Efficiency new flagship Konica Minolta color multifunction machine bizhub C759 Reviews

Nowadays, actively pursuing digital transformation has become the winning way for many enterprises to achieve sustainable development. Konica Minolta is in line with the digital transformation trend, bringing a full-link business office solution to users with a strong combination of hardware and IT services. And recently launched the flagship product of color multifunction multifunction machine---color composite machine bizhub C759 (hereinafter referred to as: bizhub C759), is committed to providing high-efficiency productivity for large enterprises in large-volume scenarios, and has smooth information sharing. And a wealth of solutions to help companies improve their overall competitiveness.

As the flagship product of Konica Minolta, the bizhub C759 is equipped with a 10.1-inch LCD touch screen and a 300-page double-sided synchronous automatic document feeder with a print speed of 75 pages per minute (black and white) and 65 pages per minute (color). Scanning speed of 120 pages / minute (single-sided) and 240 pages / minute (double-sided), allowing enterprises to quickly complete the electronic work of large-volume paper documents. Standard 3650 pages of standard paper supply capacity, can also be purchased up to The 6650-page large-capacity paper tray effectively reduces the hassle of frequent user downtime. For the high-volume printing volume of large enterprises, the bizhub C759 greatly improves printing and electronics with its ultra-high paper cassette capacity and efficient document output performance. The efficiency of the work.


The bizhub C759 has a color output speed of up to 65 pages per minute and a scanning speed of 120 pages per minute (single-sided) and 240 pages per minute (two-sided). The color home output speed is increased from 4.9 seconds. Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) capacity From the original 150 pages to 300 pages, the body memory has been increased to 4GB. For professional and large-volume scenarios, such as insurance industry, lawyer industry, financial industry and large-scale enterprise printing, etc., the output speed can be improved. Significantly reduce waiting time, thereby improving overall productivity and project speed.

More environmentally friendly and greener corporate vision

Konica Minolta bizhub C759 adopts classic black and white color matching, stable and atmospheric. In order to carry out the environmental protection concept, bizhub C759 main material is fully applied with recycled materials PC/ABS and bioplastics, and the surface of the fuselage is made of PC/PET recyclable materials. The weight of the entire body is 20%. The application of environmentally friendly materials not only saves the consumption of petroleum resources, but also reduces the impact on the environment, highlighting Konica Minolta's green corporate responsibility.

In the design, bizhub C759 still continues the style of Konica Minolta bizhub series products, the overall business is stable.

Better human-computer interaction

The bizhub C759's touch screen is upgraded to a 10.1-inch large screen compared to the previous generation's 9-inch screen. As a 'window' for human-computer interaction, the larger screen means more display and more intuitive touch. Control feedback while reducing the false-touch rate, thereby improving the operational efficiency of human-computer interaction.

At the same time, the large-size screen has further improved the character font performance, and its readability and easy recognition are more beautiful, which makes the overall appearance of the panel more beautiful. After a series of operations and trials, the operation logic and smoothness of the touch screen Compared with the current stage of smartphone operation, it greatly reduces the user learning cost.

Customizable menu

For large enterprise users, the factory-set interactive interface does not meet the requirements. For example, printing certain confidential information requires not only corresponding permissions but also passwords. The classified units want to be able to customize the UI. bizhub C759 can be used. User requirements for deep customization of menus and display areas. As a complete solution, on the human-computer interaction interface, it can meet the special customization needs of different enterprises.

10.1" large screen

Customized interface according to business needs

Adjustable angle control panel

Large capacity automatic document feeder (ADF)

The automatic reversing document feeder with a stacking capacity of up to 300 pages is standard for one-time, double-sided scanning. The scanning speed is 120 pages per page (single-sided) and 240 pages (two-sided). Can realize a large number of paper documents electronic management, with USB interface, can also be stored in a USB flash drive.

Easy to use, efficient and convenient stylus

Considering that different fingertips touch the control panel in different sizes, reduce false touches and screen fingerprints, and operate more quickly and efficiently, the bizhub C759 comes standard with a stylus set with a special placement area to achieve a series of clicks and double clicks. operating.

Stylus placement area

Multiple ways to print quickly

1.NFC (Android) and AirPrint (ios) printing

The NFC near field wireless communication transmission area is set on the right side of the touch panel. Simply turn on the Ompri Print with the NFC-enabled Android phone (only supports Android system 8.0 or higher), and print near the communication area, greatly improving Convenience, printing on AirPrint on iOS devices is simple and convenient.

2.USB flash drive printing

A USB data interface is provided on the right side of the touch panel. Users can directly connect to external storage devices for printing, copying and scanning.

