Money spent the air conditioner did not fix the consumer fell into | '山寨网站' | Trap

Recently, a brand of air conditioner in Mr. Sun’s home suddenly could not be refrigerated. Later, he searched for a website that claimed to be the special after-sales service provider of the brand, and called the hotline at the beginning of the '400' to make an appointment to repair, did not expect money to spend The air conditioner was not repaired and still had a stomach.

On July 28, Mr. Sun called to make an appointment to repair the air conditioner. The maintenance worker said that he needed to replace the parts and charged a maintenance fee of 500 yuan. Later, Mr. Sun found that the air conditioning and cooling were not repaired at all, and I wanted the repairman to come again, but Maintenance personnel refused to come to the door again, and the attitude was bad.

Later, Mr. Sun discovered that the repair website was not registered in the industrial and commercial department, and a brand air conditioner manufacturer did not authorize it. It is a cottage website.

An air-conditioner salesperson reminds consumers to guard against counterfeiting and sell the latter to pay attention to three points: First, the appliance repair should contact the after-sales personnel according to the phone number on the manual. Do not superstitiously call the phone beginning with '400'. This type of phone is not necessarily the official customer service. Hotline. Second, the 'cottage website' often provides after-sales service for multiple brands of home appliances, while the regular after-sales service center generally only provides after-sales service for the brand of home appliances. Third, when repairing home appliances, carefully check the work permits of maintenance personnel, work orders and Maintenance documents. In addition, save the maintenance records, pay for repairs should take the initiative to request a fee voucher, a dispute to the industrial and commercial departments in a timely manner.