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If you are a professional person, it is estimated that you will have participated in many boring meetings. It is reasonable to say that it should be an efficient meeting. Why do you bring the white-collar workers in the workplace with a drag, inefficiency and a waste of time? There is a traditional conference system that is not 'efficient'! The 86-inch MAXHUB X3 conference flat panel (the nominal model: UM86CA, hereinafter referred to as MAXHUB) that we tried today can "give speed" to our corporate conferences? Let us use Let me talk about the article!

What equipment do you use to meet now? Notebooks or laptops, mobile phones, projections, whiteboards, etc., cause confusion in the conference facilities in our conference rooms, conference desktops are not enough, and the switch between the projector and the whiteboard is for the participants. Very uncomfortable, how can participants communicate effectively in such a crowded and diverse environment?

The MAXHUB X3 conference tablet we tried this time, the main body is an 86-inch LCD screen with touch function, even for departmental meetings of up to 50 people, it can be easily handled, and the left and right sides can be summoned at any time. ' The annotation function is more convenient for the presenter to write at any time. It is very convenient for both machines.

Some friends may think that the traditional projection + whiteboard can cope with the current meeting needs, please help these friends to stand up, the next article will subvert your perception of the meeting.

Let’s start with the installation.

The traditional conference system mostly uses projection + whiteboard to solve. The projection equipment needs to be bound in the ceiling of the conference room to give people a sense of oppression. The whiteboard needs to be considered when the enterprise is renovated. Otherwise, the whiteboard can only be pushed around. But MAXHUB installation does not need to be so cumbersome.

According to our previous experience, such a large product installation is very cumbersome, and it takes at least two hours to complete. When I think of the modular design of MAXHUB, the total installation time is controlled within 15 minutes, and the installer only needs to assemble the base. Well, the base and the 86-inch touch screen can be fixed by screws.

Unlike the traditional conference equipment that needs to be controlled during the renovation of the corporate conference room, the MAXHUB installation is so simple that it can help some enterprises that want to improve the conference system and do not want to decorate quickly build an advanced conference system.

Why does MAXHUB eliminate projection?

As we all know, most of the equipment used for display in the conference room uses projection. The main advantage of the conference projection equipment is that the projection screen is large, and it can easily reach the 100-inch screen. But why do we say that MAXHUB may eliminate the projection?

The projection adopts the principle of reflective imaging, which requires high brightness for the environment. The contrast and color richness of the image are not as good as those of the LCD screen. Even many friends who are joking are saying that they are opening a 'black meeting'. In this case, the participants It is very 'expensive' to want to make meeting notes. In addition, for the subsequent equipment maintenance, due to the attenuation of the bulb brightness, some of the bulbs need to be replaced frequently. It costs time to increase the cost. We try this time. The MAXHUB X3 conference tablet is the 86-inch Ultimate, with a nominal resolution of 3840*2160, a nominal brightness of 250cd/m2, and a horizontal and vertical 178° viewing angle for users to get a fine, clear, multi-angle conference view.

(Left: MAXHUB X3 Conference Tablet; Right: Other Conference Tablets)

At present, the projection products for conferences are mainly VGA and HDMI interfaces. If you need to screen for interface or distance problems, you can only purchase other accessories.

The standard interface of MAXHUB is HDMI interface, USB2.0 interface*2, USB3.0 interface*2, audio output, audio input (removable PC module), HDMI output, HDMI input*2, USB3.0 interface, USB2. 0 interface *3, network interface (host comes with), we can see that the MAXHUB interface is mainly focused on the audio and video HDMI interface and the data transmission USB interface, abandoning the analog signal VGA interface that has been gradually eliminated, thus The user projects a high-resolution image to provide the basis for data transmission. The wireless screen product can quickly transfer the PC screen to the big screen and save the line.

In addition to the standard mobile stand, we also experienced the MAXHUB peripheral accessories wireless transmitter, stylus and storage pen holder. In this section we focus on the MAXHUB wireless transmitter, this product with USB2.0 or above, Type A interface It can support Windows7, macOS10.10 and above operating systems. It can be installed manually by computer. It only needs to be plugged into the MAXHUB USB interface for pairing in the first use. The participants will then use MAXHUB wireless. Connect the screen to the computer, click on the central 'triangle' unit to display the computer screen on the same screen.

