Worth being beaten, white snow T16 blasts this summer

With the development of society and the improvement of the economic level, China's aging and declining children are becoming more and more serious. Consumers are more and more fond of the pursuit of quality and valuable stationery. Now consumers are different from previous consumers. The consumption structure is quietly changing. A pen should not only be able to write, but also consider all aspects. Whether it is flowing smoothly, whether it leaks ink, whether it is quick-drying, whether it is comfortable to hold the pen, whether it is written with a pen, etc. Recommend a new member of Baixue: Its name is T16, nib type: needle head, writing thickness: 0.5mm, quick-drying liquid-liquid ball-point pen.

T16 is made of sanding rod, which has a simple appearance and comfortable feel. It is best to use it.

The T16 is available in 7 colors and is rich in color. It is suitable for graffiti, marking, and accounting in learning and work.

The T16 adopts the German ink control system, which has a large amount of ink storage, smoother writing and more stability, and escorts your study and work.

The T16 uses advanced quick-drying ink, which is smooth and easy to write and fast, and bid farewell to the little black hand.

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