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With the rapid development of the notebook industry today, the performance of notebooks is getting stronger and stronger, which makes us have a great improvement in both leisure and work efficiency. But today, there are many notebook products, and major manufacturers have also launched unique features. New products to attract consumers' attention, how to choose a notebook that is very smooth in office and entertainment, often become a lot of troubles.

Many people often make choices when they buy a notebook. After all, they have to consider the price, and they have to consider all aspects of the configuration. It is a lot of trouble. Today, Xiaobian has compiled high-quality notebook products worth buying, no matter what you are using. Office or entertainment, you can definitely meet your needs, let us take a look.

Recommended products: ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation

Reference price: starting from 7299 yuan

The ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation has a 15.6-inch 1080P display, equipped with sky green, starry sky gray, matt gray, metal silver, ice diamond gold, five such eye-catching fashion colors, each one is full of personality, interpretation of the youth. The body is made of advanced lightweight structure, light to 1.8kg, thin and about 18mm, light enough to be portable, ready to go with you.

Thanks to the stylish narrow side frame design, the ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation screen is integrated with the body. At first glance, it has a sense of technology. Its screen ratio has reached about 86%, bringing a more intense visual impact. Reduce the sense of visual restraint, so that we seem to be in it. The fuselage uses ErgoLift design shaft, it is enabled when booting. 3.5° keyboard position small lifting design, bringing a good typing angle, making the typing feel comfortable and large span, to meet the user's office demand.

ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation thin and light with Intel's eighth-generation Core i7-8550U processor, powerful performance brings a fast office experience, even if you handle multiple programs at the same time can achieve seamless switching, efficient and more fun. NVIDIA GeForceMX150 high-performance discrete graphics card, with excellent graphics processing capabilities, can smoothly run PS and other graphics processing software. Optional 16GB DDR4 memory, more open and no card, faster task execution, greatly improve user productivity. Optional 512GB solid state Hard disk program loading speed, one step faster, from the moment to open.

At the same time, the ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation is equipped with a full-size backlit keyboard, which can still work efficiently in a dim environment. The keyboard layout is more ergonomically designed, and the durable integrated structure and 1.4mm keystroke typing are more comfortable. Innovative interaction , just touch the function key, you can easily realize the function operation without the FN key combination.

In terms of expansion, the ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation has a USB Type-C interface that is pluggable and pluggable. The data transmission speed is theoretically ten times faster than the USB 2.0 block. It is also equipped with USB 3.1 Gen1, USB2.0, HDMI and microSD card readers. Mainstream interface, easy external peripherals, extended worry-free.

Recommended reason: ASUS Lingyao S 2 generation thin and stylish appearance, creating a user's simple and beautiful fan! Strong performance brings fast speed, busy work can also be a good deal. Steady body + 澎湃 performance truly performance and beauty The value is flying together, it can be said that ASUS shot the 'Wang Bing'.

Recommended products: HP Star Series 14

Reference price: 6199 yuan

In terms of appearance, the HP Star Series 14 notebook features a highly angular design. The upper and lower micro-convex + central concave wedge frame design makes this product more modern, different from the sleek design of the same type of product. The current design gives the star series a high degree of recognition. At the same time, this notebook also offers champagne gold, quiet silver, and first love powder three colors, more stylish personality.

The HP Star Series 14 features a 5.52 micro-border design with FHD IPS high-resolution display, full color gamut for a purer visual experience. Also on the keyboard, it comes with a full-size backlit keyboard with a 1.5mm keystroke. Allows you to operate freely, day or night.

The HP Star Series 14 is equipped with the 8th generation Intel Core processor, and its processor performance is improved by more than 30% compared with the previous generation. It supports 4K UHD HDR content, the picture details are clear and high, editing, creation are all with the 'core'. With SSD solid state Hard disk and DDR4 memory, multi-tasking operation can also be free. Built-in NVIDIA GeForce MX150 GDDR5 2GB 'full blood version' discrete graphics, bring you a fun entertainment experience.

Recommended reason: The unconventional design style is in line with the spirit of individuality and differentiation of the younger generation, coupled with the strong performance configuration, which is enough to meet the dual needs of young users for work and play. For the value of the face, the pursuit of fashion quality, also need high For those who are cost-effective, the HP Star Series 14 notebook is a good choice.

Recommended products: Lenovo small trendy 7000 2018

Reference price: 5699 yuan

Lenovo 2018 small trendy 7000-14 machine design is derived from the minimalist design language, with a strong line, neat appearance. It uses a three-sided narrow design, screen ratio of up to 80.8%, the screen is seamless, bring you feel big The extraordinary charm of the field of vision. Built-in a 52.5Thr high-density lithium battery, the body is thinner and lighter, the 7000-14 can be used for a full 10 hours of charging, and the long battery life will escort your work.

Lenovo's small and trendy 7000 2018 models are equipped with powerful and efficient Intel's eighth-generation quad-core i7 processor, which is 40% better than the previous generation. The lightweight body has AMD R535 game graphics built in, and the games such as "League of Legends" and "DOTA" are not available. Stress, easy to dislike like idols. Performance is stronger, faster than faster.

In addition, it has prepared a dual-drive solution that is speed and capacity compatible. The 128GB NVMe PCle SSD has at least a 2x improvement in read speed compared to a normal SSD drive. Compared with the same price, the 2018 is a small 7000- 14 has a 2TB HDD hard drive, which allows us to store 500 movies of 2 hours duration, or up to 33,320 hours of digital music. Large-capacity storage space is extremely convenient for our daily use.

Recommended reason: As a light and thin, Lenovo's small 7000 14 is very good. It has a simple and exquisite appearance and a light and portable body. I believe that young white-collar workers will like it. And the excellent hardware configuration also meets the daily work needs. Can meet certain entertainment needs. For those who have expectations for light and thin and efficient life, this notebook will not let you down.

to sum up: As people become more and more critical about electronic products, we require superior performance while at the same time demanding a good looking look. For many people, the role of notebooks in business interaction has changed from a pure productivity tool. A product that enhances your image. The above notebooks are very thin and elegant, and the performance is not bad. It can meet the daily office needs and entertainment games. It is very suitable for both work and travel. Interested friends should stop Hesitated.