For the mobile office trend, Apple users only need to connect the mobile phone and tablet device to the MAXHUB X3 wireless hotspot, and then use the screen mirror function of the mobile phone to display the mobile phone screen to the conference tablet; Android users can use the MAXHUB X3 screen assistant. It is easy to implement the mobile terminal software projection. In addition, through the MAXHUB screen assistant, you can directly control the MAXHUB X3 large screen on the mobile phone or tablet. The participants can sit in the seat for writing, annotation and presentation.

Compared with other conference panels, MAXHUB X3 wireless transmission not only achieves stable transmission of 0.09S, but also supports simultaneous transmission of up to four different terminals at the same time, allowing participants to share information on mobile phones, tablets and other devices in a timely manner. Give each participant a better meeting.

The power of MAXHUB is so powerful that you can’t imagine it.

1. Whiteboard writing function

Since it is a conference tablet, the whiteboard function is definitely standard. Let's take a look at the power of the MAXHUB X3 whiteboard function.

(Left: MAXHUB X3 Conference Tablet; Right: Other Conference Tablets)

The MAXHUB X3 conference tablet is the first to apply capacitive + electromagnetic dual touch technology on large-size screens. The writing accuracy of the electromagnetic pen can reach ±0.5mm, the writing is smooth, and the participants can also write with hand touch. The MAXHUB X3 The flagship version continues this technology, and with self-developed intelligent recognition technology, it can support graphics recognition and insert tables, which effectively improves the efficiency of our flow chart on the whiteboard, drawing tables and viewing.

In actual use, we noticed that the user touch-handwriting on the screen and writing with the electromagnetic pen are two experiences. The latter can not only perceive the weight of the writer to control the corresponding stroke thickness, but also write the stroke effect. Of course It can be erased with the palm of your hand, it is very convenient and easy to use!

Why is the first one to say the whiteboard writing function? MAXHUB X3 supports writing in any mode, whether in the whiteboard writing function, or PPT presentation, simultaneous projection, video conferencing, the user can pass the screen. The shortcut operation window on both sides 'calls' the writing function, and through the sharing function, the written and annotated content is directly shared by the QR code to each participant (if the confidential information user can also encrypt the sharing) Set, ensure that the information is not transmitted), or directly stored in the cloud (MAXHUB provides 2G personal cloud space for free), no longer let the participants bury their minutes and concentrate on listening to the meeting.

2. Welcome display function

As a good employee of the company, the host of the conference, a medium-sized conference must have a conference theme, or a heavyweight leadership meeting with a foreign company. It is indispensable to show the importance of the company. Do you still customize the banner? What? MAXHUB X3 can help you quickly.

Under the Android interface of the MAXHUB X3 conference tablet, you can quickly wake up the welcome display function of the product by dragging the screen to the right side. This function is not only equipped with more than a dozen templates, but users can also customize according to the requirements of the enterprise meeting. Templates, and most importantly, this feature also supports plug-in music, making it easy to get a meeting atmosphere.

3. Video conferencing function

At present, most conference boards in the domestic market need to be additionally equipped with third-party video conferencing software and hardware to support remote conferences. On the one hand, the cost is increased, on the other hand, the deployment is troublesome and the compatibility problem needs to be solved. The MAXHUB X3 Video conferencing has brought us a big surprise. Click on the MAXHUB Home Cloud Conference to start a video conference with one click. You can either share the video or share the screen at the same time. Others such as mobile phones, computers, etc. download the MAXHUB Cloud Conference App. Can join the meeting.

In terms of hardware configuration, the product is equipped with a corresponding 12-megapixel camera on the left side, right side and upper part of the fuselage. Not only does it have automatic white balance adaptive ambient brightness, the product can pass through the camera on both sides of the camera. The omnidirectional six-array microphone supports intelligent switching between cameras. For the echo problem generated by the conference room, the MAXHUB X3 conference tablet can support echo cancellation, helping the participants to clearly see and hear the conference content.

