Air-conditioning maintenance chaos investigation: spent 2000 yuan after repairing three times and broken

Ms. Zou, a Shanghai consumer, bought a new air conditioner, but she was not happy at all. Ms. Zou told reporters that buying a new air conditioner was helpless. It turned out that two months ago, Ms. Zou’s home used the air conditioner for a long time and suddenly did not cool down. Because it has exceeded the warranty period, Ms. Zou chose a Baidu promotion repairer.

The maintenance staff of this company just looked at the outdoor unit and didn't even discuss the price with her. She changed the computer board and capacitor to Ms. Zou. At the same time, she claimed that she had added fluorine. The total cost of the three projects was 2080 yuan. Seeing Ms. Zou is too expensive, the maintenance staff promised to be able to guarantee for 3 years. But after a few days of payment, Ms. Zou’s air conditioner was broken, and then she called the other party and said nothing would come back.

It took more than 2,000 yuan, and the air conditioner was repaired only three times and it was broken. What is even more annoying is that the promised warranty service is not available at all.

Consumer Ms. Zou: The website has certain responsibilities, and the search engine pages all put such advertisements, which is difficult to distinguish.

The reporter learned that since 2015, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee has accepted 2,121 complaints about air-conditioning maintenance, of which the vast majority of complaints are related to the maintenance service through the Internet platform. 2. Maintenance companies lack integrity, fictional failures, minor illnesses and major problems.

According to statistics, in 2016, every 100 households in the country already have 90.90 air conditioners, of which the number of air conditioners in urban residents has reached 114.60. It can be said that every household has air conditioning. At the same time, complaints from the China Consumers Association over the years. In view of the fact that the number of complaints about air-conditioning maintenance has been high in recent years, it has always been one of the hot spots of consumer complaints. In 2017 alone, it reached 4,644.

Tao Ailian, deputy director and secretary general of Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee: In the past two years, we have received a lot of complaints about consumer appliance repairs, but even with so many complaints about home appliances, there are still a large number of consumers. The complaint, that is, if I pay a high cost, but my home appliance failure, for example, my maintenance failure is eliminated, I may not complain, so even if the consumer has a pain point, he is very Hard to reflect.

In this context, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee specially organized an air-conditioning maintenance consumer inspection, selected 58 cities, 360, Baidu, home appliances repair first-line, 962512, 114, public comment, Taobao, Suning, Gome, Jingdong as a physical examination Object, which involves 8 Internet platforms, 3 telephone inquiry platforms.

Before each inspection, the professional consultant will check the performance of the air conditioner to ensure that the air conditioner is operating normally, the refrigerant is sufficient, and then set a simple fault, set the universal remote control to garbled.

This means that the object of observation is that the maintenance personnel only need to correct the code of the remote control, so that the machine can be restored to normal. The normal charge is generally less than 100 yuan. In the face of this simple fault, the maintenance personnel have various fictional faults, minor illnesses. The routine of the overhaul began to emerge.

The staff first entered the words 'Air Conditioning Repair, Shanghai' in Baidu. The Baidu Home Top appeared as a service information of 'Shanghai Air Conditioning Repair Point'. The reporter saw that this company has obtained Baidu's reputation certification and was rated as The v3 level with higher reputation. After the maintenance personnel of the service provider came to the scene, they simply plugged in the power supply and did not check the remote control. They directly claimed that the computer board of the air conditioner indoor unit was damaged.

After the staff agreed to repair, I saw that the maintenance staff did not use any tools, directly put the hand into the air conditioner to adjust it, and then said that the computer board was repaired. Then the maintenance personnel also proposed that the air conditioner needs to add refrigerant freon.

Afterwards, the maintenance personnel took out the equipment and operated it, claiming that the air conditioner that was not deficient in fluorine was 'filled with fluorine'. The total charge was 730 yuan.

It is clear that the air conditioner can be repaired in less than one hundred yuan. The repairer that was recruited from Baidu has falsely claimed that the computer board is damaged and lacks refrigerant. The asking price is as high as 730 yuan, which is the most expensive maintenance for this physical examination. Business.

In the face of the glitch that is only garbled by the remote control, the maintenance staff of the 360 ​​search engine top recommended that the air conditioner compressor's capacitor is damaged and needs to be replaced. Seeing him first tried to pull the capacitor down, but after trying it, he didn't succeed. Then he said that the inspector didn't pay attention. He just wiped the original capacitor briefly and put it back. Then he told the inspector to say the capacitor. Already replaced, the final price of fluoride and capacitor replacement is 700 yuan.

The 58-city-recommended neighboring Yidao maintenance service personnel also claimed that the computer board was faulty, but proposed to take the computer board away and replace it, asking for 800 yuan, because the physical consultant did not agree to take away the replacement, and seeing that the money could not be made, The maintenance worker was furious and not only did not restore the disassembled indoor unit to its original state, and even sneaked out the power connection cable of the air conditioner outdoor unit. If the inspector is an ordinary consumer, the maintenance personnel are likely to do so. Caused an electric shock accident.

