Apple Apple Watch Q2 sales in the quarter: market share over one-third

Although Apple announced that it will bring us a new Apple Watch at this fall conference, it does not affect the sales of the current Apple Watch.

Recently, market research firm Canalys announced the shipment data of Apple Watch in the second quarter of this year. Apple sold a total of 3.5 million smart watches. In the second quarter of this year, the total shipment of global smart watches is about 10 million. And Apple's Apple Watch alone has a one-third market share.

If you compare the Q1 quarter of this year, the sales of Apple Watch will be reduced by 300,000 units. However, if compared with last year's Q2 quarter, the sales of Apple Watch will increase by 30%.

In addition to smart watches, Apple's iPhone X also achieved very good sales during this time. From the earnings report released by Apple, in this quarter, the net profit was as high as 20 billion US dollars.

Although the current Apple Watch performance in the market is good, but from the current information, Huawei has launched its own smart watch, Samsung will also release the new Galaxy Watch in August, the function is not inferior to Apple's Apple Watch, I believe that the Q3 quarter and Q4 quarter, this smart watch battle will be very exciting.