The establishment of a large-scale custom ecological alliance: Haier clothing network sharing clothing field case

On July 30th, at the inaugural meeting of the mass customization eco-alliance and the first large-scale customized public service platform construction innovation forum, Haier clothing networking was a typical case of COSMOPlat clothing mass customization, and it was shared on the spot. Relying on RFID IoT technology Haier Internet of Things links products such as washing machines, smart wardrobes, 3D fitting mirrors, etc., to provide users with clothing solutions that cover the entire life cycle of washing, protecting, storing, and purchasing.

In order to meet the ever-increasing needs of users in the Internet of Things era, Haier Internet of Things and apparel companies, Internet of Things technology companies and other cross-industry cooperation, bringing personalized wisdom solutions covering the entire life scene. In the laundry phase, equipped with RFID The identification technology of Haier Smart Washing Machine can identify clothing fabrics, materials, brands, etc., matching the best washing program. In the clothing storage, Haier children's smart wardrobe can automatically display the storage location of the clothes, brand and number of times of care, and provide dehumidification, Drying and other services. At the same time, in order to meet the user's demand for clothing matching, the smart fitting mirror can be used for clothing smart recommendation and 3D wearing virtual experience according to weather conditions and application scenarios, one-button fitting, one-click ordering , equivalent to moving the clothing store back home.

In addition, Haier Clothes Network will extend the RFID IoT technology to the whole industry chain such as smart traceability and intelligent manufacturing, and open up the upstream and downstream links of the clothing network ecosystem to meet the needs of clothing and smart management of manufacturers, stores and other scenarios. For brand manufacturers, RFID technology solves the problem of the efficiency of large-scale clothes entering and leaving the warehouse, and brings several times or even dozens of times of efficiency improvement for each logistics identification link, which greatly reduces the cost and realizes data sharing of the entire clothing supply chain. Meanwhile, With the Yilian ecological digital management platform, store merchants can obtain user feedback information in time, adjust marketing strategies according to individualized needs of users, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

Haier Clothing Network is the industrial Internet cloud platform of COSMOPlat in the field of mass customization of clothing. It relies on the smart home appliances and Internet of Things technology of the Internet of Things to provide users with solutions for the whole life cycle of washing, protecting, storing, and purchasing. Through cross-border cooperation with clothing and home textiles, dyeing and dyeing industry, and clothing and materials technology industry, we have achieved win-win value for all stakeholders in the open shared care ecosystem. Haier Internet of Things is also becoming available to users through COSMOPlat. A typical case of custom solutions in the apparel sector.