Bosch Thermal Technology Therm 6800 F Black and White Red Rejuvenation Series Gas Water Heater Released in Shanghai

For the first time in cooperation with Schott Schott of Germany, strong cooperation, launched the black and white classic Therm6800F gas water heater, and launched the same model limited edition red gift version to celebrate the 18th anniversary of entering the Chinese market.

Converging German ingenuity design, adhering to Bosch brand DNA design, Red dot award work Therm6800F leads 18 new products to appear at the 18th anniversary of Bosch Thermotechnology

SHANGHAI -- Recently, Bosch Thermodynamics, the world's leading supplier of industrial/commercial hot water, steam and refrigeration systems, home water, air and comfort systems, released Therm 6800 F gas at the 2018 new product launch and the 18th anniversary of China's entry into China. Water heater black and white classic, Therm 6800 F gas water heater 18th anniversary red gift, household water storage electric water heater Tronic3200 T, Tronic4200 T and Tronic7000i T and other 18 new products. Among them, Therm 6800 F gas water heater black, white, red three The color version is particularly eye-catching for its 'Bosch Ring' brand seal and classic styling panel. It is worth mentioning that the Therm 6800 F gas water heater black and white classic is the leader in the 'special glass and glass-ceramic industry' Known as the classic work of Schott Schott Glass in Germany. At the press conference, Mr. Yi Zheng, International Product Director of Bosch Thermotechnology Asia Pacific, and Dr. Lin Side, President and CEO of SCHOTT Asia, jointly attended the event. Introduced the product.

Mr. Yi Zheng, International Product Director of Bosch Thermotechnology Asia Pacific, and Dr. Lin Side, President and CEO of SCHOTT Asia, jointly announced Therm6800F gas water heater

Mr. Cai Sikai, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Bosch Thermotechnology Business Unit in China, Mr. Du Huipeng, National Sales Director of Bosch Thermotechnology Hot Water Two Net Products, Mr. Wang Yunfeng, Senior Marketing Director of Bosch Thermotechnology, signed the panel on Therm 6800 F product panel

The Therm 6800 F series products are sourced from Seiko, Germany, and continue the 'Best Quality Service User' in Bosch brand DNA design, 'simple design, easy to use', 'user-centered, value user feedback' and attention to 'efficient, energy saving The concept of “Environmental Protection” won not only the Red Dot Award in the 2018 German Design Award, but also the patented design (Patent No.: ZL201630395740.X). The newly released black and white classic models are specially used. The world-renowned Schott glass panel in the field of special glass and glass-ceramics, also continues the German process, with excellent high temperature and impact resistance. The Bosch thermal technology and the Schott glass double sword combine to create the appearance of Therm 6800 F. More beautiful, easy to clean, sturdy and safe glass panel. Unique low noise design, providing users with comfortable hot water, truly 'comfortable hot water, light as whispering'. Bosch thermal technology products unique 'Bosch Ring' design, while ensuring the elegant appearance of the product, greatly simplifies the use of the product, and ensures clear human-computer interaction through cool white light display.

Equipped with SCHOTT Glass Therm 6800 F gas water heater

The perfect design of Therm6800F also embodies the concept of 'continuous optimization' and 'technical efficiency' in Bosch brand DNA design. Taking safety and control as an example, Therm6800F has improved its CO concentration based on the original strong safety protection. Detection, once the concentration of carbon monoxide exceeds the standard, immediately start the sound and light alarm, and automatically cut off the gas, and turn on the fan to discharge the harmful gas to the outside. In addition, the water temperature overheat protection function of this product configuration, incomplete combustion protection and other multiple safety protection measures can be Users provide 360-degree protection.

Mr. Liu Xuefei, Senior Industrial Designer of Bosch Thermotechnology, introduces Bosch brand DNA design

Therm 6800 F gas water heater family portrait

The Therm 6800 F also features a new ECU microcomputer intelligent control system with servo water valve and high-precision moving coil proportional valve for ultra-widescreen temperature regulation and precise constant temperature control, which allows temperature fluctuations as low as ±0.7°C. The water heater adopts intelligent combustion management system, which can achieve segmented fire row and multi-level regulation. While maintaining high precision and constant temperature, the minimum heat load is as low as 11% of the rated value, ensuring users can enjoy comfort even in the summer. Hot water. The bathtub drain reminder can prompt the user to turn off the bathtub faucet, so that users don't have to worry about forgetting to turn off the water and 'water flooded Jinshan'. The water gas query function can also help users easily understand energy consumption.

It is worth mentioning that the red gift version of Therm 6800 F gas water heater launched at the press conference is a customized limited edition product to celebrate the 18th anniversary of Bosch Thermal Technology entering China. The exquisite and beautiful colorful glass mirror can satisfy The diversified requirements of modern home furnishing design can also make the product more stable and safe, high temperature resistant, easy to clean, and truly lasting as new.

Red gift version Therm 6800 F gas water heater

Also released during the same period are four series of household water storage electric water heaters and a series of domestic gas rapid water heaters, namely Tronic7000i T, Tronic3200 T, Tronic4200 T, Tronic 3000 T10L household water cube and Therm670011L/13L. The series of household water storage electric water heaters also continue the delicate design of Bosch thermal technology, with Wi-Fi intelligent interconnection, intelligent butler, 120 seconds instant heat technology, 5 times water capacity expansion, residual water display, magnesium rod replacement reminder, Eye-catching features such as full-concealed installations can meet the needs of different families.

In fact, as the world's leading supplier of industrial/commercial hot water, steam and refrigeration systems, domestic water, air and comfortable environmental systems, Bosch Thermotechnology has been producing water heaters since 1731, never stopping in research and development and innovation, not only in The European market has a leading position and has a large user base and super attention on a global scale. Bosch Thermotechnology has been innovating for 18 years after entering the Chinese market, setting a higher standard for the development of modern technology. In the future, facing With the country's new development plan, Bosch Thermal Technology will always adhere to the strategy of “rooting local and serving local”, continuously expanding investment in China, continuously improving local production and R&D capabilities, and providing Chinese customers with more advanced technologies and superior quality. product.