Consumption upgrade | TCL ice wash industry rises with wisdom and health innovation!

In the 40 years of development of Chinese household appliances, the white electricity represented by Haier and the black electricity represented by TCL have obvious characteristics of the times. The pattern of 'black and white eating' has gradually formed new forces in the past 20 years. This year, TCL refrigerator washing machine 20th anniversary, taking this opportunity, Qiu Shi will give you a simple review of the historical changes of China's white electricity industry and how the ice-washing industry will change from a functional machine era to a new era of smart health in a new era, with wisdom and health as Breakthrough, to constantly serve people's yearning for a better life.

China White Power 40 years: From weak to strong!

White electricity, corresponding to black electricity. This is a common formulation that has been formed in the industry for a long time. This formulation is more intuitive, binary black and white, and clearly defined. In enterprises, both manufacturing companies and circulation enterprises are generally provided. White Power Division; for consumers, it is also easier to understand, this is the product of the product function era.

As early as 1975-1978, China was still in the period of planned economy. Although local small households started to enter the field of home appliances, their talents, technology, equipment, management, and industrial chain were all in the enlightenment stage. Scale, has not yet formed a climate, is not a complete home appliance industry in a strict sense. The scale is very small, the product is single, the technology is lacking. Taking the refrigerator as an example, in 1980 China's refrigerator production was only 40,000 units. Color TV, refrigerator, washing machine, Air conditioning, audio, recorders, etc. basically rely on foreign imports.

This year is the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up, and it is also the 20th anniversary of TCL refrigerator washing machine. If we link China's home appliance industry with reform and opening up, we need to increase the fifth stage of development. That is, from 2015 to now, it should be cross-border integration. The stage of smart health development. This stage has the experience of 'new retail' and the rise of e-commerce and the current experience of online and offline integration. The quality of consumption centered on 'people', the industrial transformation characterized by a beautiful experience, Cross-border integration is the integration era of means and a new era of wisdom and health with 'technical innovation' as the starting point.

All these changes are based on the market economic rules and the background of consumption upgrading. In the past four decades of development, especially in the past decade, market competition has intensified, and the survival of the fittest, some brands that we have been familiar with before have been eliminated by the market, most of them. Because the enterprise management is backward, the products can't keep up with the market development. With Huawei, the emerging brand represented by Xiaomi rises, and the phenomenon of 'black and white eating' represented by TCL, the refrigerator washing machine products have appeared in IFA and other international big times. Exhibition. With the 100 billion clubs led by the six major power industry groups, the Chinese army leads the world, and the new pattern of foreign brands is barely involved. China's home appliances are from nothing, from weak to strong. From manufacturing to intellectual creation to future creation. China's home appliances have broad prospects.

Quality consumption forced the upgrade of white electricity industry

Today, we use ice washing as the theme. Under the background of consumption upgrading, the era of quality consumption has arrived. How does the white goods industry adapt to the change of consumption concept? Switch from the functional era to the era of smart health to achieve industrial upgrading.

It can be said that any technological advancement is inseparable from innovation, and any innovation cannot circumvent the needs of consumers.

In the era of product function, the refrigerator is to be able to cool, store, adjust the temperature to store food at the right temperature and humidity, and the washing machine is capable of washing and liberating the hands. This is the basic feature of the product function era. It is also its basic attribute. Just like the emergence of the Apple mobile phone in the past, the smartphone swept the traditional, functional phone was instantly subverted.

We can see from the consumer class study in the above illustration that the middle class and above will dominate the mainstream, and the consumption upgrade will not be delayed. 9% of the affluent class and 54% of the middle and upper class emerged, the middle and lower middle class and poverty The proportion of the hierarchy is declining.

Technological innovation can't resist, consumption upgrade accelerates innovation. This tells us that the improvement of consumer spending power will force the white goods industry to upgrade. Consumers will pay more attention to health in the future, pay more attention to quality, and more experience, and enjoy a better life. The simple functional machine era will be eliminated by the market. This provides a priority for innovative companies such as TCL.

TCL refrigerator washing machine for 20 years: innovation for healthy living - smart health

As we all know, TCL is a 100 billion-level international enterprise group. The white goods business unit in the home appliance industry was born in 1998, which is the TCL refrigerator washing machine. Since then, TCL is no longer just a 'black electricity' enterprise, ' The phenomenon of black and white eating is on.

TCL refrigerator washing machine focuses on users' healthy life, taking the user's needs as the origin. Through product design and technological innovation, technology enables users to solve all aspects of use pain points, let users use their creativity to live, and bring more intelligent care to family life. And infinitely moved. On October 10, 2014, TCL Group spent 7 billion yuan to set up TCL Home Appliances (Hefei) Industrial Park, and cooperated with German designaffairs R&D design team to focus on creating 'smart, efficient, energy-saving, healthy' ice-washing industry and development. base.

TCL refrigerator washing machine has been based on industry since its inception, pioneering internationalization and promoting health strategy. In the past five years, it has successfully switched smart health products and technological innovations from the functional machine era, leading the industry to change and upgrade.

Nowadays, TCL refrigerators newly upgraded the smart health + product brand strategy, realizing the ingredients from simple storage to fresh maintenance + smart health management, creating a smart health home for users to shop from outside to inside, store to three meals a day.

At the beginning of the TCL washing machine in the past 13 years, it has revealed that the traditional washing machine can not solve the user's pain points of secondary pollution. It lasted for three years, breaking through the traditional technical barriers, creating a revolutionary, subversive and pollution-free new category, and continuously upgrading the free sewage system solution. Say goodbye to laundry secondary pollution, cross-contamination. In 2018, the company upgraded its pollution-free + product brand strategy to make users free of charge and protect their users, providing users with 100% free and dirty life;

The use of these new technologies makes the TCL refrigerator washing machine no longer a traditional product, but a product and service that gives health concepts, wisdom and humanity, more care for human health and a better experience, and also supports TCL's performance!

According to the research institute's forecast, in 2018, the TCL refrigerator washing machine sales target exceeded 4.5 million units! From January to April, TCL washing machine sales increased by 9.2% year-on-year, and April's month increased by 24.2%; in January-April, TCL refrigerators increased by 9.1%. In April, the month of the month increased by 25.9%, becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.

Smart health is the main direction of the future development of the white goods industry!

Focus on smart life, meet the new pursuit of consumers' good life, from function to wisdom and health, is the main direction of the future development of white goods industry.

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