When an external storage device is accessed, the control panel will pop up the corresponding interface for prompting during the first access. There are corresponding icon prompts during subsequent use. Clicking the icon with the stylus can actively trigger the USB storage printing function. Mainstream JPG, PDF format direct output printing and printing of Word, Excel and PPT files.

WLAN access point mode (optional)

By connecting bizhub C759 to the company's internal wireless LAN, it is possible to connect personal mobile devices directly to the device, ensuring fluency of work while ensuring network security within the company, without disrupting the company's original network deployment, greatly simplifying the work of IT staff. (Up to 5 devices at the same time)

Finisher with built-in 'Z' folding unit (optional)

Corporate brochures or DM advertisements often require a folding function. The bizhub C759 can be purchased with a new built-in 'Z' folding unit. This is a much smaller reduction than the 'Z' type folding device on the market. The equipment occupies space and is easy for users to deploy.

Large capacity carton (optional)

For large enterprises and large-volume printing environments, it is often necessary to perform a stop-and-paper operation in a print job to affect the print job flow, so a large-capacity paper cassette capable of carrying a large amount of paper is indispensable. The bizhub C759 comes standard with 4 papers. The box realizes the standard paper feeding capacity of 3650 pages. Super large enterprises and professional users can also purchase large-capacity paper boxes according to their own actual conditions. The maximum paper supply capacity reaches 6,650 pages, which can effectively reduce the trouble of users frequently stopping paper feeding. Further improve production efficiency.

Standard 4 trays

The middle layer of carton supports the largest SRA3 format

Carton optional accessories

The data line interface is arranged on the right rear side of the machine, with the cover plate and the cable tie card slot, which is convenient for wire storage, which improves the appearance and prevents excessive winding of the wire. Various mainstream interfaces are available, and efficient office is easy. .

Multi-function post-press processing (required)

As a flagship product for large enterprises and professional printing scenarios, bizhub C759 has a rich post-press process. A variety of finishing functions can be selected, including booklet production output, folding, binding, punching, page insertion. Separation from the work, etc., users can purchase different post-printing accessories according to the needs of the job, effectively helping users to achieve personalized office printing.

Dual hard disk mirroring function (optional)

The amount of data printed by the enterprise is large, the data repeatability is high every time, the data is distributed and stored in different media, how to manage the data uniformly and improve the office efficiency, so the built-in hard disk of the body needs to store data uniformly. The built-in hard disk can record the user every time. Print, copy or scan the data, and store it, you can directly transfer the hard disk data in the fuselage for office work when you need it next time.

A large amount of data is saved to the internal hard disk of the fuselage. Once the hard disk fails, it will cause incalculable loss. After all, the data is priceless. The dual hard disk mirroring function is to place (optional) a backup hard disk inside the body, and the backup hard disk is equipped with a dedicated one. The controller automatically backs up the data of the primary hard disk once it detects an error on the primary hard disk, thus avoiding the risk of data loss and damage.

Unconventional paper auto detection

For 8K and 16K paper, this size paper is widely used in China, but this is not a regular office paper, it is very easy to be confused with A4; there are invoices, business cards, product manuals or cashier tickets, etc., most of which are not regular paper. In the case of invoices, financial personnel often need to copy and scan invoices of different specifications, each time need to be manually adjusted, which greatly affects efficiency and mood. With the automatic detection of unconventional paper, the financial staff only needs to put the invoice When the document feeder starts operating, the machine will automatically detect the paper size and record the archive, avoiding repeated operations for the next use to improve efficiency.

Overlapping feed detection (required)

The bizhub C759 supports the overlap feed detection function. The ultrasonic detection component detects the situation where multiple originals enter the document feeder at the same time in the case of high-speed scanning. Once the overlap-feeding machine is started, the machine will automatically stop and the fault prompt is displayed on the display panel. When the fault is removed, the user can continue scanning from the part that interrupted the job.

Fiery Image Print Controller (optional)

For professional scenes such as advertising companies or design institutes, there are very high requirements for printing documents or images. How to better solve professional problems within the company? At this time, you need Fiery image printing controller. Fiery image printing The controller allows printing in PostScript3 environment, and it has multi-operating system compatibility. It can be used for Windows and Mac network conditions, providing users with professional and high-quality output, so it is desktop publishing, image design and other requirements for high-end images. The industry's first choice.

Automatic color difference adjustment

The bizhub C759 has an automatic color difference adjustment function. It can automatically correct the white space caused by mismatching regardless of the PS or PCL print driver. By superimposing the printing method, the color difference between the text and the background can be eliminated. The transition between text and background is more natural.

Support 1200mm banner output (optional)

For professional printing scenes, banner printing is essential. Bizhub C759 can be used to print long papers up to 1,200mm by purchasing long paper guides and machines, and to create banner posters and other promotional items.

