Is 5W wireless charging cheap?

Samsung started to support wireless charging from Note5, Galaxy S6 Edge+S6. Apple also released the iphone8/8p/X wireless charging mobile phone in the fall of 2017. Under the strong endorsement of the two major mobile phone brands, in the spring of 2018, Xiaomi and other domestic mobile phones have been launched. With the introduction of wireless charging mobile phones, wireless charging will gradually become the standard for mobile phones.

Although each family supports the function of wireless fast charging, the proportion of 5W chargers on the market is still very high, mainly with 5W wireless chargers, high efficiency, good adapter compatibility, and good mobile phone compatibility. Many mainstream wireless charging brands are Introduced a 5W charger.

Mophie Travel Kit

Mophie from California, USA is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of mobile smart devices and accessories. At the end of May 2018, mophie launched a new Charge Stream Pad Mini 5W wireless charger with WPC certification. Compatible with iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung.

This wireless charger is sold with other accessories, that is, the line is added to the Pad Mini, the normal adapter, the car adapter, and a storage bag, integrated into a wireless charging kit.

The wireless charger in the wireless charging kit uses a wedge-shaped design. The rounded corners and the straight lines fuse together to make it look more design. The 'mophie' logo is printed on the top edge of the front and the anti-slip mat is placed around it.

When resting on the desktop, the angle between the slope of the wireless charger and the horizontal plane is about 7°, which is convenient for users to play while charging. The wireless charging bottom has detailed product parameters: input is 5V/1.5A, wireless charging power is 5W The products have passed the certifications of NOM, CE, Qi and so on.

Ravpower Charge Pad and mobile power

The North American brand RAVPower is a sub-brand operated by Sunvalley Group (Zebao Group, one of the five cross-border e-commerce companies in the charger industry), and mobile power is the flagship product of this brand, which is in the high-end of the international market.

RAVPower's Qi standard 5W wireless charger can easily charge iPhone 8 / 8p / X, Samsung S9 / S8 / S7, and all Qi-compliant mobile phones. The surface of the charging pad is a non-slip groove structure, making the phone more secure. It is safer than smooth pad; the bottom of the charger anti-skid silicone prevents the wireless charging base from falling off unexpectedly; it integrates various protection measures such as over current, over voltage and over temperature.

RAVPower also introduced a portable charging treasure with 5W wireless charging function, which combines wireless and wired charging. When users use it, just put the wireless charging mobile phone on the surface of the charging treasure to realize charging, 3.7 hours can be quickly filled iPhone X.

In addition, the 2.4A ISMART 2 USB can be used to power another device; the 100000 mAh battery can power the device multiple times, and the wireless portable charger can be fully charged within 5.5 hours using a 2.4A AC charger.

Green Wireless Wireless Back Clip Power Supply

Shenzhen Greenlink Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating independent research and development, design, production and sales of digital accessories, charging equipment, etc. In May 2018, Greenlink launched a wireless charger designed for iPhone X. Back clip power supply (PB128), with magnetic adsorption, wireless charging, intelligent charging three characteristics.

In addition to the power activation button on the bottom of the charging back clip power supply, the MicroUSB input port also has a USB-A output port, which supports wireless and wired charging functions. It integrates a 5W wireless charging solution, and the back clip power supply is attached to the surface of the mobile phone. You can automatically charge your phone wirelessly.

The thickness of the rechargeable back clip power supply and the mobile phone case is similar to the diameter of a dollar coin.

JBL audio

In May 2018, JBL launched two new Bluetooth stereos: DCS3500 and DCS5500. Both products use a lot of metal elements. The overall feeling is low-key and luxurious. The buttons are designed on the top of the fuselage. The functions include music playback/pause. Bluetooth pairing, volume adjustment, source mode switching, clock/alarm settings, etc.

It is worth mentioning that both stereos support wireless charging, which is one of the few desktop Bluetooth audio products on the market that support wireless charging technology.

Simply place the mobile device in the charging area and enjoy the wireless charging experience (with a charging power of 5W). With the charging, you don’t have to go looking for a charging line before going to sleep. It’s undoubtedly very busy for everyone who is busy every day. practical.

Altec Lansing Sound

Founded in 1937, Altec Lansing is the most famous audio product manufacturer in North America. Since its inception, it has been at the forefront of high-quality speakers.

Altec Lansing registered the latest ImW 580 audio that supports 5W wireless charging in the WPC Alliance in July 2018. It is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. It inherits the design of the Imw500 series. The black appearance and the smooth protruding lines are very dazzling. Cool, super-strong audio function, clear sound quality. When the mobile phone is wirelessly charged, it is placed in the area marked with qi at the top, and it is easy to put with the charger.

It can be seen that 5W wireless charging solutions are available in many well-known brands, and the application scenarios are very rich. All of these products use the Voda NU1300+NU1006 wireless charging solution. The program is also applied to Walmart, Zens, Rome. Shi, Yubo, Philips and other brands.

The program is BPP certified by WPC Alliance on 2017/08/08, is a 5V input and 5W output, high efficiency WPC wireless power transmitter. This design is the first to propose a wireless charging two chip solution, of which NU1300 is wireless Charge master, support A5 and A11 coils, compatible with WPC V1.2 standard, support input low voltage detection, over current overheat detection, etc.; NU1006 is the world's first fully integrated full bridge chip, integrating PowerMOS, MOS drive and current sampling Circuit.

Thanks to this highly integrated full-bridge chip, the 5W solution is currently very competitive. From the certification to the present, the Vodafone program is just one year old. It is reported that there have been millions of shipments. Very mature and stable.

Vodafone Semiconductor is a semiconductor company specializing in wireless charging IC design, system and solution design. Its strength lies in the design of power supply chip and power system design. In addition to NU1006, it also introduced the first generation PowerStage of NU1007 10W.

This year, the NU1008, NU1009 and NU1015 three more integrated intelligent full bridges were introduced. The NU1015 with the Voda Master NU1509 has passed the EPP certification, and is the world's most integrated EPP-certified wireless charging transmitter solution. It is understood that Voda has opened up the use of PowerStage to the market, improving the integration of wireless charging throughout the market.