The decoration from the luxury home is only one door away | Rose Island panoramic door experience

We always admire the decoration of other people's houses. The moment we enter the door, we feel that we are in a five-star hotel. If you pay attention to it, you will find that the beautiful house has a common feature, that is, the facade is well done. So Said, the house is not beautiful, the door is very important! Then look back at the door of the kitchen, the door of the living room partition, not only lack of new ideas, it looks bloated and heavy, the push often creaks, simply 'disgraceful' lost home.

If your home seems to have a small space, if your home is not refined enough, installing the Rose Island panoramic door will help you expand easily, and the small space will not be suitable, regardless of the living room, dining room, kitchen, cloakroom, bathroom. Today , we brought the first set of glass products in Rose Island 'new species - minimalist glass partitions & doors: panoramic door, a new segment between the shower room and the door and window, what kind of surprise it will bring Let's take a look.

Panoramic view

Rose Island is a famous custom master, able to fulfill your dreams of various home scenes. This time, the Rose Island panoramic door brings a new vision to the home environment, and the small apartment also has its own 'spring'.

Who said that the impression of a small apartment must be cramped? The Rose Island is designed with a very narrow border and is equipped with a safety tempered glass for the car/shower room. The transparency of the glass expands the sense of space and cuts off the space. I will not affect the natural lighting, there is a sense of hierarchy and progressiveness, and the party at home is full of face.

Everyone wants to create a comfortable and spacious home environment. Even if we can't afford a wrap-around invincible sea view room, but with a glass panoramic door, you can always have a small space with a panoramic view, and life is not worth the quality. A door brings out the sense of style of a home. The luxury of the five-star hotel is on the way. Every minute at home, there is a feeling of leisure and vacation.

For the sake of beauty or privacy, in addition to the transparent light glass, you can also choose low-key luxury gray or elegant brown glass, glass surface can also be customized according to personal preferences, can also create an eye-catching Bright home texture.

Fine craftsmanship

Good-looking skins and interesting souls are often difficult to balance, but the Rose Island panoramic door is not empty with a good skin, hidden under the experience of its experience, regardless of the structure, precision and manufacturing process of the hardware, All have put forward higher requirements to ensure the beauty and stability and safe use.

Whether the quality of the glass passes or not, it is determined whether the large-area glass panoramic partition door is safe and reliable in actual use. Rose Island uses the 3C tempered glass for the car and shower room to ensure excellent permeability and safety explosion-proof, soundproofing. The effect is good, 8mm thickness gives you a sense of security.

Many people's sliding doors are equipped with wide and large borders, which look bloated and heavy, and low in temperament. In order to create the best vision, the Rose Island panoramic door adopts a 2cm narrow frame, which is more simple with the whole. High style, the vision is also more open.

If you always hear the squeaking sound when you push the door at home, you will hit the door frame with a little force, and it will easily cause a rebound. At that time, check the door pulley. For the sake of comfort and safety, the panoramic view of Rose Island The FA series of the door adopts a pulley with cushioning damping function, which is buffer-closed and does not generate collision noise. Even if the finger is accidentally caught in the closed position, it will not cause injury. It is safe and reliable, and no additional anti-collision strip is required.

At the same time, the track parts selected by Rose Island are also very secure. We can see that the thickness of the panoramic door rail wall is up to 3mm. It is sturdy and durable, and the load-bearing capacity is guaranteed. It can be opened and closed when using the sliding door, no worries. .

Perfect detail, create the ultimate new experience

Sometimes, intimate detail design is often more touching. The handle of the Rose Island panoramic door adopts a chamfered square design with a flush border. It is not only very design, but also smooth and burr-free. The chamfering treatment effectively avoids The necessary daily bumps and grips are more comfortable.

In order to make the push-pull smoother and smoother, the panoramic door bottom is equipped with special guiding positioning theory, which can effectively guide and anti-sway, push and pull smoothly and smoothly, easy to use and worry-free; in addition, the rose island adopts The lower rail design avoids kicking the ankle and makes it easier to clean.