Support for SRA3 paper output

The bizhub C759 supports SRA3 (320mm*450mm) paper output. Due to the large print range and no missing edges, A3 size paper can be printed in full size for more content.

Set up a simple ECO function

Users can register various ECO function shortcuts in the main menu, such as saving toner, paper, electric energy, etc. The accumulated power consumption can be displayed in the form of a table (by month/hour), thus improving users' awareness of energy saving and environmental protection. .

ECO interface

One-button energy saving

Energy saving and emission reduction is not only a slogan, but also a conscious action that falls into the real world. The bizhub C759 integrates multiple energy-saving buttons distributed on the device on the power button, and the user only needs to press the long press or short press the power button. It is easy and simple to switch between the various energy-saving modes. Eliminating all kinds of complicated settings, making energy-saving and environmental protection more efficient and convenient, and enhancing user energy-saving awareness and turning into conscious action.

Ozone suppression

During the working process of the printing equipment, a certain amount of ozone will be released, which will pollute the working environment, so it is necessary to suppress ozone emission. Compared with the traditional equipment, bizhub C759 adopts a new roller charging method to effectively avoid ozone emission.

Diverse certification methods

1. IC card identity authentication (need to buy)

Different departments of different departments have different division of labor and level of authority, which leads to differences in the use of the machine. The traditional method is to enter the password to distinguish, bizhub C759 uses the IC card identity authentication system, eliminating the need for the user to enter the password, only You need to swipe your card to verify.

Biological vein certification (optional)

The user's finger vein information is collected for verification. The technical principle of the finger vein recognition system is to identify the person's identity by the venous blood vessel pattern obtained by the near infrared rays penetrating the human finger. The human vein (finger vein) is used for a certain wavelength. The absorption of near-infrared rays is used to obtain images of venous blood vessels, and the algorithm is converted into signature codes to identify human identities. Medical research shows that each person's finger vein image is different, and the template formed is a unique biological feature. Can be used for identity identification, the error rate is only 0.000005%, far lower than other identification technologies.

Speed ‚Äč‚Äčtest

Color home output time test (accurate to one decimal place)

Black and white home page output time test (accurate to one decimal place)

Black and white print test per minute (accurate to one decimal place)

Color print test per minute (accurate to one decimal place)

Single-sided scanning speed test (accurate to one decimal place)

Double-sided scanning speed test (accurate to one decimal place)

Sample test

Konica Minolta bizhub C759 black 75 pages per minute, color 65 pages per minute, up to 1200dpi * 1200dpi output quality, for high volume, high quality printing scenes with strong competitiveness. The following 300dpi and 1200dpi Description (The image is scanned and printed as electronic after printing).

Original image

300dpi original scanning

1200dpi original scanning

Original image

300dpi original scanning

1200dpi original scanning

Look closely at the printing capabilities of Konica Minolta bizhub C759. From the above chart, we can see that the difference between the original image and the original image is not very large in the 1200dpi high-precision mode, the printing effect reaches the current leading standard, and the other areas are clearly defined. The array is relatively complete and fully meets the standards of the flagship machine.

Original image

300dpi original scanning

1200dpi original scanning

Original image

300dpi original scanning

1200dpi original scanning

Original image

300dpi sweeping piece

1200dpi sweeping piece

Compared with the original image, Konica Minolta bizhub C759 has a photo printing effect. Compared with the original image, it is not inferior. In 1200dpi, taking portraits as an example, the character's veil details and facial color can be almost the same. The figure is indistinguishable, and the details in the 1200dpi watch also confirm this.

Energy consumption test

In sleep mode, the bizhub C759 effectively reduces the power consumption of the device by turning off the CPU power, which makes the device consume only 0.5 watts. Compared with the previous generation, the TEC value is effectively reduced by 15%, thus reducing carbon dioxide. Emissions, reducing the impact on the environment.

Sleep power consumption is only 0.5 watts

to sum up

At the beginning of the year, when interviewed by Mr. Taniya, the chairman of Konica Minolta Office Systems (China) Co., Ltd., the concept of 'every customer service-centered' made the author deeply influenced. As a new Konica Minolta color multifunction machine The flagship, bizhub C759 has a black and white 75-page and color 65-page print speed, a 300-page automatic document feeder and a large-capacity paper tray, and can be personalized to the bizhub C759's menu layout and logo according to the company's special customization needs. Customized, fully able to meet the special needs of high-tech professional and office printing for high efficiency, rich professional post-press processing accessories to optimize business processes in large-volume scenarios, one-stop solutions and green development concepts, let The comprehensive strength of bizhub C759 is called the flagship classic.