You can get excellent KW-triO Teflon scissors, refused | 'greasy', create a sharp cutting experience

Scissors are our daily must-have gadgets, whether in life or at work, whether it's cutting paper, fabric or tape, leather, etc. With a sharp and comfortable pair of scissors, you can be handy and do more with less. -triO new product - Teflon coated scissors, new material anti-adhesive, help you refuse 'greasy', bring a more neat cutting experience.

'Fluorescent process, no adhesion'

Because Teflon coating has strong non-stickiness, high temperature resistance, hydrophobic oleophobicity, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, it is widely used. We often come to the baking tray, all kinds of pastry molds, rice cookers, Electric baking utensils and other household appliances have TRF coating on the surface. In addition, in the electroplating industry, machinery industry and other industries, Teflon is also used as an important coating material. The characteristics of fluorocarbon are in the actual demand. Fluorine plating process makes the cutting non-adhesive more neat, the re-adhesive tape can also be free and easy to get off; the surface is fluorine-plated, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, durable and dirt-resistant, easier to clean.

'Arc blade, more labor-saving'

Ancient language: 'The gentleman is not different, but also good and false.' Being good at using the tools around you is an effective way for people to liberate their hands and improve their efficiency, and labor saving is the most basic intention of human beings to manufacture all kinds of tools. The Teflon scissors developed by Deyou have an ergonomic design concept. When cutting objects, the arc-shaped cutting edge is always cut at an angle of 30°, which not only makes the cutting precision easy to grasp, but also operates more. Effortless effort. Plus high-precision, low-friction washers to prevent loose edges and make them easier to use.

'Soft rubber handle, comfortable to use'

A pair of scissors should have a good experience. In addition to the sharp cutting edge, a comfortable handle is also indispensable. The handle of the previous scissors is mostly iron. If the grinding is not fine enough, it will greatly affect the use. Feel, now the handle of the scissors is mostly plastic mold sleeve, which has a quality improvement for the traditional iron handle. The handle of the excellent scissors is made of TPE high-quality soft rubber, which creates a double-layer grip mode, thick and soft, low rebound With a reasonable leverage ratio, it is comfortable and easy to use.

We can always develop and produce stationery. We always use 'saving effort' as the basic guiding concept. We carefully craft each design link, and create high-quality and high-quality products from the table and the inside. Forty years, one batch after another Deyou Stationery enters the market and makes its own efforts to improve people's work efficiency. Strong cooperation, intimate service, and excellent stationery have become a good partner for more and more people to work and study.

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