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Waterproofing has always been a consumer electronics device with a call function. Because of the call function, many components such as speakers, MICs and SIM cards cannot be sealed, and unlike industrial phones, the appearance of a large number of soft rubber and steel plates needs to be maintained. It is the same as the normal non-waterproof appearance, normal and beautiful.

Directly wearing a small genius phone watch Z5 swimming

In the life scene, especially for children, the children's telephone watch industry is particularly important for the product waterproofing requirements. Because the children are active, curious, there are always hands that can't be washed every day, plus sweating, washing hands, swimming, Rain and snow, so the wrist will be exposed to water every day. If the waterproof level is not enough, it is very easy because the watch is soaked in water, and it is often in a vicious circle of re-purchasing the watch.

2 years ago, Xiaotian had IPX7 anti-bubble technology.

In all children's phone watch brands, the waterproof of the small genius phone watch is undoubtedly the best. According to the small genius official website, all the small genius products sold in the market support IPX7 or higher waterproofing. From the IP of the electronic products Ingress Protection Rating, whether the waterproof function can reach IPx7 can be said to be an important watershed. IPX5 and IPX6 can only be splash-proof. Only IPX7 starts to prevent water soaking, so that the product is immersed in a room temperature of 1m deep. 30 minutes in the water can still be used normally.

Little genius phone watch Z5 - swimming class waterproof

As early as 2016, the small genius phone watch Y02 was the first in the industry to support IPx7 waterproof. At that time, the Apple iPhone 7 that supported IPX7 waterproofing was not released yet. In 2017, the waterproof technology of the small genius phone watch again. Further, Z3's waterproof can directly swim, direct IP waterproofing of the highest IPX8, waterproof to the national standard of 20 meters (GB / T 30106-2013 (ISO 22810: 2010 IDT).

Subsequently, the model Z2 also continued the swim-grade waterproofing. The newly released genius phone watch Z5 with a 5 megapixel camera also maintained the highest level of the entire children's phone watch and mobile phone industry - swimming-grade waterproof.

Why is waterproofing more difficult after adding a camera?

In terms of waterproof difficulty, because the space inside the watch is small, the space for adding a camera to super-advanced waterproof is even smaller, and it is also considered to add the position of the camera in swimming and high water pressure. Strength problem.

Z5 camera parameters

So in the outermost layer of the small genius phone watch Z5 camera has a sapphire protective lens, Mohs hardness of 9 (the hardest natural material of the earth is a diamond with a Mohs hardness of 10). In my opinion, in addition to everyday The scratch-proof and wear-resistant in life can also solve the problem of sealing and structural strength of the camera when there is water.

The protective lens on the Z5 camera is sapphire

Moreover, it is a very difficult thing to make swimming-grade waterproofing for a children's phone watch. Swimming-grade waterproofing is the exclusive technology of small genius. Many people want to know its technical principles and secrets.

Here, the author will carry out the technical principle. Home, children's phone watch, because there are many functions more than ordinary watches, so there are many necessary openings, in principle, nothing to do with the watch, waterproof with the smartphone It is very similar: for example, there are microphones (MIC), speakers, SIM card slots and other openings, and because there are lithium batteries, so there are openings to ensure thermal expansion and contraction, the internal and external space of the product to ensure that the air pressure can be balanced.

In the swimming-grade waterproof technology, Xiaotian was perfectly mastered in application last year. In the small genius's first product that supports swimming-grade waterproofing, Z3, it solved various industrial problems.

To achieve swimming-grade waterproofing, the industry problems that need to be solved

(1) Speakers, MICs, etc., need to be able to talk, transmit sound, and be able to be highly waterproof, which requires new high-grade waterproof components.

(2) In the middle of various structural parts such as camera, screen, etc., it is necessary to seal with high waterproof glue, and at the same time ensure that the seal will not be crushed by high water pressure.

(3) Because the battery will bring different temperature inside the body, the air in the body will expand and contract. This requires the balance of air pressure between the inside and the outside of the product. At the same time, it is necessary to waterproof the swimming class. Otherwise, the product will not be air pressure. Balance the destroyed structure.

(4) The place where the telephone card is installed and the fuselage must be made of high waterproof structure to ensure waterproofing under high water pressure.

(5) To make swimming-grade waterproof electronic products, before manufacturing and tailoring, various tests and tests are required, which ultimately ensures that the final large-volume products can achieve high waterproofing, considering various manufacturing equipment, instruments and adding various The process is costly and complicated.

High waterproof speaker

Only after solving these problems, Z5 can principlely achieve swimming-grade waterproofing. This is still a very rough principle statistics. It is estimated that there are more problems to solve, such as the small genius phone watch Z5 because it is the 4G full Netcom. The platform solution, the size and number of components is increasing sharply compared to the ordinary 2G platform, leaving room for other things to be very small, and to consider some issues such as heat dissipation.

After taking it out of the water, there is no video call.

to sum up

Communication 4G electronic products that can talk, waterproof can achieve a new height of swimming, especially the small genius phone watch Z5 in addition to having a camera, but also to achieve a beautiful appearance, clear call, loud voice, and do To the thinnest 14.2mm thickness in the 4G telephone watch, it can be said that a lot of invisible work has been done on the integration and miniaturization of the internal components of the product. This also shows that as a flagship product of the industry, the small genius telephone watch Z5 is single. Undoubtedly the best in terms of hardware and technology.