Reading: Which notebook is better than 5,000 yuan? These products should not be missed! Which notebook is better than 5,000 yuan? These products should not be missed!

The long-awaited summer vacation is finally here. What are your plans for your friends? Are there any new study plans? Or are you going to travel on a walk? Of course, whether you are traveling or studying hard, In the concept of most student parties, the high-value + high-performance notebook seems to be out of reach, but in fact, the budget of about 5,000 yuan can already buy such a notebook! Let's take a look at these cost-effective products!

Speaking of about 5,000 yuan, there are a lot of notebooks available for users to choose from. We also selected four main cost-effective notebooks from the list of products, namely, the glory MagicBook (i5-8250U) and the glory MagicBook (Ryzen 5). 2500U), HP 66 Pro G1, and Lenovo Small Trend 7000 (13.3 inches), So what are the actual experiences of these products and which users are suitable for them? Let us first look at the conclusions:

Game experience comparison (the higher the number of frames, the better)
User needs
Recommended Products
Recommended reason
Daily work, playing online games, business office
Glory MagicBook (i5-8250U) / HP Battle 66 Pro G1
1, strong performance
2, lasting battery life
3, full blood version MX150
4, fingerprint identification module
Light and stylish, traveling
Glory MagicBook (i5-8250U) / Lenovo small trendy 7000 (13.3 inches)
1, light and portable
2, lasting battery life
3, efficient performance

On the whole, the glory MagicBook (i5-8250U) is outstanding overall and can meet most different usage requirements. Let's compare it from multiple dimensions.

First, the comparison of paper strength

In terms of paper strength, these products have different hardware configurations and thickness/weight. Among them, Lenovo Small Trendy 7000 (13.3 inches) has the highest portability, and the Glory MagicBook (i5-8250U) and HP Fight 66 Pro G1 have higher configurations. , and the glory MagicBook (Ryzen 5 2500U) has the lowest price.

Paper strength comparison
Product number
Hardware Configuration
Fingerprint recognition
Price (Jingdong)
Glory MagicBook (i5-8250U)
i5-8250U/full blood version MX150/8GB/256GB SSD
4999 yuan
Glory MagicBook (Ryzen 5 2500U)
Ryzen 5 2500U/8GB/256GB SSD
3999 yuan
HP Battle 66 Pro G1
i5-8250U/full blood version MX150/8GB/360GB PCIe SSD
4999 yuan
Lenovo Small Trendy 7000 (13.3 inches)
i5-8250U/MX150/8GB/256GB PCIe SSD
4999 yuan

Second, theoretical performance comparison

Test items: processor performance, battery life, comprehensive performance test

Test software: CineBench R15, PCMark 8 (The scene of long-term cyclic high load during daily use is not common, so the actual use time is much higher than the following endurance test results.), PCMark 10 (base test)

Theoretical performance comparison (the bigger the value, the better)
Product number
Processor (CineBench R15)
Life time (PCMark 8)
Comprehensive performance test (PCMark 10)
Glory MagicBook (i5-8250U)
Multicore: 575cb, single core: 146cb
Glory MagicBook (Ryzen 5 2500U)
Multicore: 552cb, single core: 138cb
HP Battle 66 Pro G1
Multicore: 605cb, single core: 146cb
Lenovo Small Trendy 7000 (13.3 inches)
Multicore: 558cb, single core: 141cb

Theoretical performance comparison (with the Ruilong version of MagicBook as a reference)

Summary: In terms of theoretical performance, the HP 66 Pro G1 has the best processor performance release, and the glory MagicBook (i5-8250U) is eye-catching in terms of battery life and overall performance.

Third, the application experience

Test project: Open Excel file, image processing, video processing (Test data is manually recorded, there may be some error)

Open the Excel file: Open a large Excel file (55.4MB).

Image processing: The light and shadow magic hand resizes (100×1080) + pencil sketch effect on 100 images with a resolution of 3840×2160.

Video Processor: Adobe Premiere Pro exports processed video (167MB).

Application experience comparison (the shorter the time, the better)
Product number
Open a large Excel file
Picture processing
Video processing
Glory MagicBook (i5-8250U)
First time: 120.8s
Second time: 111.2s
Third time: 118.9s
First time: 52.0s
Second time: 50.4s
Third time: 51.7s
First time: 16.7s
Second time: 16.2s
Third time: 16.3s
Glory MagicBook (Ryzen 5 2500U)
First time: 168.6s
Second time: 152.6s
Third time: 144.4s
First time: 67.7s
Second time: 74.7s
Third time: 69.0s
First time: 26.3s
Second time: 28.0s
Third time: 26.8s
HP Battle 66 Pro G1
First time: 109.7s
Second time: 116.6s
Third time: 115.7s
First time: 52.6s
Second time: 52.7s
Third time: 50.6s
First time: 15.6s
Second time: 14.9s
Third time: 14.8s
Lenovo Small Trendy 7000 (13.3 inches)
First time: 136.6s
Second time: 114.0s
Third time: 138.8s
First time: 55.6s
Second time: 47.1s
Third time: 47.0s
First time: 17.2s
Second time: 17.2s
Third time: 18.0s

Application experience comparison (the shorter the time, the better)

Summary: In the actual experience, the Glory MagicBook (i5-8250U), HP 66 Pro G1, Lenovo Small Trend 7000 (13.3 inches) are not much different. From the perspective of daily work, the glory MagicBook (i5- 8250U) and HP Combat 66 Pro G1 perform better, overall professionalism is higher.

Fourth, the game experience

Test Project: League of Legends, Watching Pioneer

Game experience comparison (the higher the number of frames, the better)
Product number
League of Legends (image quality: extremely high)
Watch pioneer (image quality: custom)
Glory MagicBook (i5-8250U)
Average number of frames: 81.20fps
Average number of frames: 66.86fps
Glory MagicBook (Ryzen 5 2500U)
Average number of frames: 55.20fps
Average number of frames: 59.94fps
HP Battle 66 Pro G1
Average number of frames: 74.53fps
Average number of frames: 66.57fps
Lenovo Small Trends 7000
Average number of frames: 69.15fps
Average number of frames: 64.78fps

Game experience comparison (the higher the number of frames, the better)

Summary: In terms of gaming experience, these products can run popular online games smoothly, but the glory MagicBook (i5-8250U) and the HP 66 Pro G1 are equipped with a full-blooded version of the MX150 alone, so the game experience is even better.

Through the above tests, we can see that the glory MagicBook (i5-8250U) has the most obvious advantages in these products, and whether it is 7.6s to quickly enter the fingerprint recognition function of the OS system, or Magic-Link smart internet, dual wireless wifi, Can give users a better experience. At the same time, these 5,000 yuan notebooks are cost-effective products, but the glory MagicBook (i5-8250U) and HP 66 66 Pro G1 performance is even better, you can give Users bring a better application/entertainment experience. Of course, if you value the portability of the product, Lenovo Small Trendy 7000 (13.3 inches) is also a good choice.

How about? The high performance of the 5,000 yuan price + high value and lightness is quite a lot. Is there any of these that you want? With these products, are you still worried that your summer vacation is not rich enough?