Joining the cloud conference, when using the left and right cameras, the screen is very on the scene. The two heights are around 150cm (the camera is hidden and the appearance is basically invisible), the camera is more like shooting in front of people. When sitting down, also It will not be shot to the top of the head because the camera height is too high. After careful research, it is found that the left and right cameras have a certain camber angle. In a relatively large space, the participants can be clearly seen. The details are very good. Thumbs up .

In addition to automatic camera capture, the MAXHUB X3 conference tablet can be manually selected to secure the camera with one of the three cameras, reducing the embarrassing situation of frequently switching screens due to the active presentation of the conference.

These features are essential for efficient meetings

An efficient meeting needs to limit the time of the speaker, select the main discussion content of the meeting, share the meeting information in time, etc. The artificial reminder and meeting record is obviously a 'stupid way' compared with the function of MAXHUB!


We can choose the function of summoning the tools through the buoys on both sides of the screen in any function. Among the many tools, the one I like most is the timer.

The main reason why we usually attend the meeting is that the participants' time concept is not strong. The participants who listened are embarrassed to remind them of the time problem. With this function, just set the corresponding time and you can display it on the screen by dragging and dropping. Any location, helping the meeting to increase efficiency significantly.

2. Note

Although a meeting is a preaching, but more is a discussion, the topic of the day is thrown from time to time, maybe you will be farther and farther away from the original intention of the meeting, the sticky note function can set up a corresponding discussion point before the meeting. , to provide a reasonable framework for the issues discussed at the meeting.

If a note is not enough to write, participants can also create multiple notes, and even write the questions and answers in the two notes to facilitate the discussion.

3. Voter

Since it is a meeting, we are always discussing some issues and reaching consensus on some issues. In our traditional meetings, we like to use a show of hands to vote, which is not conducive to the participants' true expression of their attitude. The MAXHUB voter function can be Solve this problem.

By clicking the voting function in the tool, the participants can list the options. Other participants can scan the QR code to vote on the mobile phone. The final result will be displayed on the MAXHUB screen in real time, which is fair and confidential. The result of the meeting is the choice of most people.

4. Quick search function

In the meeting, our imaginative imagination always needs to be verified. The participants using MAXHUB, in addition to the Internet search through the mobile phone, in fact, the product also provides an all-time search function.

The quick search function in the toolbar of MAXHUB is to provide corresponding search service for Sogou. It can provide real-time search service for participants, which is convenient for corresponding inquiry, help conference to improve external information supply and improve conference efficiency.

Android 7.0 & Win10 dual system escort

As we all know, most of the employees in the enterprise use the Windows system on the PC, but they prefer the smooth operation experience like the Android system. On the one hand, the usage habits, on the other hand, the use expectations, MAXHUB equipped with Android7.0+Windows10 dual system can solve the problem for users. The above problems, the performance is further improved than the previous generation.

Tap the screen (the product hardware switch is above the power connector on the left side of the fuselage). After waking up the MAXHUB, the first thing that comes into view is the standard horizontal Android operation interface. There are only three functions of whiteboard writing, document presentation and video conference. Options and current time and date, the interface design is very clean and refreshing.

After clicking on more apps at the bottom of the screen, we can see that all the apps are arranged in two rows on the screen, which is very convenient.

In the Android interface, click the Windows LOGO in the lower left corner of the screen to 'call' out the familiar Windows interface. Users can download and install the corresponding software in this interface, which is convenient for conference use. The product comes standard with Windows 10 on the software. Enterprise 64-bit system, can be equipped with Intel Core 7th generation processor, can support up to 16GB DDR4 memory, enough to support the smooth use of corporate meetings, compatibility, scalability is very strong.

to sum up:

Our trial of MAXHUB Ultimate's 86-inch flat-panel conference system is so long, but the author's opinion only mentions some features that we think are distinctive, accounting for only one-tenth of the total application of the product, more Functional applications are waiting for you to discover. When you use MAXHUB like us, you will find that the original disgusting meeting can be so efficient and interesting, helping the company's discussions more fully and accurately. Just like us Said that 'MAXHUB is so powerful that you can't imagine it!' .