Reading: ThinkPad E485 Review: Full of blood version of AMD Ruilong blessing amazing avant-garde! ThinkPad E485 evaluation: full of blood version of AMD Ruilong blessing amazing avant-garde!

Speaking of ThinkPad, what do you think of? Is it a durable product quality, or a rigorous professional black body? Or a standard Little Red Riding Hood design? Yes, there are a thousand Hamlet, a thousand users in the eyes of a thousand people. There will also be a thousand ThinkPads in mind. However, the ThinkPad has been constantly changing and evolving in the course of its development in the past twenty-six years. While continuing the classic elements, it has also added more innovative designs and applications. The ThinkPad E series is the representative of it.

ThinkPad E series is an efficient productivity tool designed for young users such as student users and newcomers. At the beginning of its birth, the ThinkPad E series emphasizes the value of the core products to the users. It not only continues the professional and durable quality of ThinkPad products, but also inherently The pioneering spirit is in line with the younger generation of young people. With the arrival of AMD's eighth-generation APU, the ThinkPad E series has also launched the latest product, the ThinkPad E485, equipped with the full-blood AMD® AcerTM processor. Performance and speed.

First, the design: simple and tough, flexible and sturdy

Users familiar with the ThinkPad series of notebooks know that the design of this series is inspired by a lacquered lunch box, and the new ThinkPad E485 is loyal to the design of the Songhuatang Bento Box, with a simple right-angled design to outline the tough appearance.

Simple and tough design

At the same time, in order to make the product more portable, the ThinkPad E485 also adopts a flexible body design, as thin as 21.9mm, as light as 1.78kg, can be easily put into a shoulder bag, 180° opening and closing design (alloy shaft design experience 30,000 times) Opening and closing test), it is more conducive to sharing screens from multiple angles.

Flexible and portable body

The narrow-frame display has become mainstream now, and the ThinkPad E series, which is known as the 'Avant-garde', is no exception. The ThinkPad E485 uses a 14-inch resolution of 1920×1080, and a 6.9mm narrow border design. At the same time, the broad visual experience enhances the impact resistance of the narrow side.

14" narrow bezel display

Of course, in addition to the current mainstream design elements, the ThinkPad E485 still inherits the iconic Little Red Riding Hood and classic touch design of the ThinkPad series. Users can replace the traditional mouse without shifting their fingers, thus achieving a precise and fast control experience.

ThinkPad classic design

The keyboard, X-shaped support structure, 1.8 mm key stroke, and professional splash design all give users a better input experience, and a backlit keyboard is available as an option.

ThinkPad classic design

In terms of interface, ThinkPad E485 has 2×USB 3.0 interface, 1×USB 2.0 interface, 1×HDMI interface, RJ45 network port, and Micro SD card reader, which can meet the daily basic expansion requirements. At the same time, it is compatible with ThinkPad. Peripheral accessories (ThinkLife wireless business mouse, ThinkPad USB-C 45W portable travel power adapter, USB-C to VGA adapter cable), can also greatly enhance the productivity of this new product.

ThinkPad E485 body interface

Second, performance: performance in the same price business

In terms of hardware configuration, this evaluation prototype uses AMD® RuilongTM 5 2500U processor, built-in RadeonTM Vega 8 Graphics graphics card, 8GB DDR4 memory, 128GB SSD+1TB HDD hard disk combination, ThinkPad E485 is also in the ThinkPad family. One of the first products to be powered by AMD® Rex® mobile processor.

AMD® RuilongTM 5 2500U processor

The ThinkPad E485 is equipped with a full-blood AMD® AthlonTM 5 2500U processor (basic frequency: 2.0GHz, core frequency: 3.6GHz, cache: 4MB), quad-core eight threads, TDP 15W.


As AMD's processor for mobile platforms, the performance improvement of the RuilongTM 5 2500U is very obvious. The results of the processor performance test (CINEBENCH R15) can also be seen. The ThinkPad E485 is equipped with the RuilongTM 5 2500U. (Multicore: 552cb, single core: 129cb), theoretical performance between Intel's eighth generation Core i5-8250U (multicore: 531cb, single core: 148cb) and i7-8550U (multicore: 615cb, single core: 169cb) , has obvious advantages in the same price products.

The newly upgraded AMD® AcerTM processor features power-optimized, adaptive dynamic spread spectrum (XFR), intelligent data prefetching and other new intelligent functions to detect CPU temperature, power consumption and resource usage, and optimize operation in real time. Ensure that processor resources are used efficiently.

