PC-grade liquid cooling is more effective? Glory NOTE10 challenges three hours of uninterrupted eating chicken

On July 31, Glory Note10 was officially released. As a new product of the glory Note series after two years, glory Note10 inherits the selling point of the Note series, and has obvious improvement in all aspects. Especially in the game, Thanks to the physical Turbo button and the GPU Turbo technology's 'Double Turbo' blessing, the actual game performance of Glory Note10 is worthy of recognition. In addition, in order to keep the phone running continuously, Glory Note10 also has built-in THE NINE PC-grade liquid cooling module. While providing a top-level gaming experience, ensure that the phone can run stably for a long time. So can the above mentioned in the actual experience be felt? Today we will verify it.

In this test, we will play 3 hours of games in succession. The game is “Jesus Survival: Stimulate the Battlefield.” During the game, we will start the game mode of Glory Note10, and start the 'Double Turbo' mode to make glory. The performance of Note10 is fully utilized. In terms of frame number detection, in this test, we will record a 10-minute frame number every hour, recording a total of 4 times. The recorded software is: Gamebench.

In addition, to ensure the authenticity of the test process, we also use time-lapse photography to record the entire game process. The entire test process is as follows:

▲Glory Note10 three-hour game test process

▲This test opens the whole process of 'Double Turbo' technology

▲The quality of this test and the number of frames

▲10 minutes of frame recording per hour

After reading the test process, I believe that everyone is quite expecting the results of the test. Well, let's take a look at how the actual performance of Glory Note10 in the three-hour continuous game.

▲ start testing

▲ first hour

▲ second hour

▲ third hour

From the measured data, we can see that in the three-hour continuous game, the actual frame number of Glory Note10 has been maintained at the full frame state of 40fps. In addition, from the fluctuation range of the number of frames, the frame number fluctuation of Glory Note10 Basically kept in a straight line. This shows that Glory Note10's performance is still at its peak during this long continuous game. It seems that THE NINE PC-class liquid cooling module is really helpful for the heat dissipation of mobile phones.

Summary of the full text:

As a veteran game enthusiast, I basically tried most of the high-performance mobile phones on the market. Although they all have powerful performance, they will have more or less dropped frames during the long game. Phenomenon, the reason for the drop frame is often the problem of heat dissipation. The performance of this experience glory Note10 in the heat is indeed impressive to the author, after all, the long-term game test for the heat requirements can be said to be quite high, And the performance of this glory Note10 is indeed worthy of learning from all manufacturers.

Of course, in addition to the performance in terms of heat dissipation, glory Note10 has many aspects worth recommending. For more experience of glory Note10, you can continue to pay attention to the follow-up reports of IT168 mobile channel!