20 years not forgetting the beginning of the heart | TCL refrigerator washing machine for the healthy life and innovation

In the past 20 years, China's household electrical appliance industry has experienced a magnificent development history. There have been countless enterprises that have risen rapidly and then fell in the fierce competition. The brands that have settled down have experienced the aftermath of many rounds of shuffling in the industry. 20 years of brand precipitation The TCL refrigerator washing machine does not forget the original heart, adhering to the pragmatic and innovative corporate philosophy, focusing on the healthy life of users, innovating for a healthy life, and making breakthroughs in the development of the home appliance industry. Wang Xianju, general manager of TCL White Appliances Division, joined TCL in 1999. , witnessed the growth and innovative development of TCL refrigerator washing machine.

From China to China's Zhizhi TCL refrigerator washing machine takes on the responsibility of big country brand

At the beginning of the development of the household appliance industry, everything began with the introduction of comprehensive technology, including the introduction of production technology, the introduction of production equipment, the introduction of production lines, and even the import of parts and components from abroad. It is better to call it 'Chinese assembly' for 'Made in China'.

However, this state has not lasted for a long time. With the increasing strength of China's home appliance industry, the sense of autonomy of enterprises has begun to awaken, and the entire home appliance industry chain has gradually been established and finally improved. From parts to key refrigerator compressors to complete machines All can achieve independent production, this is the real 'Made in China' era. In 2014, TCL refrigerator washing machine Hefei Household Appliances Industrial Park opened for production, the Chinese white goods enterprises represented by TCL refrigerator washing machine began to pay full attention to the research and development of core technology of home appliances. And innovation, the birth of a new category of TCL pollution-free washing machines in 2016, TCL integrated frequency air-cooled refrigerators, the new listing, leading the industry from 'Made in China' to 'China's wisdom to make'.

TCL refrigerator washing machine was established in 1998, with the growth of reform and opening up, 20 years of hard work, pragmatic innovation, and daring to dare to dare to insist; Wang Xianju, general manager of TCL White Appliances Division, said that on the road to success, there are behind Strong support, for our TCL refrigerator washing machine, this great era and TCL Group is the most powerful 'support'; In 2016, the government released the "Healthy China 2030 Planning Outline", and raised 'Healthy China' to the national strategy; Adhering to the pragmatic and innovative corporate philosophy, focusing on the healthy life of users, taking the needs of users as the starting point, and innovating for a healthy life, we will protect our health from a vague abstract concept to a subversive and innovative product. Promote the innovation and upgrading of China's home appliance industry, and practice the big country brand.

In the course of 20 years of development, TCL refrigerator washing machine is determined, all the way to the thorns, adhere to the industry, and determined to innovate. 'Innovation must solve practical problems, health products are our pursuit.' This is the TCL refrigerator washing machine people often listen to Wang Xianju One sentence mentioned. This sentence not only explains the practical concept of TCL refrigerator washing machine, but also explains that TCL refrigerator washing machine does not forget the original heart, and innovates for the healthy life of users, and this has become the source of breakthrough innovation.

In the washing machine industry, secondary pollution has plagued the industry for many years, and users have suffered from it, but the industry has been unable to cure secondary pollution. TCL washing machine overturned countless programs over the past three years, subverting the internal structure of traditional washing machines and completely solving the problems that have plagued the industry for many years. In 16 years, the first pollution-free washing machine was introduced. It has introduced the pollution-free washing machine, the pollution-free drum washing machine, and the non-pollution barrel washing machine. In 2017, it became the founder of the free sewage system solution. The maker of the first special product certification of China Light Industry Federation! Say goodbye to the secondary pollution of laundry, cross-contamination, patented low-temperature and quick-drying condensation technology, realize the washing and drying in 40 minutes, wash and dry; From clean laundry, healthy care, comfortable wear to dignified travel all-round caring.

