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The meeting of two people is like the collision of two particles in the universe, but there is just one of them. They can react with themselves after the collision. They can advance and retreat with themselves in life. They will build a happy boat together in the long river of time.

Dependence between family members stems from each other’s tacit and caring

More than a decade ago, I just met my husband who knew each other. Both of them were poor children who just graduated. In order to save money, the two of us rented a small single room of ten square meters, when the bed was put down in the house. There is only one aisle, the toilet and the kitchen are shared with everyone. At that time, although the conditions were simple, they were only happy, but they were happy because they care about each other.

At that time, although we didn't have a refrigerator, my husband could let me eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day, especially every morning and go back and forth to the vegetable market. In his opinion, only fresh vegetables, nutrition will not be lost, every day rushing to buy vegetables. Although it is hard, in order to protect my diet, he feels that it is worthwhile to pay more. At that time, we did not have our own washing machine. For the sake of cleanliness, we never used a common washing machine, but used hand washing. When I arrived at my physiological period, he would worry that I would touch the cold water and it would be bad for me. The hand laundry was done by him.

Although we had a poor and white life at the time, there was no decent household appliance, but through the hard work of both sides, we always let the other person feel, from the other half of care and care, life is also very healthy and happy. For us, the most important thing between family members is to care for each other, take care of each other, and be the source of all happiness and health.

Thoughtful and caring, TCL refrigerator washing machine creates happiness for life

Slowly, our business has gradually stabilized, and the balance on the bank card has gradually grown. I realized my ideals and appeared in the same account book with his name. Our small family was formally established!

On the day of the down payment, my husband took me to the home appliance market. He said that from the time he washed his clothes together, he made up his mind and couldn’t let me eat this bite again. I used to rent a house and didn’t have a washing machine. Pick, now have your own home, first give me the most suitable washing machine.

In this way, we brought the TCL washing machine back home for the first time.

Later, when I was washing, I often remembered the words in my husband's home appliance market. He always thought about me in every detail of life, and gave me the best choice I could. The TCL free of pollution in front of me. The washing machine is an example.

At first, I only used this washing machine as a helper for my housework. Later, I gradually felt its intimacy during the use. After a few days of washing, I accidentally heard that the washing machine would be dirty during the washing process. Nitrogen, the news of the breeding of bacteria, I also heard that bacteria will be mixed into the clean water in the future washing process, forming secondary pollution of clothing.

That night, I asked my husband, if you want to take care of the washing machine, please use the old public to look at me with confidence and a firm look. "Let's take it apart and rinse it." After a long time, he realized At that time, I don't know much about the product features of such a detailed TCL pollution-free washing machine. It is time to give me the function of the washing machine at home, so that I can understand the principle of the pollution-free details of the TCL pollution-free washing machine. Through the powerful function of the product itself, I am given a reassurance. My original health and well-being has always been carefully taken care of by the TCL pollution-free washing machine.

Sure enough, when I bought the washing machine, my husband specially recommended me this TCL pollution-free pulsator washing machine. I have already considered the problem of 'secondary pollution' of ordinary washing machine. Our TCL pollution-free pulsator washing machine is used internally. The stainless steel removable and washable pulsator can be removed and washed out after use, and it will not hide dirt. What's more, this washing machine uses an innovative full-sealed barrel structure. When the laundry is completely isolated between the inner and outer barrels, it is not at all There is a problem of water flow exchange, and there is no longer any 'secondary pollution'.

My husband’s explanations made me stunned. When I didn’t know, TCL had already paid attention to any details that might harm the health of my family. Now, every time my family and I wear TCL clean-free washing machines It can give us a sense of safety and health from the inside out. For me, TCL pollution-free washing machine is not only a tool to meet the needs of cleanliness, it is also the protection for the health of my family. At the same time, it is constantly reminding me to pass on my health concept. Behind every dignified and decent travel is TCL pollution-free washing machine, so that we have been being cared for, and because of its existence, let Our family is closely connected to each other and constantly feel the warmth of each other.

Intimate products give family care, TCL refrigerator washing machine is a part of the family

A few years ago, when our Dabao was born, there were only three of us at home. Laundry and cooking were still busy. This year, after the birth of Erbao, my husband and I had to start thinking about breast milk. Until this time, we only Exploring, the original TCL integrated inverter air-cooled refrigerator has exclusive breast milk storage space, 3 °C maternal and child area, can ensure that breast milk and dairy products are sterile and not fermented, I am very pleased, I was worried that the TCL refrigerator washing machine has long been I thought about it.

TCL refrigerator in advance for me to think of more than breast milk storage problems, from the food lock fresh and nutritious health, for the user to create from shopping to food storage, three full meals a day full of wisdom and healthy life. Our family of four, Everyone likes to eat different foods. In order to ensure that everyone can eat their favorite food every day, the ingredients in the refrigerator are often varied. Fortunately, TCL integrated frequency air-cooled refrigerator has already planned the partition storage space for us. With dry and wet partitions, -1 degree fish meat thermostat lock area, etc., different ingredients can find exclusive fresh space in the refrigerator, TCL refrigerator washing machine is really our health butler, there is more worry about it at home.

Nowadays, there are four people changing clothes in the house every day. I have to wash them several times according to different colors, materials and types. Originally, we thought that the health of children is the most important. It is better to buy a baby-only washing machine, but this way It takes a lot of space. Later, we found that the TCL refrigerator washing machine has long observed this demand. The TCL pollution-free barrel washing machine has 1+N washing combination functions. When washing, it only needs to put clothes with different cleaning requirements. In different buckets, cross-contamination can be avoided. Now both babies have exclusive laundry buckets. I can solve the laundry problem of the whole family with one laundry time. The TCL washing machine once again makes me feel the peace of mind of my family. .

TCL refrigerator washing machine has once again struck our life with the strength of technological innovation. TCL brand also takes care of our health like family. Now it has become a part of our family. If I have it, I will feel the health of my family. I have been guarded, and my family can always feel the care of each other through TCL's intentions.

For many years, the TCL refrigerator washing machine has been with us all the time, not only to make the family's life healthy, but also to protect the users with genuine wisdom and health products. TCL refrigerator washing machine and our small family, together with rapid growth and development. This year, when The TCL refrigerator washing machine is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary. On August 8th, the 2018TCL refrigerator washing machine global strategic partner conference will be grandly opened. The TCL refrigerator washing machine will stand at a new starting point of the new era, starting from the heart, focusing on the healthy life of users.

For the next 20 years, I think we will go together.

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