Brother DCP-T710W boosts home green printing

With the increasing global energy shortage and increasing environmental degradation, environmental protection and energy conservation has become the trend of national and social development, and also the driving force for enterprises to achieve sustainable development. Focusing on the field of science and technology, electronic pollution has become an important factor limiting the development of the IT industry. Energy conservation and consumption reduction has become a trend of development in the international IT industry. This has been highly valued by international cooperation organizations. Countries have formulated specific measures for energy conservation and consumption reduction in IT.

The policy of energy conservation and emission reduction is believed to have been heard long ago. But as an ordinary people, is it really capable of implementing the policy? No, in fact, to be green, it does not need to be deliberate. To maintain, master the method, inadvertently.

It’s just summer vacation, it’s the longest vacation in the year for children. Many parents use this long vacation to prepare various types of homework for their children, so that they can get a full vacation. In order to get better study. The effect is that parents are also painstakingly going online to find reliable information to print out for study. In addition to the simulated test questions, there are many course texts. This is not a small amount. If you go to the print shop to print, It will be a big expense. Under a controlled budget, many families will choose to purchase an inkjet printer.

Since you want to buy a printer, you need to consider various factors. First of all, the home study room does not vacate a space for printer placement like a street copy shop, so the printer needs to do so under the premise of meeting printing needs. As small as possible. Brother's inkjet printer DCP-T710W has a length and width of 435mm (W) * 380mm (D) *, as light as 8.6Kg, even for girls to carry it alone. The body is flat design With a height of only 195mm (H), there will be a feeling that the printer will be on the desktop, so that the printer placed at home can be more easily integrated into the home environment, and it will not be too awkward.

Common printer trays will expose the paper, and will be placed for a long time. Due to the influence of the environment, it will inevitably accumulate dust, damp, cause paper jam, and can only repurchase new paper. Brother DCP-T710W built-in ink cartridge color inkjet machine hides The paper box can be dust-proof and moisture-proof to a certain extent, which can effectively reduce the waste of unnecessary paper and contribute to the green environment. It is not good for both.

The printer is not easy to use, the control panel layout is reasonable, and the operation mode is in line with the humanized design, which will directly affect the office efficiency and actual experience. The DCP-T710W front design has a 16-character LCD display as the control center of the all-in-one machine. It is used to display the current working status of the machine and give the user appropriate prompts. Copy, scan, black and white copy start button, color copy start button and wireless network connection have independent buttons, even beginners can quickly become familiar with the use mode. It eliminates the tediousness of selecting one by one from the function keys, and it is more convenient and quick to print information for children.

The most important thing for a family to buy a printer is the low cost of the consumables. After all, home printing is not like commercial printing on the street. Every day the printer runs for a long time and there is a lot of material to print. The DCP-T710W uses a separate large-capacity ink tank design. The color inks are independent of each other. When the printing ink is used up, the cover of the top of the ink tank can be directly opened to refill the empty ink tank. The ink refilling process is greatly simplified, the operating cost is reduced, and the dirty hand is not easy. Disguised to reduce the waste of ink, the ink usage rate is guaranteed from the source, reducing the pollution of the surrounding environment.

Consumables are easy to maintain, not easy to spill; ink is affordable, easy to replace; the paper box is dust-proof and moisture-proof, and the paper utilization rate is high. It seems that the place where the cost of consumables can be reduced is three points. So it is over? Of course not, we ignored A very important question is whether it can inadvertently achieve the key to green environmental protection - use and standby power consumption.

Household appliances, especially printers, computers, and televisions, do not pull the plugs out immediately after use. At night, the equipment consumes a lot of energy when it is in standby. Energy saving and environmental protection are not mentioned. The electricity bill is not a small expense. Under the premise of not changing the habits, only the road to reduce standby power can work. To this end, the brothers have carefully optimized the printer power consumption problem, and the printer can be activated at any time. At a very low level, the DCP-T710W consumes only 1.6 watts in sleep mode, and the actual operating power peak is only 11.5 watts. The ultra-low power running standby state allows energy saving and environmental protection to be completed inadvertently. This is the best way to save energy and reduce emissions.

Energy conservation and environmental protection has become a social consensus. The same is true for office products. To go further on the road of energy conservation and environmental protection, it is not only the efforts of electronic equipment manufacturers, but also the application of these products by the public. In life, you can maximize its energy saving and environmental protection.