Ren Chaoying, an expert in the Household Appliances Office of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee: This line on the power supply is equipped with a voltage of 220V. Anyone who encounters this case is prone to electric shock and casualties, which is quite dangerous.

The final results show that only two of the 11 repair merchants are within the normal charge range, and the other nine have the problem of false reporting of overcharges, accounting for 81%; among them, public comment, Taobao, Gome, etc. The repairer charges between 200 and 500 yuan, which is 2 to 5 times the normal charge; Baidu, 360 top recommended two repairers charge the highest, through the fictitious computer board failure, falsely claiming the lack of refrigerant and other routines, the charge is reached More than 700 yuan, more than 7 times the normal charge. In addition, 58 recommended repairers in the same city top only charge a door fee of 80 yuan, but because there is no agreement with the inspectors on the high maintenance price, deliberately unplugged the power The connection line not only did not solve the air conditioning failure, but also left a huge safety hazard. It was also one of the most serious repairers in this investigation.

The Consumer Protection Committee told reporters that the three repair merchants recommended by Baidu, 360, 58 and the city exposed the most problems during the inspection process. The reporter noted that all three maintenance merchants have a common feature, that is, they and Baidu. The 360 ​​and 58 Internet platforms in the same city all have network promotion relationships. According to this, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee has notified and interviewed the platform on the results of the inspection.

58 This city's recommended repairer maliciously unplugged the power supply, leaving a huge security hazard, but at the ventilation meeting, the representatives of 58 cities did not even announce the details of the maintenance company.

The so-called network promotion is a kind of promotion service launched by many online search and information publishing platforms. After purchasing this service, enterprises will first appear in the corresponding search results of netizens by registering a certain number of keywords. Enterprises pay for performance, generally paying the corresponding fees to the cooperative search platform or information publishing platform by calculating the effective click rate.

The person in charge of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee told the reporter that the search platform will top the maintenance enterprise, and the enterprise will pay the search platform according to the click-through rate. In order to recover these customer costs, some unscrupulous maintenance companies choose to deceive consumers, fictional failures, minor illnesses, This is the most prominent problem found in this observation.

Tang Jiansheng, deputy secretary-general of Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee: We have calculated that the cost of getting each single ticket from the network is about one or two hundred dollars. We think about how much the air conditioner repairs its total profit? The cost of getting a ticket for each order is one or two hundred dollars. It depends on his normal charge and integrity maintenance. Does he earn it? He definitely can’t make it, so we found the three platforms that sell traffic there. The degree of repairing the customer is the highest.

In the interview, the reporter noticed that in addition to these problems, there are still many false promotion information on some network platforms, except for the air-conditioning repairers that have promotion services with the search platform.

During the interview, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee found that the 58-city-recommended neighboring home-to-maintenance service provider was a maintenance company registered in Chengdu. It was not registered in Shanghai, but was certified by Shanghai City as a local city. Merchant.

Subsequently, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee inspectors entered the 'Shanghai Maintenance Air Conditioning' on Baidu, and randomly selected a top ranked promotion company with Baidu v1 certification. This company displayed on the Baidu promotion page as 'factory after-sales maintenance. Service' .

Subsequently, the staff of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee also inquired about the phone call of the person in charge of the Daijin company's after-sales department, and found that the phone number found by the Baidu website did not match the telephone information provided by the person in charge of the after-sales department.

The relevant person in charge of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee said that these top maintenance service providers have a promotion business relationship with the search platform. As a search platform, they are obliged to conduct effective qualification review and supervision of the cooperative enterprises to ensure the promotion of the service quality of the enterprises. It should not be charged simply.

Tang Jiansheng, deputy secretary general of Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee: We have discovered the biggest problem of our consumer protection committee, that is, our current search platform, relying on this traffic to sell money, the price you sell is still very high, then There are a lot of unscrupulous operators, high-priced buying traffic and then slaughtering consumers. This is a bad cycle. We don't want him to have it. So we very much hope that your three platforms can be changed. We hope that you are not doing it. Clearly, if he is not a 'good guy', don't promote it to consumers. We hope that you will not help the unscrupulous operators to help you to sing.

In view of the fact that the network search platform has become one of the most important channels for consumers to obtain home appliance repair information, the head of the consumer rights organization believes that while strengthening the existing promotion enterprise audit mechanism, the key is to establish an integrity constraint mechanism for the Internet platform. Instead of the existing single bidding ranking mechanism, we can truly guarantee the legal compliance of the network platform when promoting the enterprise.

Tang Jiansheng, deputy secretary general of Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee: To solve this problem, we feel that the most important thing is to have a relevant mechanism of honesty and to establish it. These Internet platforms are actually our consumers. To search for these air-conditioning repairs, one of the most important entrances of these enterprises, these platforms do not have the corresponding integrity of the constraint mechanism, but use some so-called high-cost way to sell traffic, then the result must be caused by some bad cycle, that is High-priced traffic is sold to 'bad guys' and 'bad guys' to slaughter consumers. Such a cycle I think is both a violation of consumer rights and a destruction of the entire ecology.