Processor theoretical performance test

RadeonTM Vega 8 Graphics

At the same time, the RadeonTM 5 2500U also has a built-in RadeonTM Vega 8 Graphics card based on the Vega architecture (Fire Strike: 1655, Fire Strike Extreme: 737), which can provide more efficient and smoother based on further liberation of CPU computing power. Image rendering and loading experience, while supporting 4K signal output, to meet the needs of users with ultra-high-definition screens.

Considering that the evaluation prototype uses single-channel memory, the APU's built-in graphics card does not play the full performance. Users can expand the dual-channel memory slot that comes with the product to achieve better performance, in addition to daily In addition to office needs, the problem of dealing with mainstream online games is not big.


DDR4 dual memory slot + dual hard drive (PCIe, SATA)

Storage configuration, the evaluation prototype uses 8GB DDR4 memory, and 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD hard drive combination, and built-in dual channel memory slot (up to 32GB) and dual hard drive bit, can be freely combined according to user needs In the solid state drive test (CrystalDiskMark), this 128GB SSD has a sustained read speed of 1384.2MB/s and a sustained write speed of 714.1MB/s, which can provide users with a smooth experience.


Comprehensive performance theory test

Third, ThinkPad fast charging technology + ThinkCool black cool cooling technology

● ThinkCool black cool cooling technology

In terms of heat dissipation performance, we performed a full load double bake test on the evaluation prototype. The initial conditions of the test are as follows:

Test tool: AIDA64, FurMark, room temperature: 30°C, CPU load: 100%, Test time: >1 hour

AIDA64 and FurMark are two commonly used copying tools. AIDA64 can test the heat dissipation capability of the product through System Stability Test, and provide real-time updated voltage and temperature to monitor the thermal performance of the product. FurMark The performance of the graphics card is measured by the fur rendering algorithm, we will use this two software to double-boil the machine.

The test prototype continued to run for 1 hour, 59 minutes and 07 seconds under full load of the CPU, and the CPU temperature has stabilized.

AIDA64 system stability test

It can be seen from the image generated by the infrared thermometer that at room temperature of 30 ° C, the high temperature region is mainly concentrated near the right side of the vent hole (the highest temperature is 59.4 ° C), and the keyboard area temperature is slightly higher (the average temperature is 44.3 ° C) ), but does not affect normal use.

Body C surface temperature distribution

On the D side of the fuselage, the high temperature area appears at the air inlet (maximum temperature 59.5 ° C), and the distribution area is relatively concentrated. Overall, the evaluation prototype does not generate excessive noise under high load. However, in actual use, long-term high-load usage is relatively rare, so the temperature in the test results usually does not occur.

Body D surface temperature distribution

ThinkPad fast charging technology

ThinkPad E485 also supports ThinkPad fast charging technology, which can reach 80% of electricity in 1 hour of charging, which is very practical for users who travel frequently and travel. In actual test, it only took about one hour to charge from 15% to 94%. .

ThinkPad fast charging technology

Fourth, after-sales service + pre-installed software

● All-round after-sales service

In addition to the ThinkPad E485 product itself, the ThinkPad series also provides quality after-sales protection, such as high-end dedicated line support, global warranty, and multi-channel ThinkPad service support (telephone, online, QQ, WeChat), etc., all included in ThinkPlus to 臻Among the services.

● ThinkPad customized version of the computer housekeeper

In addition, ThinkPad E485 built-in ThinkPad customized version of the computer housekeeper, integrated optimization acceleration, virus killing, system hardware, drive management, customer service and other common functions, this enhanced management software can provide great convenience, even if not Users who are familiar with the daily settings of the computer can also easily manage the status of the ThinkPad E485.

ThinkPad custom version of the computer housekeeper

Five, PConline evaluation room summary

● Product information and test results

Product configuration
ThinkPad E485
AMD RyzenTM 5 2500U
Graphics card
RadeonTM Vega 8 Graphics
14 inches (1920x1280)
hard disk
operating system
Windows 10 Family Chinese Edition
Performance Testing
Default setting (the higher the score, the better the performance)
CINEBENCH R15 (processor)
552cb (multicore) / 129cb (single core)
CrystalDiskMark (solid state drive)
Continuous read speed: 1384.2 MB/s, continuous write speed: 714.1 MB/s
PCMark 10 (comprehensive performance test)
PCMark 8 (end of life test)

Evaluation summary

In many people's impressions, ThinkPad is the representative of business notebooks, professional and rigorous, durable product design left a deep impression on users. And ThinkPad E485 as the 'avant-garde' in ThinkPad products, inherited the classic design (Classic appearance, small red dot, APS hard disk protection, high-end after-sales), while also adding the latest product features (full blood version of the sharp processor, narrow border display, ThinkPad custom version of the computer housekeeper), can meet diversification User needs, for student users, newcomers, individual businesses, and start-up SME users, ThinkPad E485 is definitely a stable and reliable choice.