Casa di F+ refrigerator enters the Italian princess daughter's home

On August 4th, Italian time, Olimpia, the daughter of Italian royal Princess Alessandra Hercolani, took photos of her weekend vacation on Facebook and wrote the article 'We will make a salad with Puffy on weekends.' In the photo, Olimpia made a fruit and vegetable salad, as a fashion. The character has always insisted on a healthy eating life. At the same time, she also has the Casa Di F+ free embedded refrigerator for the salad storage material behind her. The Casa Di user list has another aristocratic user.

Fashion aristocrats are particularly strict with food preservation

Olimpia's parents are Italian aristocrats, father Enrico Taliani De Marchio is the Marquis of Italy, and mother Alessandra Hercolani is the princess of the Italian royal family Hercolani who emerged in the fifteenth century. Living in aristocratic families from a young age, cultivating Olimpia's relentless pursuit of art. Spirit, career, she chose to work in the fashion capital of Milan, and now she is also famous in the fashion world. At the age of 21, she has become the protagonist of Donna Moderna fashion cover.

As a professional model, Olimpia not only insists on fitness to maintain her body, but also pays special attention to the health of the diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, so she has strict requirements on the preservation of ingredients. Olimpia has always been very picky when choosing a refrigerator. The refrigerator on the market rarely meets her requirements. Not long ago, a friend from the food industry recommended her Casa Di F+ free built-in refrigerator, which has a fresh-keeping function that extends the freshness of the ingredients and the stylish appearance. The free-standing design also complements Olimpia's home-style style.

Casa di Original Technology meets user needs

According to Casa Di’s staff, the Casa Di F+ free-standing refrigerator, which appears in Olimpia’s home, not only has a large capacity for fine storage, but also its original MSA oxygen-preserving function to cool the aerobic breath of fruits and vegetables. More durable; at the same time, equipped with infrared thermostat technology can 0.1S instantaneously sense environmental changes and intelligent air supply, to achieve cell-level constant temperature fresh food for the food to provide exclusive preservation program.

For a long time, it has been difficult for domestic appliance brands to go out. It is even harder to go out with high-end brand image. Casa Di has not only done a 'going out', but also has developed a global R&D and manufacturing platform in depth. It has 14 in the world. Design centers and 28 cooperative R&D institutions, and assembled first-class R&D resources from all over the world. Casa Di has gained the development momentum from global resources, and continues to iterative new technology through the design, manufacture and sale of 'Trinity' localization strategy. To meet the differentiated needs of high-end users around the world, and gradually become the world's high-end home appliances.