Duanmu Xiaobin: The BenQ industry is not only relying on technology and channels, but also people!

On July 24th, 2018, a different exhibition organized by the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA): 'Xu Bing: Thoughts and Methods' was opened in the 798 Art Park. Here, you can feel up close Different ideas, but also experience the realism of the era brought by BenQ's latest laser engineering projectors. How does BenQ's industry leading and how to capture people's hearts? Tianji.com has the honor to interview the director of BenQ China's projector business unit. Mr. Duanmu Xiaobin, unveil the story behind BenQ projectors.

Mr. Duanmu Xiaobin, Director of BenQ China Projector Division

Deepen the market segment, BenQ engineering projectors will come later?

At the meeting, BenQ officially launched two new series of 5 laser engineering projectors in LK95 and LU95 in 2018. According to reports, LU95 and LK95 series mainly differ in resolution, and the two series of black models are short-focus, suitable for exhibitions. Display, immersive; and white telephoto models are suitable for use in large conference rooms.

The new product released this time is equipped with laser light source, the mainstream entry level of positioning engineering, and equipped with 4K resolution technology, which is also BenQ understand the market and put forward the full laserization of the projector. Duanmu Xiaobin said that the current user for the laser source The projector products are very concerned, mainly the advantages of laser light source are more prominent, can provide users with high brightness, high score, high color, high stability effect experience. With the maturity of technology, the laser light source is not used for 20,000 hours. Problem, solve high efficiency and stability problems.

While introducing laser +4K technology into the commercial market, BenQ is still digging deep into the market to find differentiation. It is reported that BenQ and Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) are not the first cooperation. BenQ hopes that the image that will be presented to users through cooperation between the two parties is no longer just a cold technology brand, but a product brand with temperature. The combination with art is a good way.

In cooperation with Xu Bing Retrospective, BenQ provides customized solutions from product to situational application. BenQ provides multi-image solutions for the exhibition with multimedia projection screens, and applies 8 BenQ laser engineering projectors and 1 respectively. Taiming's intelligent business display screen, in order to achieve a more intuitive and rich display effect, allowing visitors to more realistically feel the artistic conception of Xu Bing's creation.

Duanmu Xiaobin said that BenQ is undergoing volume miniaturization, price-friendly, high-efficiency light source and high image quality, and comprehensively cut into various market segments. At present, BenQ's product-side planning is very complete and fully penetrates into various market segments. In order to quickly enter the market, BenQ's definition of the product to the launch of the entire product takes only half a year. Although the product cycle is shortening, but the amount of work behind it is not less, but this reflects the BenQ projector team. Deep understanding of the market and strong collaboration capabilities.

BenQ can become the first in the commercial projector market in a short period of time, relying not only on products but also on channels. Duanmu Xiaobin believes that channels are not just brands, but the entire service capability, which requires brands, vendors and channels. Together to build a stable structure, it is very important for partners to respond quickly and provide corresponding services when they have demand, including pre-sales consultation, solution customization and after-sales service.

Duanmu Xiaobin said frankly that BenQ has been in the engineering projector industry for less than five years, but through the accumulation of the original foundation and the influence of brand influence, the rise of the engineering projector market is still relatively fast, and the current market share has ranked among the top ten brands. With the upgrade of the new light source and the better positioning of the market for better positioning, BenQ will accelerate its development in the engineering market, and he is very confident.

BenQ industry leads, not only technology but also people

Duanmu Xiaobin said that BenQ entered the projector market and achieved good results, not relying on the technical influence but the influence of brand services. BenQ has a very large product line, and the projector is only one of them. With the accumulation of construction, BenQ has gained a very good service reputation and won the customer's "trust of heart".

BenQ also understands the user's 'heart of appeal' through big data. Before BenQ's new light source entered the market, it began to collect product data and a large number of user appeal data. Currently, from the first laser projector to the present, The Taipei laboratory has been testing the stability of laser sources and collecting and collating product data. BenQ is also deeply involved in customer segmentation in the market segment to understand the true demands of different customers. These data help BenQ launch better based on new light sources in the market. Customized service. Duanmu Xiaobin revealed that later customized services and featured services will be launched in different market segments.

Different from the 60s and the 70s, China's current post-80s and post-90s people have their own characteristics in what kind of products to buy. The idea of ​​promoting products through traditional channels is obviously not suitable for these newcomers. Mainstream consumer groups. Before defining a product, BenQ will conduct a lot of research in the market, analyze what the major audiences are most eager for, what pain points and localization problems they need to solve, and then start planning and defining products, and finally promote them. .

In the marketing model, the previous main use is to promote and promote in some media, this model is very traditional. Today, BenQ mainly adopts the new mode of 'circle communication'. This mode is characterized by more precise and more realistic. The effect is better. Content and product push through the channels closer to the product, more immersively spread the story behind the product and the spirit of artisans, so that users have a deeper understanding of products and brands.

For example, BenQ will recommend table lamp products in the parent-child circle, and attract parents to buy through the benefits of the product for children and the spread of stories behind it. All of the premise is that it can really solve the pain points of customers. BenQ is the first in the traditional IT brand to target the Chinese market. The manufacturer of smart business scenario applications, customer acceptance is very high, in addition to the product is really easy to use, the main reason is to solve the user's pain points. Duanmu Xiaobin believes that as long as the user can be impressed, the product price is not a problem. .

The author's point of view:

A good brand, to succeed depends not only on technical strength but also on people's hearts. As a traditional IT industry, the competition in the projector market is inherently fierce. With the addition of new Internet brands, it is also a threat to traditional projector brands. And to survive in a fierce environment, the strong technical strength can not be less, the channel can not be lost, but also to gain the hearts of the people.

Through many years of good reputation and excavation, BenQ has solved the user's pain point and gained the trust of users. At present, it is constantly developing and launching products that are more suitable for localization in China, and pre-emptively deploying laser +4K new light source and real technology. BenQ has greatly enhanced BenQ's competitive advantage in the projector industry. BenQ laser commercial products will also be listed one after another. With people's hearts and good products, BenQ will be better in the future of the projector industry.