Getting started with flagships all | New mobile phone recommendations released in July 2018

Unexpectedly, it was a hot August. Although July is a dormant period for the student party, it is a busy stage for mobile phone manufacturers. Looking back over the past month, there are still many new ones. The release of the machine. The same is the entry of the thousand yuan machine, the mid-range machine and the flagship machine, which is also the price model with relatively clear market positioning. So what are the new mobile phones in July? Today, Sina mobile phone has brought several models for everyone. New mobile phones released in July, for those who have recent purchase needs, may wish to pay attention.

Nokia Nokia X5 (parameters offer forum software)

Reference price: 999 yuan

The Nokia X5 is a thousand-yuan high-cost machine released on the afternoon of July 18. In terms of design, the machine basically continues the design language of the X6 mobile phone. The module basically unifies the family element. The point of view is on the thousand-yuan body. Liu Hai comprehensive screen, the back of the fuselage adopts symmetrical aesthetic design, providing Baltic sea blue, black night, glacier white three color options, the border is made of polycarbonate, the value is not bad.

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The Nokia X5 features a double-sided 2.5D curved glass body with a polycarbonate mid-frame. The front is equipped with a 5.86-inch 19:9 aspect ratio profiled screen with a screen ratio of up to 84%. It is equipped with MediaTek P60 eight-core high performance. Processor, equipped with 3GB+32GB storage combination, support dual card dual standby and dual VoLTE functions, built-in 3060mAh battery, running native Android system.

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The Nokia X5 uses a front-facing 8 megapixel and a rear 13 megapixel + 5 megapixel depth of field dual-camera. The main camera supports PDAF phase focusing, and the secondary camera is a high-sensitivity black-and-white detection camera.

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