Two millet 65W USB-C charger disassembly comparison: Separate win

Xiaomi introduced two 65W USB-C power adapters, although the power is the same, but the two are one-piece, the other is the line-separated type, and the performance is found through dismantling, the work can be described as very different, and then for everyone Brings the disassembly and comparison of the two products.

Integrated Millet 65W USB-C Power Adapter (ADC6501TM) The body is connected to the wire and the plug is not foldable.

Line-separated millet 65W USB-C power adapter (CDQ07ZM) The body is separated from the wire, the plug can be folded.

First, Xiaomi USB-C 65W Power Adapter (ADC6501TM) Disassembly

The 5W version has the same shape as the 45W, but the volume is slightly larger.

The root of the power output line is reinforced to ensure durability, and there is also Xiaomi LOGO.

TYPE-C data cable plug.

Power supply supports 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V output, maximum output power 65W, manufactured by Tianmi OEM.

Intuitive comparison of 45W and 65W power supply volume difference.

The cover of the mains plug is ultrasonically welded. It can be opened without damage by using a pry bar. It can be seen that the power supply circuit and the outer casing are filled with glue. If the glue is removed or the circuit cannot be taken out, the output end cap needs to be opened.

The double-layer design of the tail cover, the upper layer of the upper layer ultrasonic welding is integrated with the outer casing and cannot be opened continuously. If you want to take out the circuit, you need to start from the end of the output line.

There is a small round hole next to the output line. Judging from the experience of many years of disassembling, this should be a small organ. You can press it in.

Try pushing the screwdriver with the appropriate thickness and diameter with a little force.

The 65W version of the power metal shield is a fully enclosed structure.

Remove the metal shield.

The front and back of the circuit, the component layout space has a certain reservation, which is conducive to power supply cooling.

Protection of the mains input and EMI circuit.

The main capacitor is wrapped by a separate metal shield.

Visible from the gap, the main capacitor brand and its specifications, Taiwan Jinshan ELITE 420V120 micro-method.

The rectifier bridge shares a heat sink with the main switch.

Transformer parameters.

Blue anti-interference capacitor.

The output side filters two electrolytic capacitors in parallel, SAMXON Wanyu 25V470 micro method, Taiwan Jinshan ELITE 25V680 micro method.

The Type-C output line is three cores.

LITEON Lite-On Rectifier Bridge KBP208GL 2A800V.

Toshiba K3569 main switch tube.

Primary side PWM.

Weltrend Taiwan Wei Quan PD Controller WT6630P.

LITEON Lite Bao Schottky rectifier diode G40120CTW.

Use POWER-Z to trigger fast charge mode, all mainstream fast charge modes are not supported.

Use POWER-Z to trigger PD mode, which displays the maximum current list supported by each voltage in PD mode, which is exactly the same as the package nominal.

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