Is the water heater selected for gas? After reading it, you will understand.

A few days ago I went to the next door to play, talking about the water heater, she said that her home is just installed electricity, especially easy to use, hot water is also very fast. Her husband asked friends to buy, the price is very cheap.

So, is the water heater good for gas or electricity?

Let's talk about gas first. Personally, if the bathroom and kitchen are far away from each other, everyone knows that the gas water heater is installed in the kitchen, so if it is too far apart, the pipe will be long and the cold water in front will be much more. Washing your hair in the morning, and washing dishes in three meals is really annoying, and it is a waste of water!

But it is indeed good, cheap! My family of five people are not temperate, only fifty dollars a month.

Many people say that the gas water heater is installed in the bathroom. Please dispel this thought. It is really dangerous. I have an old man in my hometown who died in the bathroom because of this.

Let me talk about the electric water heater!

What is the electric water heater? The biggest advantage is that it is hot right, no need to wait, the experience is not normal. But this one is too big, slightly ugly, and this choice must be based on the population of the family. One person washes, the back is all cold water and waits, then the experience is poor.

And this is said to be very power-hungry, because it is continuous burning, cold burning and cold, non-stop circulation, electricity costs can be imagined.

The last Bibi price!

In general, commercial water heaters are cheaper, gas is slightly more expensive, but the difference is not particularly large, and this is not reasonable, after all, the cost of electric water heaters in the later period can be much higher than gas.

In short, let me give you some advice.

1, the bathroom is too small, choose the gas;

2, the bathroom is close to the kitchen considering the gas, if far away, you can choose the electricity;

3, the population is large, choose the gas, the number of people is small.