Baidu and Chimelong Zoo jointly launched a smart applet: Support for panoramic AR

Baidu's small program, which has just been launched, recently announced a partnership with Guangzhou Chimelong Wildlife Park.

Baidu and Changlong Group held an AI-Park strategic cooperation conference at the Guangzhou Changlong Wildlife Park and released the joint development of the 'Changlong AR Zoo' smart applet.

According to reports, the Chime AR Zoo smart small program combines AR rendering, image recognition and other Baidu AI technologies, and has already launched three major functions: animal commentary, AR camera and walking AR navigation.

In the future, the 'Changlong AR Zoo' smart small program will also realize the extremely smart experience of ticket purchase, admission, park payment, and support users to release travel notes and guides, providing visitors with instant, rich and high-quality original content as a tour of the zoo. Information reference, and through the "review" and other interactive links to establish a light social interaction between users.

The new online Baidu apple program is better than the WeChat applet in terms of openness. It can run not only on Baidu App, but also on various Baidu apps, even in apps or browsers that support Baidu applets. Running on, very convenient.