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Torie is a fine decent girl, carefully decorated home of every detail, and Mr. home in this small harvest big happiness! She accumulated home improvement experience sharing on the social platform, I hope readers will reap inspired to dress up his US home. this time, in order to improve the water supply situation at home, she Gree air to water heaters, please return home.

Current issue: Torie

Clean and fresh, but also has a very sweet shape Torie love life, but also a face value of control, she also has a high demand for Yen value of their own home, so their home and her husband own hands decorated the way you want, to create their own A beautiful home full of warmth.

'Da Ren Story'

In Torie's opinion, even the best designers didn't think carefully and thoughtfully, so the big and small decorations in the house were handled by her husband and her husband. With the banner of Yan value, she did not decorate her with her heart. I think that my home has been loved and popular among many homeowners in various homes. At present, there are still some problems in the decoration of the home that affect the quality of their living, such as the quality of water supply in hot water......

Her home: Torie's beautiful family creates a comfortable and casual way of life through the integration of furniture and soft furnishings. The furniture is used to divide the space ingeniously, making full use of each space, and inadvertently making a casual style. Warmth.

Air energy electric water heater purchase:

Tips1 Look at the brand. To choose a big brand with quality assurance, pay attention to whether there is a production license, '3C' certification, ISO9001 quality management certification, etc. These are the passports for products to enter the market, are safe firewalls, products with these evaluation marks, Can be used with confidence.

Tips2 heating efficiency. The power consumption of an air energy water heater is actually related to the heating efficiency. However, for air energy, it absorbs the energy of the air to heat it. In principle, it does not depend on 'electric energy converted into heat energy', even an energy-efficient level 5 air energy water heater. Still belongs to the energy-saving products in the same kind of water heater. The long service life of air energy, the air energy water heater with higher heating efficiency, the cost savings are still very considerable.

Tips3 choose good. The purchase of air energy water heater must look at the gallbladder, the inner tank is the 'heart' of the air energy water heater, the material of the inner tank of the air energy water heater determines its service life and heat preservation degree.

First, safe, energy-saving and comfortable

'Gree's air-energy electric water heater uses the heat of the air to make hot water, avoiding the hidden dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning in gas water heaters that I worried about in the past, and there is no danger of electric water heater leakage. Torie said to the camera, 'and the heating efficiency is very good. High, ultra-power-saving, when the solar energy is not enough on cloudy and winter days, hot water can be produced, and the water temperature is more constant, which brings me a warm bathing experience like spring breeze. This is a good choice.

Second, the stylish atmosphere design shows extraordinary elegance

Torie is more picky about the product's face value, and the shape design of Gree Water's air energy water heater has not let him down: The overall fashion is simple, elegant white, the lines are natural and feminine, and the Torie's home is quite harmonious, perfectly integrated into the home environment.

Experience keywords:

1. Pure white body, simple and stylish

The design of the water rhyme is sleek and simple, elegant and white, the lines are natural and soft, and can be perfectly integrated into the home environment.

2. Slim barrel design

Unique slim barrel design, the top cover base uses a unique narrow side design, which occupies a small area and saves space.

3. High-end spraying board

The fuselage is made of high-end spraying board, smooth and delicate, no fading, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean.

Third, high-efficiency heating thermostat water, enjoy a comfortable bathing experience

Torie said with delight, 'Grely this air-energy electric water heater has a relatively fast time for hot water. After a few seconds of turning on the faucet, I feel the supply of hot water. The water output is still very large. Experience the comfort! Hot water all year round, I am very relieved. '

Experience keywords:

Dual energy heat

One button to open the rapid hot water mode, the heat energy can be combined with the electric auxiliary heat, and the heating can be quickly performed at -15 ° C to 45 ° C ambient temperature, effectively reducing the waiting time for heating, and the four seasons are used without worry.

2. Humanized hot water supply

According to the consumer's habits, the water temperature is freely set at 35-55 °C, enjoying the humanized hot water supply.

3.200L large capacity water tank

The large-capacity water tank stores hot water. It will automatically heat to the set temperature according to the temperature inside the water tank, ensuring sufficient supply of hot water for 24 hours to meet the hot water demand of the extended family.

Fourth, layer guard, bath safe and worry-free

'For safety, I also pay more attention to it. Gree air-energy water heaters have no leakage from electric water heaters and gas leaks from gas water heaters, gas leaks from gas water heaters, safety hazards such as carbon monoxide poisoning, and 12 safety protections. A comprehensive upgrade, let me feel more assured. '

Experience keywords:

1. Security upgrade Multiple technical guarantees

Over-temperature protection to avoid overheating of water temperature, temperature limit is more safe; leakage switch protection against accidental leakage, timely disconnection of power supply security; anti-dry protection, automatic shutdown without water, protect the machine to extend life.

2. Crystal titanium blue liner

The crystal titanium blue enamel liner has a long service life, strong pressure bearing performance, is not easy to produce dirt, and is not easy to cause water pollution. It is suitable for water quality in China.

3. High efficiency and energy saving

By heating the heat in the air to produce hot water, the heating efficiency is more than 3 times higher than that of the traditional water heater. It is energy efficient and enjoys a low carbon and environmentally friendly life.

'Experience summary'After the experience, Torie said that Gree's air-powered electric water heater is simple and worry-free to use. The favorite is its dual-speed hot-hot function! 'One-button open hot water mode, heat and electric auxiliary heat can be combined Rapid heating can effectively avoid the waiting time of heating. That is to say, we can use hot water to bathe in advance as soon as we walk into the bathroom. This is the real 'bath' of the heart.