Full screen Apple Watch exposure: The size of the body is unchanged, the screen is bigger

If Apple’s biggest surprise for last year’s fall conference was the full-screen iPhone, then this year’s autumn conference, Apple may bring a lot of surprises at one time, including the first application of full-screen design. Apple Watch new product.

Although the appearance of the iPhone and iPad is constantly upgrading, Apple seems to be less concerned about the appearance of the Apple Watch. Despite the increasing functionality and speed, Apple has been in the third generation since the Apple Watch was released. The design has not changed, but the unchanging appearance makes consumers gradually have some aesthetic fatigue.

If you can launch a 'full screen' Apple Watch for users in the current 'full screen' market, will the effect be better? From the analyst's exposure, it is clear that Apple Apple Watch The designers also have this idea.

According to exposure information and analyst forecasts, the new Apple Watch display will be 15% higher than the previous device, 38mm and 42mm will have 1.57-inch and 1.78-inch display respectively, the overall size of the body will not change, while the previous Apple Watch The strap can still be used universally.

The larger screen ratio means that Apple Watch will have more display space, and this solution also solves the problem of balance between smart watch size and screen. I believe this 'full screen' version of Apple Watch has There are good reasons to win the favor of the fruit powder.