Leading the market with technology | Ultrasonic extractor is waiting for action

As a means of solution purification, the extraction method utilizes the difference in solubility or partition coefficient of the compound in two mutually incompatible solvents to transfer the compound from one solvent to another. Compared with other separation methods The extraction method has the advantages of high extraction and separation efficiency, low reagent consumption, high recovery rate and simple equipment, and is widely used in the fields of hydrometallurgy, petrochemical industry and environmental protection.

With the development of science and technology in China, the laboratory instrument The industry has been rapidly developed, technical support has provided protection for product upgrading, and laboratory instruments have gained greater market and development space. As one of the most widely used extraction equipment, ultrasonic extractor is rapidly emerging as Scientific experiment service.

Ultrasonic extraction is a multi-stage effect such as strong cavitation, disturbance effect, high acceleration, crushing and stirring caused by ultrasonic radiation pressure, increasing the frequency and speed of molecular motion, increasing solvent penetration, and accelerating the entry of target components. Solvent, promote the extraction process. Compared with conventional extraction technology, ultrasonic assisted extraction has the advantages of fast, cheap and efficient, widely used in Chinese herbal medicine, food, chemical and other fields.

With the continuous development of ultrasonic extraction technology, the automation of equipment is continuously improved, and combined with the characteristics of the extracted object, the ultrasonic extraction technology will greatly improve the extraction efficiency and obtain higher quality extracts. At the same time, the ultrasonic extractor will also be ultrasonic. The frequency, strength, extraction time, the amount of enzyme in the extraction product and the amount and concentration of the extraction solvent are affected, thus affecting the final result of the extract.

At this stage, the field of ultrasonic extraction instruments in China is accelerating the pace, researching new extraction systems and processes, conducting research on extraction theory, focusing on the automation and continuous development of new extraction equipment, moving towards specialization and standardization. In order to reduce the influence of ultrasonic on the extract, thereby improving the effective extraction rate and better serving the scientific research project.

On the other hand, whether the sample is organic or inorganic, ultrasonic extraction technology has shown obvious advantages, but most laboratory samples have a small amount of use, and there is still a certain distance from industrial applications. Therefore, the industrial application of ultrasonic extraction technology is truly realized. It is one of the issues that should be emphasized in the future development of technology.

Throughout the development of ultrasonic extraction instruments, China's ultrasonic extraction technology is in the process of development, and the prospects are considerable. In the future, I believe that with the continuous improvement of scientific research level, China can make a major breakthrough in the research and development of ultrasonic extraction technology, allowing ultrasonic in the field of separation and extraction. Better work.