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On August 8, 2018, Brother (China) Commercial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Brothers (China)') held a 'Quality Life, Exquisite as You' 2018 Brother P&T Household Labeling Machine New Product Launch Conference in Beijing. The Brother home label printer series, and the new label printer - PT-P710BT. It has been optimized in terms of intelligence and label width to provide users with more personalized options.

Domestic fashion, life media and industry media from Beijing, Shanghai and other representatives of the brothers (China) Beijing area witnessed the event.

Quality life

At the press conference, Mr. Yin Bingxin, Chairman and General Manager of Brother (China), delivered a speech for the new product. It pointed out that with the development of China's economy, the trend of personal consumption upgrading is obvious. In response to the needs and changes in the home market, Brother has continuously developed and responded to the needs of users. A product that fits and stimulates user creativity to meet the needs of the Chinese market.

Mr. Yin Bingxin, Chairman and General Manager of Brother (China), and Mr. Skinner, the fashion godfather, have a wonderful dialogue. The business people and fashion circles have a good understanding of quality life. The release site also shows how to pass the Brother label system. Planning home life, in-depth interpretation of the 'na'-like space is the source of quality life.

The two living people were also invited to share their experiences on quality life and storage. The life in the city is busy with hustle and bustle. Only 24 hours a day, how to maintain quality in a limited time and space? Only by choosing a way, can you feel the happiness brought by your own leisure. Everyone's heart is different, and Brother can bring more choices for those who pursue simplicity and fashion.

Exquisite as you can 'n'

The new PT-P710BT has a compact appearance, which not only saves space, but also is easy to carry around. It incorporates the aesthetics of Japanese aesthetic design, simple yet stylish. Sturdy color matching, unique arc-shaped appearance, soft lines, elegant, at any home It can be well integrated in the environment. Whether it is hand-held or carried, every time you use it, you can feel comfortable in the palm of your hand.

Smartphone Bluetooth Labeling Machine PT-P710BT

As a smartphone Bluetooth labeling machine, the PT-P710BT can be connected to a computer for editing and printing labels. It can also be connected to a smart terminal or tablet via Bluetooth. Download Brother P-touch Design&Print or iPrint&Label software in the APP Store, through smart mobile devices Label design, editing and production, and enjoy the fun of exclusive customization. Paste the custom label on the beloved, give it color, symbol and personality, simple label contains warmth.

Customized personalized labels

The new version of the App software, which is available with the PT-P710BT, is more powerful. There are a variety of built-in templates to choose from, including storage, book sorting, name tags, gift ribbons, and QR code sharing tags (18mm/). 24mm), 'shop label', etc., a variety of templates to further simplify label production. PT-P710BT uses a label ribbon with a maximum width of 24mm and a print speed of 20mm/s. Plus automatic cutting function and built-in Lithium-ion rechargeable battery makes label making more convenient.

A thoughtful product, in addition to practical functions, is a low-key fashion and humility and elegant life experience. Exquisite as you, 'Na' is capable and unique!

Storing a new fashion

Brother's carefully developed home label products are divided into two camps: PT-P710BT and PT-P300BT, a family of smartphones, and PT-D200 (KT) and PT-D200 (SN), a family of cartoon labelers. There are more choices for personal item identification or home storage. Brother home label products are fresh and stylish, easy to operate. Help the home environment to renew and invigorate the life!

Brother smartphone Bluetooth labeling machine

The unique film-coating properties of Brother's household label products make it waterproof and oil-repellent. Even after repeated wiping, the label can be clearly written and stored for a long time. With the PT-P710BT, there are 6 different width pearlescent labels. , to meet the user's various ingenuity. Label combinations of different colors and widths, also add fun to home storage.

Six pearl ribbons

The fun of the label lies in the creation, and the joy of life is also here. Connect a Brother brand label printer to the smart device to create a different quality of life! Let's work together!