Haier clothing network Hangzhou debut: wash and store to buy exclusive clothing butler

On July 28th, Haier Wisdom Family was specially announced for the 100 experience officers recruited in Zhejiang, and the 100 experience officers also experienced the full scene of Haier Smart Home Ecosphere. Among them, the Internet of Things is an important component of Haier's smart family ecosystem. In part, relying on the Internet of Things technology to link smart washing machines, children's smart wardrobes and other products, to bring consumers washing, protection, storage, and purchase, to purchase a whole life cycle wisdom solution, to be the exclusive clothing butler.

At present, China's washing machines are facing a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, and the global washing machine industry is accelerating and reshaping. 'High-end, complete sets, intelligent' has gradually become the development trend of washing machines. In this context, various home appliance companies have arranged intelligence Washing machine, but most of them simply move the control button from the washing machine to the mobile phone. It is not connected, not complete, and does not realize real intelligence.

Different from other companies, Haier will implement smart laundry with a complete set of Internet of Things appliances. Haier Internet of Things uses RFID IOT recognition technology to connect clothes with washing machines, smart wardrobes, 3D fitting mirrors and other nets to bring clothes to wash. In the washing stage, Haier Smart Washing Machine can intelligently identify the clothing brand, material, fabric, matching the exclusive washing program, and also identify the detergent delivery parameters to match the exclusive delivery standard, and more air wash The program brings a third type of clothing care in addition to dry cleaning and washing. Extending to clothing care, the smart ironing board can automatically control temperature, pressure, and bring professional care services; in the storage stage, Haier children's smart wardrobe can provide clothing Coding, drying, dehumidification and other services. In the field of clothing wear and purchase, Haier 3D smart wardrobe mirror can automatically identify the material, type, etc. of the clothing, to provide users with the most suitable wear service, but also to buy the favorite clothing with one click .

At the scene, Haier demonstrated the full-process intelligent washing experience brought by the clothing network. First, the staff demonstrated washing a wool suit, she first pre-treated the stain on the suit with a special care agent, and then put it into the fiber. Smart washing machine, washing machine intelligently recognizes the suit fabric as wool, the color is gray and other information, and automatically matches the wool washing program; then, the staff comes to the children's smart wardrobe, looking for a dress, the wardrobe shows the skirt brand for the British and storage Location, number of treatments, etc.

Haier Clothing Network is the industrial Internet cloud platform of COSMOPlat in the field of mass customization of clothing. It relies on the smart home appliances and Internet of Things technology of the Internet of Things to provide users with solutions for the whole life cycle of washing, protecting, storing, and purchasing. Through cross-border cooperation with clothing and home textiles, dyeing and dyeing industry, and clothing and materials technology industry, we have achieved win-win value for all stakeholders in the open shared care ecosystem. Haier Internet of Things is also becoming available to users through COSMOPlat. A typical case of custom solutions in the apparel sector.