In the refrigerator industry, TCL refrigerator has been paying attention to food storage, actively exploring new food storage solutions, and taking care of fresh ingredients in all directions to protect the health of users. In order to preserve the natural taste of ingredients, ensure zero loss of nutrition, the first integrated frequency wind Cold technology realizes 2 minutes of rapid cooling (1 °C), quickly locks the original flavor of the ingredients; patent AAT full space self-release negative oxygen ion fresh-keeping technology, dust removal, deodorization, fresh-keeping, sterilization, and ingredients The storage provides 360° all-round maintenance, achieving a 7-day water retention rate of more than 90% for fruits and vegetables. The TCL refrigerator has a new upgraded smart health + product brand strategy in 2018, realizing the ingredients from simple storage to fresh maintenance + smart health management, creating a user A smart health home from shopping to storage for three meals a day.

Over the years, with innovative products, TCL refrigerator washing machines have been recognized by domestic and foreign authorities, the first feature certificate of China's home appliance industry, iF International Design Award, IFA Innovation Award, CES Asia Home Innovation Award, etc. The TCL refrigerator washing machine has become a veritable big country brand, shouldering the burden of the health of the Chinese people, standing in the vane of the new era.

Wang Xianju, general manager of the TCL White Appliances Division, who witnessed and witnessed this process, was deeply touched. He mentioned that 'from China to China's smart manufacturing, it is essential to innovate! TCL refrigerator washing machine has to be on the road of innovation. Go on!' If innovation is regarded as the initial heart of looking at the stars, then execution is a down-to-earth ingenuity. Only when the heart is combined with the originality, innovation can succeed.

Focus on user health needs TCL refrigerator washing machine achieves innovative breakthrough

Now, the scale of production and sales of China's white goods industry has stabilized. The upgrading and structural upgrading have become the main theme of the development of the industry; at the level of enterprise operation, the value orientation of user-centered will also take the lead. In recent years, with the nationals The increase in disposable income and the expansion of the middle class, young consumer power, household appliances consumption has changed from universal consumption to improved consumption. People no longer only focus on the basic functions of white goods themselves, but also pay more attention to its deeper superposition function.

Under such a general trend, TCL refrigerator washing machine strives to become the user's most intimate life assistant and health butler. Based on the needs of users, we are committed to providing users with meticulous and considerate services, so that healthy life can be reached at your fingertips. Wang Xianju believes that Going into the heart of the user, the product that can be intimate to the user is a good product, just as the ancients said: the good-seeker knows the person, the good-minded person knows the heart. To know the heart, it is necessary to understand each other's needs and truly understand the user's needs. Stand on the other side's point of view, think, explore, and innovate.

All along, TCL refrigerator washing machine focuses on the healthy life of users, based on the exploration of user pain points, research on user needs, in March TCL refrigerator washing machine has been brand new upgrade product brand strategy.

In the refrigerator, the product brand strategy is fully upgraded to smart health + 2018 TCL refrigerator unique AAT wisdom sterilization system will be more popular in new products above 250L, all new products 100% equipped with antibacterial door seals and antibacterial handles; to 2020 In the year, TCL refrigerator strives to achieve 70% sales of healthy refrigerators. TCL refrigerator washing machine promotes the popularization of healthy ice-washing products through the upgrade of product strategy, making health become the standard of home appliances, and the speed of healthy living.

In the washing machine, the new upgraded 'free pollution +' strategy - 2018 China's offline channel business is the first to achieve full product line pollution-free, fully promote the pollution-free shared washing machine into the campus, caring for the health of students, and stop this year R & D investment in pollution-free washing machine products, stop production of non-soil-free washing machines by 2020. Provide users with a full range, full-process, full-life 100% pollution-free system; provide users with free pollution solution system solutions, from purchase Until use, no matter how long or short, it will always be free of pollution, will not cause pollution in use, completely bid farewell to the secondary pollution of the laundry, so that each time is a brand new laundry experience, let the clothing look new;

From 1998 to now, 20 years of TCL refrigerator washing machine from scratch, from the breakthrough to innovation, the wind and rain, never stop. 2018 is the 20th anniversary of TCL refrigerator washing machine, August 8th, TCL refrigerator washing machine will be held in Hefei worldwide Strategic Partner Conference, where strategic partners from all over the world will gather here to witness the 20th anniversary. 20 years is a new starting point. Standing on the stage of the new era, TCL refrigerator washing machine starts from the heart!