-generation Core i7-8750H standard voltage processor and NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card (also available in GTX 1050Ti version). This combination is obviously able to provide a reliable gaming experience - on the Y7000 we tested earlier, the i7-8750H+GTX 1050Ti version did it, playing "Jesus Survival" in the middle of medium quality, the average number of frames in the game. For 62.84FPS (Max: 71FPS, Min: 54FPS), the average frame number in high image quality is 47.38FPS (Max: 61FPS, Min: 38FPS). I believe that the Lenovo Saver Y7000P will have better performance after the upgrade.

In terms of memory, this Lenovo Saver Y7000P is available in 8GB DDR4/16GB DDR4 versions. It is a viable solution for different budgets and different needs, and 128GB/512GB PCIe SSD+1TB/2TB machine. The hard disk storage solution effectively solves the user's need for hard disk capacity - for players like me who like games, movies, such a hard disk combination is obviously more reasonable.

Use experience

For various reasons, in this live evaluation, we can only temporarily try the new Lenovo Savior Y7000P in a hurry, mainly focusing on the input experience and temperature perception.

In terms of the entry experience, as mentioned above, the new Lenovo Saver Y7000P's reasonable keyboard layout brings a very good experience in terms of entry. The separately listed arrow keys and numeric keypad also effectively ensure the efficiency of entry - especially It is very convenient when you are online game or login to Steam account.

The moderate keyboard resilience also reduces the fatigue of the hand, and the accurate touchpad also reduces the misoperation.

And during the entire trial, its heat dissipation performance is also very stable - at least, in daily use, its heat performance can be guaranteed.

In addition, as a publicity, Lenovo also moved a GTR as a show, the scene is still very atmospheric.

Evaluation summary

As the latest product of the Lenovo Savior series, the new design language of the Saver Y7000P (matte material, three-sided narrow border, faith logo, 180° opening angle, I/O interface rear, etc.) is impressive, and the latest The eight-generation Core processor + GTX 1060/1050 Ti alone hardware combination, can also meet the game needs of many players, with new design elements and cooling technology, as well as the sound support of the big manufacturers, I believe it can bring more to the players Good game experience - just in the beginning of the school season, perhaps this new product can bring a different university life to prospective college students. Now Lenovo saver Y7000P has begun to pre-sale, the small partner who wants to experience one step faster can start La!

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