The water heater industry set off a service revolution: Haier launched zero yuan installation!

On August 1, Haier water heater launched a '0 yuan installation, sincere home' service activities: electric water heater, gas water heater and air energy water heater specified model during the activity period 0 yuan material fee, 0 yuan delivery fee, 0 yuan labor Fee, 0 yuan installation design fee, 0 yuan water and electricity detection, 0 yuan magnesium rod replacement, the scope of activity expanded from the line to the offline, fully opened the service revolution of the water heater industry. While paying attention to the user experience, Haier water heater this time Activities, undoubtedly subvert the traditional installation service experience of the water heater industry.

Haier water heater: 0 yuan installation, sincerely home

Subvert the industry installation experience, Haier water heater push 0 yuan installation

The event will last from August 1st to September 30th. It involves nearly 100 hot products of electric, thermal and air energy water heaters on the line, offline, including 32 electric heating products. , 46 heat-burning products, and 16 air-energy products.

Haier water heater installation site map (unrelated to graphics)

Many users have a similar experience. The purchase of a water heater is a cost, and an installation fee is incurred during installation, including material costs, labor costs, etc., as low as a hundred yuan, and several hundred dollars. Because of pre-sales and user communication Not in place, or installation charges are not standardized, opaque, and even indiscriminate charging problems, so many users complain and dissatisfaction.

Haier launched the '0 yuan installation, sincere home' service activities, which is based on the current situation of the water heater industry, from the installation link to enhance the user experience of innovative practices. For different categories of users, 0 yuan installation activities can bring different values, of which the value of electric heating services 425 yuan, the heat is 575 yuan, and the air energy water heater brings up to 855 yuan added value.

From online to offline, there are hundreds of models in 3 categories.

Haier electric water heater star products: Instant heat protection wall water heater PLUS9

There are 32 models of electric water heaters participating in the event, including Haier star products, such as instant hot-washing anti-electric wall water heater SMART, instant thermal anti-electric wall water heater PLUS9; combustion heat 0 yuan installation activities mainly involve online WH3 30/WPT/WD6/JN5/, and 16 offline M7X/M6S/V6X/V6, a total of 46 hot products; air energy online product AE5 and offline AE3/AC3/FE3/D7 16 products participated in value-added services.

Haier gas water heater: V6 series

In terms of installation range, the heat is limited to the kitchen area, the electric heat is limited to the bathing area, and all types of multi-channel water supply are not included in the cross-region, and the charging area is charged beyond the installation area, and the burning gas path material is not in the Free range.

From product to service, Haier leads the full process user experience

It is understood that Haier's value-added service meets most of the user's needs, not only saves money, but also allows users to enjoy a standardized experience of 0 troubles in the installation process.

With the transformation and upgrading of the water heater industry, product quality continues to improve, and user experience is getting better and better, but installation as an important part of after-sales service is also an indispensable part of the whole process user experience. Leading the industry led by Haier water heater Brands, while advancing product iteration through technological innovation, have also begun to explore new service models, and first launched a 7-service-free after-sales value-added activity online. This time, Haier expanded the scope of 0 yuan installation from online to offline. It has subverted the traditional service model and fully opened the service revolution in the water heater industry.