Schneider Cedio Klip pen | Wenrun Mix tough and fun

If you choose the most famous golden sentence in the history of world design, 'Less is More' is estimated to rank first. Less means removing unnecessary things, Less means moderation. Less is not monotonous, but simple. More is not complicated, But rich.
'Less is More' is also the spirit of German design. A perfect design, not without extra things can be added, but no extra parts can be removed. Simple and rigorous German design won the true spirit of the Bauhaus spirit Natural and not abrupt, elegant and not vulgar. Schneider's new ceod Kripp pen, tough German design style, delicate lines, warm and original, simple, clean and neat.

High-strength stainless steel pen holder

The cool lines of science and technology, the warm and stimulating MIX, the tough and fresh, the tough and gentle, the rough and delicate, the perfect combination of luxury car lines and Kripp pens.

Just a soft, soft and soft, warm and moist texture, there is no lack of tough temperament, the balance between tough and warm, externally soft, soft and soft. It is compatible with China's yin and yang balance theory, and it has a tough shape, which outlines the modern and powerful lines. Grip, let you control the writing strength at any time.

Stainless steel with 铱 EF nib, Germany's sincerity, more in line with Chinese preferences, more suitable for the writing of Chinese characters.

Black and white classic, never ending
Black, is an innate domineering and charm. White is an extremely mysterious and contradictory color language. Black and white is a classic that never ends. When black meets white, the ultimate charm is unstoppable.

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